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   Apr 23

Vitamins Through Nutrition

Frozen vegetables, fruits and berries when freezing persists for more than 90% of the vitamins. To be as much left to unfreeze stocks immediately before use. Citrus fruits, cabbage, kiwi These products – One of the best sources of vitamin C. To remedy the lack of askorbinku, you need a day to eat 300 grams […]

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   Apr 14

HIV Week

I remain HIV-positive, but I no longer am in the stage of aids. burden is on the verge of detectability. Number of T4 cells does not drop below 200! I put on weight, go to the grocery store and do other things! Paul Miller (Paul Miller): “This is the beginning of December 27, 1998, when […]

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   Apr 07

Meditation On The Chakras

With such meditation, yoga, focusing on the chakras reach a rejuvenating and healing effect. The location of these chakras corresponds with the body's endocrine glands, which produce hormones. They are the energy centers of the body. As proven scientific research, under the influence of positive emotions, endocrine organs produce specific information material – regulatory peptides, […]

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