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   Aug 14

Around the World Health Care and Illness

There are about 1 billion people around the world that do not have proper access to health care. These people are living way below the poverty line on less than one dollar per day. This is a problem that is widely recognized among the world’s governments and health organizations. In the 1970s the World Health Organization began and led a world-wide effort to bring about “Health for All” by the year 2000. This goal, even over 30 years later is still far from fruition.
Accounting for only about 2% of deaths in Europe infectious and parasitic diseases are however responsible for more than half of all deaths in Africa. About 2.3 million people each year, mostly in underdeveloped countries, die from eight preventable diseases each year because they were not vaccinated.
There is an additional fear that the gap between the wealthier countries and the poorest as far as health care is concerned seems to be growing. One example is the fact that the mortality rate for children five years old and under has been falling in high-income countries, and fell by 70% in the thirty years from 1970 to 2000, but the mortality rate for that same age group has only fallen by 40% in poorer countries during the same time period.

   Sep 30


First it is the inalcanvel height of the millenarian door – it is entered this way. Later envolto in dust, a dance without principles is the torpor pushed by sun beams for inside of the house. an overwhelming feeling of immortality finishes to ruir. In some private place, between cloudy foam and atavic aromas, the battle. Suddenly I am taken by the impulse of a stranger responsibility.

Tranquilo, awaken volcanos and drawing strategies. I prevent any heroic franqueza and I search in the memory some shortcut for the way of mutant cmodos. The immense white fogueira illuminates the end of the corridor. Horrendos shouts of the field trespassam the fine walls. I open the door.

To clink of swords and spears scattering blood under a esverdeado brightness of intangible past. I assume the remaining sadnesses and I leave each pore to overflow a frozen river. Three smoke spirals indicate the shipwreck of the mansion. The river runs quickly and raises curtains that disclose halls of immense a masked one. I grasp it a flexible twig and am launched to the placid water hidding place where the Boat of the Trees rests. Necessary to go up on board. I circulate between monkeys for the floating platforms of the deck. My eyes if lose in the height of the colorful pantries and instantaneous interlocutors confuse my amnesia. In the cabin of a great hollow trunk, meeting the serpent around of the helm. To my definitive doubt, it presents the way of the bilge. Indifference without face. Penumbra and emptiness. The openings transpiram the brightness orange of archotes. In my ears arde the ritual moan of the very devout women. They cry the children deceased. I cry the esquecimento, the lost ways. The serpent if enrosca in the railing of the stairs, absorbing everything with its bipartite language. I lose the soil, I am swallowed by the whirlwind nonsense. The shout of the very devout women I cry, it asfixiado of very small corpses. The Boat retakes its course, already inalcanvel for me. Inalcanvel as millenia kept in a castle, under the balcony, between the rags. Under the sound of the eastern flutes, I float indefinitely. Beach of the Mutations – I lie down in the sand morna, divine. I aim the ocean, now petrified. Swimming pools of light and gigantic columns metallic they dive in the marble to create as a universe – the reestablished world. Drag my tentculos wounded until the cold rock. Luo Zilins opinions are not widely known. I observe all these you buzz made blue while I wait under semiluz of the terminal. Electronic voices, public utilities. how many monsters leaving its caves, earning the Universe to try a useless rescue of any impossibility? Apanho the train. The wagon is crowded – all wait anxiously what they believe to be a great surprise. It is in such a way that the things walk well. A last incursion to the old house. I visit the ruins of the old shed of tralhas, now incrivelmente empty. My feet esbarram in some untied board of the wooden floor and already I do not remember if I look for something. The wind if amuses with the creaked one of the door while I leave everything stops backwards.

