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   Dec 23

A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body

Why are my thoughts are so important? Just because we know that the mind can not differentiate between reality and our views. Both generate emotions and feelings so strong that the mind takes it as real. So if you want to be thin, you can start practicing being thin? Of course! But does it work? Absolutely, my personal experience can prove it. Men and women each day to discover that fill their minds (consciously and unconsciously) with positive mental images, positive feelings and views of their lives with their slender bodies, they begin to see their bodies lose weight, love and esteem to themselves and increases the process is repeated each time faster. I hate the word DIET. Diet is a temporary and painful process that a person has to go to achieve his goal, and then what? The body you have is the result of your thoughts, attitudes, and failing that, your habits.

This is how it works Simple Law of Attraction. You create your body THROUGH of those thoughts. Then you expect to change? Now if your plan does not include a radical change in your lifestyle, please do not read. I have nothing to offer. Your plan, and therefore, your goals and affirmations must create a new lifestyle. Your old habits and thoughts take you where you are now, just changing your lifestyle you will get different results.

Your main goals should not be losing weight. It may sound contradictory or silly, but under the law of attraction, you attract what you think. Obsessed with losing weight is to keep thinking about your weight. Your unconscious mind does not distinguish between positive and negative. Just listen to this “emotional energy.” So what we really want is a healthier body and actractivo.

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