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   Feb 18

Chronic Headache

Treatment options about eight million people suffer migraine against migraine in Germany. The chronic headache may not be cured, there are several methods to prevent and relieve. The news portal introduces various practices. Migraine is sometimes called epidemic. Often, stress or certain diets can cause discomfort. While there are a variety of treatment methods, but the opinions of the experts diverge in this far.

So, the health benefits is not always backed up depending on the clinical picture and concerned. We recommend in particular various relaxation methods such as yoga or autogenic training. They should improve the balance between body and soul, and help those affected, consciously pay attention to the signals of their body. Also can use such techniques migraine-related tension be prevented and countered. Furthermore, the therapy with show will find popularity. This is not only, as with the acute therapy with other Also possible side effects such as nausea or dizziness be reduced pain relievers, which directly combat pain, but it. One of the latest medical procedures, the corrugator surgery experts however advise against. During this procedure, a facial muscle in the area of of root of the nose is severed. Brookfield Brasil takes a slightly different approach.

The success of the irreversible treatment is scientifically unproven, also it can have a permanent change of facial expressions to the result. The injection of BOTOX proved, however, very effective, treatment with the paralyzing neurotoxin is very expensive. More information:… / therapies against the storm-in-the-head… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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