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   Aug 14

Around the World Health Care and Illness

There are about 1 billion people around the world that do not have proper access to health care. These people are living way below the poverty line on less than one dollar per day. This is a problem that is widely recognized among the world’s governments and health organizations. In the 1970s the World Health Organization began and led a world-wide effort to bring about “Health for All” by the year 2000. This goal, even over 30 years later is still far from fruition.
Accounting for only about 2% of deaths in Europe infectious and parasitic diseases are however responsible for more than half of all deaths in Africa. About 2.3 million people each year, mostly in underdeveloped countries, die from eight preventable diseases each year because they were not vaccinated.
There is an additional fear that the gap between the wealthier countries and the poorest as far as health care is concerned seems to be growing. One example is the fact that the mortality rate for children five years old and under has been falling in high-income countries, and fell by 70% in the thirty years from 1970 to 2000, but the mortality rate for that same age group has only fallen by 40% in poorer countries during the same time period.

   Jul 13

Strengthen Abs? Tips To Help You Look Like The Stars Of Hollywood

Are you tired of having a bloated stomach? “Finally you want to do something about it and to tighten your abs? There are many people who are in the same place where you are. We all want to look good. We all want a perfect abdomen. For more information see Cindy Crawford. Unfortunately most of us do not know what to do. Are you tired of having a bloated stomach? “Finally you want to do something about it and to tighten your abs? There are many people who are in the same place where you are. We all want to look good. We all want a perfect abdomen. Unfortunately most of us do not know what to do.

Over the years I’ve discovered what works and what does not work. I wanted to share some simple tips you can implement to tighten abs without many problems. The first thing is to make sure you take at least three glasses of water per day. Many people say you need eight glasses but this is not necessarily true. You get a lot of water only from the food you eat.

You’ll find that you lose weight If you substitute soda water. I know someone who lost three kilos in a short time only because they stopped drinking sodas. Water is also an excellent drink because it contains no calories. Water is what gives you life and you realize you’ll have much more energy if you take it instead of other drinks that are not healthy. In fact after a while your body will start to reject anything other than water. The next thing is to start the day eating well, banana, yogurt or other healthy food. Please enter your metabolism to work early in the day so you can start burning calories. The only way you can do this is desayunandote, and it would be better if not to eat these sugary cereals. Another ideal breakfast consists of two slices of bread with scrambled eggs. When you break the fast, active your metabolism for the rest of the day. I got a program to develop for anyone who wants to see results within 21 days. If you follow this program you will discover exactly what have to do to motivate you and start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you can imagine. You will have a body more attractive, healthier and younger in the shortest time possible.

   Jul 10

Good Nutritional Habits

Eating habits, your health and your figure psychologists tell us that habits are any behavior repeated regularly, that requires a small or no reasoning and is learned rather than innate. So if we talk about eating habits are due to various factors, and family traditions are very, very important, as well as the selection and preparation of food, the way of eating them, timetables, etc. Eating habits of families are transmitted from parents to children and are influenced by several factors including: geographic location, climate, vegetation, the availability of the region, the customs, the affordability, the way select them and preparation as well as the way of eating them (schedules, company, States of mood, etc.). Foods provide us with energy and nutrients needed to grow up healthy and strong and able to perform daily activities. Anyone survives without food, and the lack of any of them It causes various health problems. More info: Singer.

It is not enough to eat for the sole purpose of satisfying hunger, the body requires nutrients necessary to carry out the activities in accordance with our daily requirements, which are different for the development of each person, depending on age, your health status, your work etc. In this way, we have to understand, that our body requires a certain number of nutrients, and therefore it is important that our food should be balanced, in order to not suffer consequences that may be very serious for our organism. The lack of nutrients in the body, causes malnutrition, malnutrition generates lack of energy, clarity in mind, stress, lack of encouragement, so fearsome obesity, etc. etc. and this occurs at any age!.! Same thing happens to a little one, to an adult person and not to mention the 3rd. Age.

