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   Dec 29

The Civilization

Anica recognized property for you, that many times if confundiamcom the Clergy, was of the naked body. The remaining portion, which had to the protection agreements, belonged the Mr. As already said, the body then was seen of one pssima way. ‘ ‘ More still quep, the body of the man is podrido’ ‘ 11. […]

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   Dec 23

Cured Foods

The Smoking is one millenarian technique of conservation, sufficiently used for foods and celebrities of Hollywood until the present. Or as you find that Jane Fonda arrived at the 70 years of age with that one rostinho? Smoking, friend. Smoking. Many ages before inventing the duplex refrigerator with liquid crystal screen, salting, to cure or […]

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   Dec 19

Hemorrhagic Fever

Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome etiology, and understanding its causes. The causative agent of hemorrhagic nephritis is nephroso-virus in the blood and urine of patients during the acute stage of illness. Epidemiology remains poorly understood, although in the middle zone of European part of the former Soviet Union established seasonality of the disease (2nd half […]

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