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   Aug 20

Good Diet Without Starving

If you think that going hungry, or going wrong, you lose weight, I immediately say that it is a big mistake. Because it happens otherwise, since their metabolism becomes more sluggish, and what you need to do is accelerate it, and usually happens that when we begin a strict diet we spent no more than 3 days, returning to eat much more than ever before. For that not to happen, you have to do is be more conscious with what you eat: savor, enjoy the food; so you eat more slowly, and you will see that it will fill before completing their ration of food, so it will result that you eat less than before. Now, if it is the people who can do this, I advise you to delete all the meals that are harmful to the body, all those that don’t serve for anything, like the fried foods, sweets, etc., in this way you will not have temptations. After this, you should include in your diet: green leafy vegetables, fruits, white meats, fiber (present in the peels of fruits, cereals and vegetables) at large amount (not much), ingesting excessive amounts of water. I suggest that if you suffer from anxiety, when you feel a desire to eat, a glass of water; take We tend to confuse thirst with hunger, and if you still feel hungry eat a fruit.

Your day should start with a diet rich in essential nutrients, milk should be consumed (prefer skim), 2 slices of wholemeal bread or if you don’t have bread eat a half of normal bread or 4 crackers, can accompany them from a fruit or fresh cheese, and avocado. As you can see, after breakfast you will be satisfied, but this is very important to begin the activities that will come, in addition those calories will burn during the day. During the half-day it is advisable to consume a medium fruit (at your choice). For lunch eat white meat with abundant salads. Dessert you can eat a fruit or jelly.

When it comes to eleven eaten half bread (if normal) with a tea or coffee (decaffeinated better) and the last meal (two hours before bedtime) accustomed to eating very shortly after, choose between only salads, a soup, fruit, etc. This way you will go to bed with not so full stomach, and thus does not accumulate fat. I assure you that if he ignores me, you will not suffer from hunger, and forget that you’re on a diet, exit, make sport, laugh, read a good book, watch TV, make what most pleases and make food her friend.

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