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   May 31

Coast Cruises

Cruise Coast Concord Excellent COAST CRUISES mixture of good taste, style and design, accompany to the cruise Coast Concord, one of most magnificent in their species, and without a doubt an unforgettable election at the time of projecting that one dreamed trip This beautiful boat that outside inaugurated in 2006, has a capacity to make […]

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   May 28

The Health

Thus, the necessity of the control of all the procedures and the requirement of the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the act surgical-anaesthetic, speed up the work rhythm and increase the security of pacientes9. Having a quality of the assistance of nursing given to the patient, as much in the period that precedes the […]

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   May 23

Mental Health

21 1 INTRODUCTION It is understood that the Politics of Attention to the Mental Health passed for important and significant transformations, evolving in definitive of a model centered in the hospital reference for a model of diversified attention, of communitarian territorial base. Such conceptions evidence that the routes of the Politics of Mental Health are […]

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   May 17

Suplemental Health

For collection of data of the notification fiches proper form was elaborated an instrument/and all the supplied data had been refined and organized in form of graphs and tables and the results of the research are organized through statistical reports. The intitled project of research ‘ ‘ The immunization against the meningoccica illness in Curitiba-PR: […]

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   May 13

Psychiatric Reformation

Centers of Reference in Mental Health, detaching a topic to paraexplicar the functioning of the CERSAMs, its beddings, its sprouting, sualgica, its distribution in Belo Horizonte, among others aspects. finally, this article treats to define the terms: Net of Mental Health and quality due. Word-keys: desospitalizao, patient, mental health, Antimanicomial Fight,> ReformPsiquitrica, Movement of the […]

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   May 06

World Health Organization

In this line of reasoning, the present project searchs to integrate the existing relation between psychologist quality of life – center of psicossocial attendance. Rank this, foca in the following one subject: The quality of life in the work of the professionals of the psychology area, whose ultimate issue of research will be: How it […]

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