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   Aug 13

There Is A Remedy For Racist Arguments

New e-book in the: Medienmacherei appeared POHNSDORF/HAMBURG (hh). “We have something against Sarrazin & co.”, says the author Herbert Hofmann, who has published an “analysis of anthropological journals in the period from 1933 to 1945” now on as an e-book. Hanson: “knowledge is a horribly, to quickly expose racist arguments.” What democracy for those […]

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   Sep 15

Dedicated Citizens

Ignorance and collective mass brainwashing must have an end. On this subject there immediately following startling new release: responding to rather than resignation. In our society a more sinister trend has solidified long ago, where a growing ignorance, conscious rule breaks, as well as increasing Dreistigkeiten and Rucksichtslosigkeiten have become an apparent normality. Starting with […]

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   Jul 27

Austria Law

Ver law landmark sports”is the constraint to define Yes disability an inherent, evolutionary development by the adoption or the adoption of generally-abstract or individual specific standards. Shipping law lights sports”restricts massive cultural and social autonomy of the sports system and the number citizens by it’s disproportionately in the formulation and application of the law. Against […]

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   Jun 21

World Economic Forum

The truth hurts women to power Berlin/Geneva, June 15, 2010 -! A poster saying. But how is it in reality? In politics he still makes us Angela Merkel, and we had almost a female double top with Ursula von der Leyen as Federal President. Celebrity trainer is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also […]

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