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   Jul 07

Living in Nature

In order to live an exciting experience in contact with the nature, the invitation must as destiny the mountainous zone of Top of Collantes in the Mountain range of the Escambray, one of the three main mountainous systems of Cuba, that belongs to the province of Sancti Spritus. This colorful mountainous landscape, located to 800 meters on the level of the sea, and to about 20 km of the city of Trinidad, has happened in a privileged zone to develop the Eco-tourism in Cuba, as well as the tourism of health. Thanks to spectacular the colorful one of its vegetation, the wealth of its flora and its fauna, the beauty of its cascades and caves, and to the exciting excursions in family that the local guides organize, this place is one of the favorites of the lovers of the Cuban wild life. Without doubt any visitor will be pledged with this scene of impressive natural beauty, cradles of diverse endemic species of the national flora and fauna. Due to its humid climate a great amount of species of orchids exists, arborescent mosses, lichens, ferns and forests of pines and eucalyptuses.

The fauna is rich in populations of birds and invertebrates. The observation of abundant populations of you cotoast is fascinating, a constant invitation to photograph. Also it is possible to observe an extraordinary variety of plants and flowers, between which it excels the colorful one of the Butterflies, the national flower of Cuba. By kindness and whims of its relief, Top of Collantes it is a true paradise for the lovers of the senderismo and the espeleologa, as well as for which they enjoy natural baths in pocetas and water jumps. The leisure in this natural park of the Cuban Escambray is oriented mainly to the supplies of excursions in groups. Between the visited footpaths more are those of the Sweet potato, the Caburn, Garden of Giants, to mention some.

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