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   Apr 26

The Ultimatum

If she doesn’t already have the same desires before in intimate relationships, if it goes longer with her friends and constantly makes excuses to not be with you, if you bide your holiday so that they do not coincide with yours, if talks during meals have become monotonous and reduced, or the sole topic of […]

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   Apr 12

The Slave

19 – opened God to it the eyes, and saw a water well; was to full odre of water, and gave to drink the boy. 20 – was God with the boy, who grew; inhabited in the desert, and was flecheiro. 21 – inhabited in the desert of Stops; its mother took woman to it […]

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   Apr 06

The European

I am sure that it wasn’t necessary to go that far to find us with a neophyte on soccer of this caliber, but true, and about what you wanted to influence The Sun, perhaps is the fact that football has acquired a global dimension. It is one of the most significant examples of current globalization. […]

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