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   Mar 19

The Game

Today the Spanish election showed that nor always with you launch pretty if decides a soccer departure; still more a decision of pantry of the world This victory was but that deserved; therefore it was a victory that it showed that .nunca if must give up a dream. Tiffany Espensen has much to offer in […]

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   Mar 03


This is an important concept in the businesses that would like to clarify. She does not import the sector of its performance, the product or same the company where you work the important one is to understand that the marketing is marketing in any place and if you to understand the enclosed concept in the […]

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   Feb 19

Psychological Manipulation

Psychological manipulation: Confused minds? Good day dear people! That they have one illuminated and harmonious day. We are crossing in this period of according to turn of the elections, a very great load of stoked subjects to leave any confused mind more and the fanatic ones. The proposals are the same ones, of both the […]

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   Nov 14

Sales Something

Who in the life does not have a dream? All we desire something that we judge important to conquer, is not same? Some are contented with a smile, already others desire richnesses, cars, airplanes, recognition and much success. What search is not imported very, what counts exactly is to have something that justifies our effort.But, […]

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   Nov 17

The Times

Pedalar is, at the same time, a habit to promote health and a simple, cheap form and without alardes of if working for the ecology. It is necessary to think more about the world and proper itself. Pedalar is not work, is not obligation, is not politics, it is not commitment and definitively you are […]

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   Jan 22

Elective Candidates

Edson Silva If I was candidate the elective office I would not have the lesser doubt in opting to the poor persons, for the favored classrooms less. Before somebody thus thinks, already I say that it is not for this being great majority of any population in the world and therefore to mean bigger number […]

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