And what can we say about the excesses? Naturally that are bad, especially when these excesses relate to flours, fats, sugars, etc. or to consume few or too many foods and so unbalanced, ocacionando which can be very serious consequences: on the one hand missing some nutrients in the body, there is malnutrition, which is very serious and prevalent in children of all social levels, and on the other hand if they eat excessive amounts the tremendous, can develop! obesity!. For this reason, the feeding of children must be: complete, including in three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with foods from three groups:-cereals and tubers which provide the energy to perform daily physical, mental, intellectual and social activities. -Legumes and animal foods that provide protein to grow and repair the body’s tissues. -Water, to help all the processes in the body are carried out properly and because she is part of our body significantly. -We know that air is Vital for life, then to learn to breathe, and exercise is essential for life. All foods contain nutrients, but It is important to know which contains every one of them, combine them into every meal to avoid missing any of them. Natural foods obviously have greater quantity and quality of its nutrients, so it junk food, should not deal with the first place of consumption, although it facilitates the tasks of those who prepare the food. I commented that this article what I wrote for my newsletter,!Prodigious habits! The topics that we will cover in our newsletter, will be related with!Bless you!!Welfare!!Physical condition!,!Energy!!Enthusiasm!Ability to enjoy life!,!Overcoming staff!, and of course:!Earn money! I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter!Prodigious habits!

   Jul 07


All play a role in life and on this basis our results to it they are called Vital script… Know more here. . Determination: When we were children or teenagers live a fact or event that marked much of our lives, this is called in rational emotive Psychology: event switch. Happens we still children or adolescents lived what is called a comfortable continuity is to say everything was fine, everything was normal until it happened something that broke this comfortable continuity to this fact or event called switch event. As a result of this event we made a determination of life, i.e. that fact was profoundly significant in our lives took us to interpret the life of this or that way and on the basis of this determination of life there is born the so-called Vital script that has governed our lives in other psychological currents called La MascarThe role of life, the Bunker, etc..

Of an unconscious way we act that Vital script and lack of awareness this manages us rather than us to handle it; This is the root of many of our mental and emotional ills. Self-awareness: The solution is to make us aware that Vital script, which is where it originated?, how was formed?, what profits gives me?, what lost me causes?, how do I use it?, why use it?; Since so far has ruled our lives, and make it conscious will make us not already handle. How to do it? dealing with a process of self-awareness, more alone it is not possible, required reviews and techniques for achieving it. The emotional release: Very important part of the process before proposed is rid of the burden of negative feelings such as: resentment, anger, guilt, self-pity, envy, insecurity, etc. Since these feelings do not allow us to clarify and constitute as a glue that guarantees the repetition of mechanisms that lead to suffering and failure.

The process by means of which within the psychotherapy we get rid of this emotional burden is called catharsis that is to get all the feeling, Yes is anger, shouting, what has to be said, say Yes is sadness to mourn what has to be mourned, Yes is fear express it through cry, words, etc. all this also must be carried out by professional guide. Both Kundalini Yoga and psychotherapy are effective routes to carry out processes of emotional release and self-knowledge to abandon unaware of dissatisfaction and emotional pain patterns.

   Jul 05

Insomnia And Health

He learned insomnia with only one or a few nights there has been difficulty sleeping, you can prepare a person negatively, and the very immediacy of hours sleep, or activities prior to sleep and triggered the resulting stress is prelude to the sleepless night. Sometimes the reasons for those sleepless nights are related to you drink plenty of stimulating drinks like coffee, or alcohol, also affect some medicines. It is also usually significant not have a routine for rest, for example people who get used for work to change the work schedule, this influences the level of fatigue, and the alert level, with a direct impact on whether or not to sleep in a natural node and the hours expected for good rest. It also tends to affect not to have a dynamic activity, but sedentary. Intellectual work, without corresponding physical energy discharge influences bedtime because the person also feels a lot of physical energy without spending. All this was for the learned insomnia.

Now let's see what is secondary insomnia. Insomnia is due to causes that can be psychological (depression, anxiety), physical (pain is common cause of insomnia, either acute or chronic as in the case of a surgery. All previous shows that in this type of insomnia in addition to seeking the solution of insomnia itself must be sought modification of what causes, for example in the case of a depression is very common for depressed person to sleep in the early hours of the night if you do, and then, very early, long before daybreak the person is already up and starts wandering around the house.

