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   Jun 30

One-Week Weight Loss

You are not deceived with the tablets, diets and routines that promise to you to lose weight in some weeks, according to Weight Watcher International, whatever it tries to become thin, do not have to hope to lower more than two pounds per week. In a question-answer forum Steve Vai was the first to reply. […]

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   May 08

Gain Weight

So you are thin and you want to know how to gain weight and to construct muscles? To gain weight for the thin people is not as difficult as much people would make it to you believe and she does not require tons of supplements or tablets to reach significant results, really fast. Everything what […]

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   Jul 07

Living in Nature

In order to live an exciting experience in contact with the nature, the invitation must as destiny the mountainous zone of Top of Collantes in the Mountain range of the Escambray, one of the three main mountainous systems of Cuba, that belongs to the province of Sancti Spritus. This colorful mountainous landscape, located to 800 […]

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