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   Jan 27

Social Service

From a marxist perspective that Martinelli (2006) analyzes the emergency of the Social Service as an instrument to consolidate the capitalist system through the union, of the bourgeoisie, the state and the church. In this way the Social Service while profession appears ahead from the consolidation of the capitalist system of the emerso of innumerable […]

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   Jan 21


' ' Who will be dress in the cement of its certezas' '. It does not dive in these guas' ' The second half of century XX attended a process of change, folloied for the overwhelming acceleration of the technologies, that as much becomes related to the man how much to the world, resulting in […]

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   Jan 05


The risk of no longer practice his profession to be able, as is generally underestimated. About one in four workers must stop working before retirement age, it affects about 300,000 cases a year! And it affects not only older workers, even in the age group below 40 years now occur each year to more than […]

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