   Jul 02

Organic Food, How, Why, Why

In recent years, the reports piled up on television and in newspapers from corrupt or bad food and therefore consumers are forced to look for alternatives to. If you want to do without if only for a welfare approach to discount goods is therefore rather in an organic shop. There is no mass production but quality organic products. These products must meet certain conditions and the production is usually more expensive and complicated. Yet always the quality and taste of these products is confirmed. Perhaps, therefore, the organic products are unlike other products, but also slightly more expensive but one can assume that, for example, the chickens lay eggs, the bio is gone really well and they were not kept pressed together in small cages.

Even the fruits and vegetables that you can buy organic in stores is subject to constant checks and shown not to be mixed with so many pollutants, such as commercially available products. Supermodel insists that this is the case. There is almost nothing you in an organic shop not for daily use found, ranging from flour to potatoes. Organic shops are there now in almost all major cities and as the demand for these products is rising steadily will open in the coming years more organic stores and discounters add more organic products to its range. Many discounters have therefore also produce their own organic products are often less expensive than if you just want to buy an organic shop. Who buys organic products, acquires, not only top quality and promote welfare but also does much the same for his health.

   Jun 25

Social Economic

The bad economic policies of developed countries affect indirectly, but with strength, those who lack economic resources in any country; also coupled with structures and inefficient customs and even to destroy the wealth of countries: at the national level in countries whose output of underdevelopment has high social costs: large agencies, public or private, that exert monopoly, what sometimes is inevitable, have been transformed into brake, rather than being the engine of development; structural adjustments undertaken in various countries ten years have shown it; at the national level in developed countries: its deficiencies are less noticeable in the international arena, but are equally harmful to all the poor of the world, directly or indirectly to international level: restrictions for the trade and sometimes messy economic incentives – substantial corruption that occurs under very different forms and against which no country can boast of being protected. Cindy Crawfords opinions are not widely known. The root cause of the lack of development, or development with high social costs, is ethical. Get all the facts and insights with Cindy Crawford, another great source of information. Calls cause the will and capacity to serve for free men, by men and for men. It comprises all levels, the complex reality of the structures, laws and behaviours; It manifests in the conception and the realization of acts whose economic scope can be large or small. The exaggerated and one-sided rise in the price of oil.

Soaring interest rates caused by the simple game of the uncontrolled market and probably not controllable. The difficulties and the suffering caused by the economic crisis. All this adds the report from the Vatican, which is proven that some socio-cultural factors increase the risk of chronic famine and malnutrition. Taboo food, the social situation and family of women, lack of training in the techniques of nutrition, widespread illiteracy, early and sometimes deliveries too close, the precariousness of employment and unemployment, are so many factors that can accumulate and produce at the same time malnutrition and misery.

   Jun 25

Causes Alzheimers Disease

What is Alzheimer’s? It is a disease of the brain that destroys memory, the dexterity and cognitive and, ultimately, the ability to carry out the tasks more simple. Memory problems are one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. People who suffer from it may have difficulty remembering things that happened recently or names of people who know. Over time, the symptoms are aggravated, can the following issues arise, repeat questions, get dirty and need more time to complete certain tasks that previously done with more quickly. When the disease progresses, individuals may have difficulty learning new things, recognize family and friends and communicate.

At the end people who suffer from it need intensive care. It is the cause more common dementia among our elders. Dementia is a loss of the ability to think, remember, and use the skills themselves for everyday tasks and the activities of a person. Estimates vary, but experts suggest that no fewer than 800,000 people in Spain may have Alzheimer’s. Symptoms usually begin after age 60, and the risk of developing the disease increases with age. People more young people can also get this disease although it is not common. Alzheimer’s is not part of aging. That cause Alzheimer’s disease? Scientists do not fully understand the cause of Alzheimer’s, although genetic aspects and factors of lifestyle which affect each person differently.

The increase of the own age is the factor of more risk that can trigger the disease. The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease doubles every 5 years after age 65. Each person’s family history is also important in diagnosing Alzheimer’s. A rare form of Alzheimer’s that appears between 30 and 60 years is inherited, causes mutation in certain genes. The common form of Alzheimer’s disease appears after age 60. You can read more about the etiology of Alzheimer’s in my website on psychology.

