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   Jun 13

Little Helpers

Dogs and cats can help cure enamel Hutter village. For years, it is known that our pets can be less healers. They notice immediately if it goes bad master or women with their loyalty and their instinct and they try to comfort. No matter what animals are simply with their unconditional love. This infinite love, […]

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   Jan 14


This science was and is constantly supplemented. Even today, the vast majority of the Indian population is treated Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the world consists of two primary principles: the living principle (of the soul) and of inanimate matter. The whole world, also the man with his organs and various tissues, formed the primal matter. […]

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   Oct 16

Witch Hazel

Why tannins help the hemorrhoids treatment, hemorrhoids have the task to support the function of the sphincter. It involves natural blood vessels that are present around the anus. Everyone needs the piles for the natural regulation of bowel movements. More info: supermodel. A problem only arises when an engorgement occurs and the vessels thereby be […]

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   Sep 15

Aloe Vera Fruit

In the dark winter months, who suffers fatigue, bad temper and lack of motivation, can do well against fatigue. What to do against fatigue and in the autumn and winter season, every day many people who are tired, grumpy and listless despite plenty of sleep, ask bad mood. Because we get less light in the […]

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   Aug 31

Headaches And Migraines

Alternative medical help for headaches and migraine is over 220 different kinds of headaches, although the cause in most cases are from unknown.Known causes are obvious such as for example the drug-induced headache caused by drugs head pain in disorders of the cervical spine etc.,The symptoms range from headaches with different locations and characters of […]

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   Feb 18

Chronic Headache

Treatment options about eight million people suffer migraine against migraine in Germany. The chronic headache may not be cured, there are several methods to prevent and relieve. The news portal introduces various practices. Migraine is sometimes called epidemic. Often, stress or certain diets can cause discomfort. While there are a variety of treatment methods, […]

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   Feb 04

Stabbing Headaches

Evaluation and adrenal gland function is important in the diagnosis of a stabbing headache. To this end, the clinic has a technology of double definition of Neurohormones that has developed no analogues in the world. Inflammatory, degenerative and infectious diseases, one of the most important causes of stabbing head pains can study of the structural […]

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   Jan 18

Botox – Wrinkles Through Muscle Relaxation

Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow informed wrinkles are inevitable. Most of them are facial expression wrinkles that make unharmonic look face. If people frown or wink in the Sun, certain facial muscles moving – permanently, this leads to the formation of wrinkles. These can be painlessly reduce with methods of modern aesthetic surgery. […]

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   Jan 07

Yentreve Health

Modern cancer treatment for insured persons of the United Guild health insurance before the end? Bad times for good medicine for patients? Becomes apparent that an exclusively income-oriented and at the Spardikat of health insurance health care meet the needs of patients not just in cancer medicine can meet. The case of patients is increasingly […]

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   Jan 04

September Pharmacies

Mail-order pharmacies, have the same range as normal pharmacies but often to up to 50% cheaper. To buy the drugs about the cash bonus program directions, an additional price advantage arises. Jena, December 4, 2008 – winter is cold time. Often, the whole family of disease is affected and the pharmacy Bill the budget more […]

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