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   Dec 07

Best Surface

But if in order to finally wake up, you need a douche, it starts and ends it with warm water, in any case not cold. The fact that the studies should begin with the best trained and vasodilation. Those who train in the evening, you should remember that on an empty stomach can not run. Coming from work, grab a snack or a light salad soup, rest at least an hour and then go out for a jog. Women jogging is better in the evening, when the level of hormones responsible for physical activity, as high. For men, it is recommended jogging.

QUESTION THREE: WHERE TO RUN Although you can run almost everywhere, smooth smooth surface – the best and safest. Fit all the grass, asphalt, cinder track, artificial turf, 'treadmills', etc. However, softer surfaces give less stress on leg joints than solid. Classes in indoors and outdoors bring the same benefit. Classes on the 'treadmill' allow you to run on a flat surface, so there is less chance that you stumble. They are safe in terms of Accidents and environmental pollution; give you the opportunity to receive information about their speed, distance and pulse, that helps you manage your training program, allow you to set the desired distance, speed, slope surface.

Running on the street can you do for free, practice when you want, and the fresh air. QUESTION FOUR: HOW TO RUN jogging technique is simple and requires no special education. The main recommendations are: Keep body straight, do not lean forward (it makes breathing difficult), does not bend at the waist, throws back his head is not back, but do not hang up. Swing freely hands in time to run. The width of the pitch to pick and choose so that it is convenient to you and did not require voltage. If you run too fast, you body will soon let you know about this pain in my side.

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