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   Dec 25

Benefits Massage

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage used in the treatment of failure of immune function, also can be used in the treatment of sports injuries, among others. People who suffer from arthritis, menstrual pains, and some psychological conditions are also treated through lymphatic drainage massages. This type of massage is effective in the treatment […]

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   Dec 23

A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body

Why are my thoughts are so important? Just because we know that the mind can not differentiate between reality and our views. Both generate emotions and feelings so strong that the mind takes it as real. So if you want to be thin, you can start practicing being thin? Of course! But does it work? […]

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   Dec 15

Hepatocyte Blood

Indicator indicators that may characterize the state of the final stages of amino acid metabolism and the adequacy of the liver to the kidneys to ensure these processes is the residual nitrogen levels. Most informativeness have not integrated in this indicator, that is – azotemia – too much content of all nitrogen-containing blood components, and […]

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   Dec 14

Body Confidence

Going forward asymptotic approximation of the body to a state of sustained and plastic harmony. So by having access to the DSP-terminal in the current challenging operating life of the individual becomes invincible! Clearly, it heals and heals the man is not computing device, and the wisdom of the body. Still, the DSP-complex turns out […]

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   Dec 07

Best Surface

But if in order to finally wake up, you need a douche, it starts and ends it with warm water, in any case not cold. The fact that the studies should begin with the best trained and vasodilation. Those who train in the evening, you should remember that on an empty stomach can not run. […]

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