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   Apr 12

The Slave

19 – opened God to it the eyes, and saw a water well; was to full odre of water, and gave to drink the boy. 20 – was God with the boy, who grew; inhabited in the desert, and was flecheiro. 21 – inhabited in the desert of Stops; its mother took woman to it of the land of Egypt. In the precipitation of Sara in wanting to give to a son the Abrao, it offered to it its enslaved Agar to it. of this ' ' ajuda' ' Ismael was born. Passed the Sara time it could give to the light the Isaque, that one that God had promised and there the thoughts of Sara moved, started to look at the son of the slave with disdain.

One day in the party weans of it, had a jealousy of part of Sara when seeing Isaque and Ismael playing together and wanted that Abrao fired Agar. With the heart very dolorido, but obeying the voice of God, to thus made it, fired it with its son together, only the bread and water. Agar started to walk for the desert with its son, the biggest fear of it was that it died, because the water and the bread were finishing. It had the attitude to catch its son, crying, with headquarters and places it under of a tree and if she moved away not to see it to die, that is, Agar was saying there that the limit of it had finished, that it could not make more nothing and the only thing that it could make age if move away. To the times we act as well as Agar, instead of catching our son (our fight, our pain) in the col, to support and to cry with it or who he knows until dying together, we find better moving away in them from what passing for this situation.

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