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   Apr 27


We are now so busy as our parents, managers, and employees and we have so many things to do that at the end we do neither. To eliminate the habit of postponing an efficient time management is necessary. The postponement is one of the main reasons that people battle to obtain a monthly income or […]

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   Jan 14


Does tea happens sometimes that you propose to exercise but the time to do it can not keep you in your commitment? Here are 8 ideas that can provide you a little help to stay in your own program 1. Get something you like. If you like the activity you do, most likely is that […]

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   Apr 07

Build Muscle Volume

Eat as meat of chicken, beef, rabbit, fish, crabs, seafood make the difference from a real diet for muscle mass, by the proteins that contribute to the center of attention in your body, the muscles of these proteins. Complex carbohydrates are preferable as if you spend an hour before going to train to eat your […]

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