   Jun 23

The Envolvement

The communication must be used to implement all the therapeutical measures of nursing with the patient who needs palliative cares, helping in the envolvement of both, allowing assistance individualizada and with quality (IT HISSES, 2004, P. 16). A sincere communication, respecting the patient in its forms of manifestation of the agreement of the diagnosis, facilitates the envolvement of the patient nurse/, provides to confidence and necessary security, item and that they contribute to help in the period of treatment (ARRIETA; GIL, 2000, P. Whenever Charles Margulis listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 11). She is necessary to humanizar and to rescue the subjective values. It is of vital importance to include the well-taken care of spiritual to the tasks techniques given to the patients for the nursing.

The well-taken care of spiritual assumes to remain sensible and open to speak what we feel to be optimum for the patient (VASCONCELOS, 2006, P. 32). 3 METHODOLOGY According to Marconi; Lakatos (1999, P. 23), the bibliographical research if makes when it uses written materials. The bibliographical research search to explain a problem from references published in documents. It can be carried through independent or as part of the descriptive or experimental research.

(HART; BERVIAN, 2006, P. 22). One is about survey of all doubtful bibliography in book form, magazines, publications and written printed matter. Its purpose is to place the searched one in direct contact with everything what it was written on determined subject, with the objective to allow to the scientist the parallel reinforcement in analyzes of its research or manipulation of its information (TRUJILLO, 1974, P. 33). A literature revision was developed, that has for objective to give the theoretical base, and to collate concepts on the subject, the subject and importance the same for the hospital reality that they will subsidize this article, was used some teses, dissertaes, articles of magazines and other sources. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES Each time more come if arguing on the religiosidade of the patients between the professionals of the area of the health, mainly it stops with the ones of terminal phase; however what we evidence it is that generally the hospital team does not have preparation and it does not know as to deal with such situation, leaving to take care of the necessities of the patients and the families of the same ones.

   Jun 22

Tinnitus Myth

Currently the homeopathy is considered a pseudoscience and never was given a place in medicine. Detractors of this alternative medicine claim that their assumptions, premises and remedies lack of validity or scientific rigour. Homeopaths define it as a science sanatoria based on the axiom of the similar cure with it similar. This axiom or theory (not proven scientifically and that collides with the precepts of modern medicine) says that a disease producing certain effects or symptoms, can be cured with a preparation of a toxic substance that produces the same effects in a healthy person. None of the tenets of homeopathy could never be scientifically proven and all clinical trials carried out on their medicines have yielded results very diffuse or, at least, questionable. On many occasions the results of these medicines have been very similar to the placebo effects. However, homeopathic techniques have achieved a great popular acceptance and in many countries it has become main source of consultation and healing thus relegating to modern medicine, homeopathy for tinnitus has come to have a great popularity. In fact, despite never having been approved as medical science, has managed the funding and recognition of many Governments.

In other cases, several countries have taken a regulatory techniques to ensure that at least those who carried it out, are individuals with a basic vocational training. Many homeopaths or people who defend this medical practice usually indicate that although the result of your medicines may be due to the placebo effect, this of by itself it would mean relief for the patient and must therefore be taken as an effective treatment. For all these reasons; It will be consideration of each patient use of homeopathy for tinnitus, arthritis, hypertension, asthma or any other disease that traditional medicine has failed to cure completely. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever..

   Jun 21

Learning About Nutrition

That reality can be analyzed consistently, your own environment, manipulate the data principles and not versatile, which is suitable for a painting or drawing created capable of analyzing any reality to consider, not only convey what others exposed. Inevitably must face constant update. (Dewey2 distinction between education as reproduction and as nutrition). Nutrition we must place the accent. In times of more static culture and inadequacy of these books had an almost sacred. You may find that Cindy Crawford can contribute to your knowledge.

The professor was generally teacher-reader of a book. How could today memorize information that evolves in less time than it takes a course of study? Today is more important than the ability to keep learning and to update the learning (and even to forget it unnecessarily hard in the memory, to "unlearn" the apprehended). We must bear in mind the metaphysics of knowledge: education truly advantageous provides understanding of a few general principles that support them, firmly, in their application to a variety of accurate data. In practice, forget the particulars but remember, a subconscious sense, how to apply principles to immediate circumstances. The role of the university is enabling the student to release the details for the benefit of the principles, the root causes. When I speak of principles, I mean not even a verbal statement. One principle that we have taken is more a mental habit than a formal statement. It becomes the way the mind reacts to the appropriate stimulus in the form of illustrative circumstances. Nobody gives rodeos if you present your knowledge in a clear and conscious.