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   Jul 08

Fibromyalgia Patients

Approximately 2% -4% of the world's population, particularly its northern part, suffer from this disease, in most cases are women. In principle, this can not be defined as a disease but rather a constellation of symptoms musculo-skeletalnyh pain, increased nervousness, insomnia, itching and tingling, exhaustion of the nervous system. Recent research has described this disease […]

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   Aug 21

Mankinds Disease

Prostatitis – an inflammation and enlargement of the prostate, called prostate. Currently, an increasing number of adult men sick syndrome, enlarged prostate, which we simply refer to as prostatitis. For a long time prostatitis were not given proper attention, as it is believed that its presence does not threaten human life, is to study the […]

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   Feb 09


Anthrax (ANTHRAX) etiology. Pathogen – B. anthracis, a large gram-positive rod length 5-8. Located in the crops in pairs or chains, forms a capsule in animals and spores in the environment. It grows well on ordinary nutrient media (meat-peptone broth, agar, gelatin). Dyed with aniline dyes, and all Gram. Epidemiology. The source of infection are […]

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   Dec 19

Hemorrhagic Fever

Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome etiology, and understanding its causes. The causative agent of hemorrhagic nephritis is nephroso-virus in the blood and urine of patients during the acute stage of illness. Epidemiology remains poorly understood, although in the middle zone of European part of the former Soviet Union established seasonality of the disease (2nd half […]

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   Jan 29


Currently, coding for alcoholism is called different treatments: the introduction of chemicals, are incompatible with alcohol, and specific psychotherapies vozdeystviya.Psihoterapiya Underlying psychotherapeutic methods of encoding alkogolizmalezhit impact on the patient's mind in order to prevent relapse of alcoholism. The main objective of these techniques – to generate the patient sustained an association relationship between alcohol […]

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   Jan 03

Allergies In Today’s World

Allergy today is considered one of the most important health problems of mankind. The population of large cities and metropolises due to dust, exhaust gases of automobile and suffers from allergies (rash, redness, itching, difficulty breathing, etc.). If it is good to know that your body is contraindicated, then we can avoid all of the […]

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