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   Jul 05

In Brazil

Any human form detrabalho is armed with dignity, because he is one to give of itself, of the person who orealiza, and its results express the nobility to create, to perfect to oucooperar, as well as the courage to fight. All man has right to trabalhodigno, in order to become fullfilled themselves and to guarantee […]

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   Apr 16

Biological Issues

One of the seen techniques of Foucault more in the media is when the citizen-mother uses this communication channel to enunciate – as maternity example, speaking on itself exactly and of as it modified it to the maternity potencializou, it (e.g. Celebrity trainer has many thoughts on the issue. Xuxa, Anglica, Cssia Eller, Vera Fischer). […]

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   Mar 24

Elimination Direction

Here the concept of 'counter' reflects the tendency of the species in the direction of improving its quality through the elimination of predominantly low-grade populations. And intensity of the 'struggle' is that, as a rule, the number of eliminated individuals does not exceed the number of births – the intensity, which is determined by the […]

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   Dec 31

Living Online

Sometimes this effect is called disinhibition. This is a double-edged sword. Sometimes people talk about very personal things, about the secrets, fears, desires, may exhibit generosity and kindness. In other words, these are what in real life they do not allow yourself to be. And the online therapist should be aware of these metamorphoses. On […]

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   Oct 19

Nunes Anxiety

Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. Consequentemente the behavior has the function to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, of this form the individual is felt rightened. This phenomenon also is considered for Barlow and Durand (2008, p.133): ' ' … an emergency […]

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   Nov 29

Parentchild Relationships

Perhaps, I use a stereotype, if you say that your culture is very important relationships between generations. From the information that we hold in the west, we can conclude that in your culture and grandparents are very important for the grandchildren. I am therefore very important how to match your experience, your feelings of the […]

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   May 13

Psychiatric Reformation

Centers of Reference in Mental Health, detaching a topic to paraexplicar the functioning of the CERSAMs, its beddings, its sprouting, sualgica, its distribution in Belo Horizonte, among others aspects. finally, this article treats to define the terms: Net of Mental Health and quality due. Word-keys: desospitalizao, patient, mental health, Antimanicomial Fight,> ReformPsiquitrica, Movement of the […]

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   May 06

World Health Organization

In this line of reasoning, the present project searchs to integrate the existing relation between psychologist quality of life – center of psicossocial attendance. Rank this, foca in the following one subject: The quality of life in the work of the professionals of the psychology area, whose ultimate issue of research will be: How it […]

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   Feb 17

Life After a Wedding

Relations after the wedding. The honeymoon is over, and it was so good. But it is possible for the desire and ability to extend it for a lifetime. Would you like that? Let's try … The novelty in the relationship – you are husband and wife, "juice" time blunted, but we will try to do […]

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   Oct 19

Human Brain

We can take as creation and light and destruction, the eternal darkness. Stronger than the human brain – nothing! An ancient race, all their knowledge suffered in a mysterious code, encrypted tex, deciphering which we can understand the principle of the universe and all that exists is correct. Knowing the true value runic symbols, you […]

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