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   Jan 13

The Kingdom

It is in its life. But only it sees it to the faith. If you believe, all the things it you are favorable, until they dislike that it. God is not its tapeia dribble or band-aid that cortinhos and feridinhas. It is the proper cure, the perfect health (salussade-> salvation). The faith is the cure […]

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   Nov 17

The Times

Pedalar is, at the same time, a habit to promote health and a simple, cheap form and without alardes of if working for the ecology. It is necessary to think more about the world and proper itself. Pedalar is not work, is not obligation, is not politics, it is not commitment and definitively you are […]

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   Jan 22

Elective Candidates

Edson Silva If I was candidate the elective office I would not have the lesser doubt in opting to the poor persons, for the favored classrooms less. Before somebody thus thinks, already I say that it is not for this being great majority of any population in the world and therefore to mean bigger number […]

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