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   Apr 29

The Old One

The old one walked trpego. Head low, eyes pressed for the fustigante Sun. To the front a white building. Frum. In its hand two papers: order of retirement revision; medical finding. Cancer, metstase. Nothing more it mattered. Only plus some steps. In small cubculo reserved the public, it was supported in the frmica group of […]

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   Apr 28


In relation to physical problems is bronchial problems, stomach, intestines, kidneys, reproductive tract, bones, rheumatism among other diseases. Also cleans the body of problems concerning the relationship, difficulties, stress. A. tensions over the work, study, etc. Similarly it elaborates different types of preparations with a wide variety of plants according to the diseases of the […]

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   Apr 27


We are now so busy as our parents, managers, and employees and we have so many things to do that at the end we do neither. To eliminate the habit of postponing an efficient time management is necessary. The postponement is one of the main reasons that people battle to obtain a monthly income or […]

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   Apr 23


Help for warts there are several treatment options available to remove warts. The wart treatments are generally in the form of lotions, ointments and plasters (such as Freeze Away the Dr. Scholl products), which can be used for freezing the wart with a method known as cryotherapy. These products against warts contain salicylic acid to […]

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   Apr 22

Robert Edwards

The Nobel Prize in medicine in the year 2010 has been for Robert Edwards, at 85 years of age, as the father of artificial insemination, to be the pioneer in the development of this technique that was launched at the end of the Decade of the sixties. This researcher of Polish nationality has not made […]

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   Apr 18

Secondary Education Insurance

LAUNCHING OF THE “POINT METHOD young insurance companies ‘What is the POINT WAY YOUNG’ space that enabled a team of specially trained, meet the demands, individual and group that on various health issues raised by teenagers and young people. Where are the ‘can be located in different settings (educational, youth, municipalities, universities, associations, NGOs), characterized […]

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   Apr 17

National Institute

A plan to prevent relapse is crucial to anyone who has recovered or are recovering from addictions to alcohol or drugs. After the arduous road to recovery drug addiction or alcoholism, a relapse can be devastating, not only for the individual but also to the core of loved ones around him. That is why a […]

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   Apr 16

Wellness & Beauty Guide

Recent reviews in the areas of relaxation, beauty and healthy life Munich, 19.05.2008: anti-aging with green tea, the new trend hairstyles for the summer of 2008, and the Gillette advertising campaign of Germany BBs next supermodel contestant Christina Leibold which are the hot topics in the may issue of the wellness & beauty guides, which […]

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   Apr 14

Wellness Community

The Wellness vacation agency beauty24 opened a new platform on the topic of wellness with the wellness blog. Berlin, February 05, 2008. The wellness travel agency beauty24 draws on her experience as a Wellnessexperte and presents a new platform for all spa enthusiasts with the beauty24 wellness blog. Under can now the wellness community about […]

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   Apr 13

Berlin Wellness

The first weekend of October wellness news from beauty24 for the wellness Ambassador Nicola Appel theme was feeling good. She attended the first of a total of six select Spa Hotel. Your well-being feeling mission launched centrovital Berlin hotel. Impressions, photos and testimonials of the missionary downbeat now online can be tracked. Berlin, October […]

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