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   Dec 20

Cup Error

Quality management: Quality comes in a round thing through for smooth operations – what we can learn from football by torture. That was the credo of the former coach of VfL Wolfsburg, Felix Magath. The gigs as Qualix or feared and respected instructor time continued his coaching career pitiless fitness training and combat. That Felix […]

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   Nov 20

The Federal Government

End customer advertising as well as advertising in the commercial sector the recent bill for the regulation of the audit and to change data protection regulations are affected”significantly exacerbated the existing privacy policy in accordance with the rules of the UWG (unfair competition law). The German Government plans to allow the use and dissemination of […]

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   Aug 30

Communication At Eye-level

Entrepreneurs as keynote speaker for customer events an event for executives, entrepreneurs, and managers must be well planned. This group of people, which often requires the highest himself and his employees, wants to be convinced sustainably on conferences, seminars and corporate events. The event manager have booked an appropriate location, the programme and set the […]

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