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   Dec 19

Brazil Garbage

The proper man, the catador of garbage is fit in this group. In as the group of the microvectors, they are the worms, bacteria, fungos, actinomicetes and virus, being this last of bigger importance epidemiologist for being pathogenic e, therefore, harmful to the man. Of that it is played outside daily in the garbage, at […]

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   Dec 13


Amongst the nursing lapsings they meet: to help the patient with physical exercises, to demonstrate transference techniques and as to use objects of support for its mobilization, to direct the team of whitewashing (DOENGES; MOORHOUSE; GEISSLER, 2003). 2,5 OSTEOMIELITE clinical and pathological Condition characterized by ssea inflammation, unchained mainly for infection of bacterial origin. The […]

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   Dec 01

Raymond Martins

At that time it had a known plague as clera in the Cear, many people die of Vacaria to the Glad Mount. One of the children of Raymond Martins died and was buried in the Cajazeira, the side of the road, its catatumba if it finds close to the house of its father until today. […]

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