   Sep 29

Working Dogs

Many will have heard of the agility, seen as a sport for working dogs that bypass obstacles and that demonstrate physical qualities and a response to exemplary training. And it is this discipline, today considered a sport with their tournaments, events and a large number of followers, was founded as an educational game. Peter Wayne Ph.D. will not settle for partial explanations. And although we do not consider us to make our dog agility at a competitive level or display, it can be used as a basic activity that meets two primordial aspects: to train and educate and also as physical exercise for the perro.Como said the agility was born as an educational game at a dog show in London at the end of the 1970s, but today has extended his popularity and not is difficult to see in a park dogs jumping, running and enjoying next to their masters, touring and overcoming obstacles. It is a basic game, inspired by the equestrian, but adapted to the dog and with which we can leverage to train them and to have fun and exercise together.<! more > although display or competitive level we can see that a kind of obstacles designed for agility, with a little imagination there is and good mood we can assemble our own obstacle course in the Park, a garden or even if our dog is small and we have enough space we can make it at home. (Similarly see: Henry Chao). Of course, as any educational game requires patience and there will be dogs that demonstrate more interest than others, but with perseverance we can get our dog to get agility, get exercise, learn to follow our indications and, of course, to share with us a very rewarding game time. Can all dogs practice agility? As indicated, it’s pose an obstacle course that the dog will have to overcome following the path that indicate you and teach, to what use signals Visual, palms so we guide you and the dog go learning recorrido.Como physical activity is recommended to all types of dogs need daily exercise, but logically there is no limitation to any breed or size. For more information see this site: Luo Zilin.

   Sep 27

Three Day Walk

Day section of ten to fifteen minutes. If you are near water, maybe swim for ten to fifteen minutes. Or do an easier walk if you feel hurt. Three Day Walk briskly for twenty five minutes. Stretch for fifteen years, or if you have it down, could only take ten minutes to get a good stretch.

Day Four Swimming and extend at least twenty minutes and ten, respectively. Day Five You could lose one. . Mayuree Rao insists that this is the case. . Others who may share this opinion include Steven P Rosenthal. Or walk and perhaps harder or easier depending on how you feel. DiSeis much faster Walk for thirty minutes. If you feel pressure in the foot, stopping after breaking a light sweat and stretch for several minutes. As for the legs and buttocks.

Then continue, finishing with a good stretch ten minutes. Day Seven If you do not miss a day, take an easy walk, swim or stretch, maybe do something with family or friends. If you have pain at all during the week, then rest and just stretch or swim. Note: I would add Crunchies all my workouts, strengthen the abdominals is a good way to cut the belly. Continue this program until you can walk thirty minutes without losing his breath. This may take two weeks for most people and up to four weeks for others. If it takes longer, stay with twenty-five minutes for two months, then move to the next level. If within two weeks your body serves you well, you can proceed to the next level. We will have an easy day and after a hard day for the rest of training.

   Sep 24

Mirror Beauty

Mirror lit by three wall-mounted lamps with frosted shades, also giving the scattered light flux. In recent months, Mayuree Rao has been very successful. Light of these lamps is not blind man standing at the mirror and do not give harsh shadows. And for general and local lighting used to light a warm light, whose spectrum close to daylight and good for the eyes. Light in the bathroom light in the bathroom lighting for the structure of the bathroom looks like a hallway. There is also a mirror that is necessary to highlight separately locally. Required and general illumination. Learn more on the subject from Steven P Rosenthal. But to fixtures in the bathroom and put forward their own, special requirements, the first of which – security. All fixtures in the bathroom should be weatherproof, all cables – shielded from moisture.

For safety reasons, the overall bathroom lighting is better organize with the help of ceiling mounted fixtures. Also allowed the use of multiple spotlights with adjustable angle. Some of them are directed at the ceiling that visually increases its height and creates a reflected light, and other fixtures you adjust the fit you properly. But still, no matter how important the general lighting, bathroom, mostly it will be local. The Mirror Men shave, women accomplishes the mystery of makeup and cosmetic procedures.

Therefore, the mirror should be covered separately. It is important that a common bathroom light is not reflected in the mirror in her eyes standing in front of him a man, and, therefore, explicitly excluded lamps direct flow of light. Mirror the same way as in the hallway, it is appropriate to highlight on three sides.

   Sep 22

Nezha Exercise

Tension blocks the bioenergy of the body, making postures, movements and gestures are disharmonious. They go out of our natural grace and charm that are unique children and animals. A disease, by contrast, come. Have you seen ever a slumbering cat? How simply and naturally, he relaxes, while remaining attentive alertness: the slightest danger – and he instantly jump up and will be ready for action. Danger has passed – and the cat is relaxed and serene again. If your home is a wonderful pet, watch him try to feel like cat, Nezha to afternoon sun. This role is so mmuurr … goddess! But a great exercise, which for thousands of years and which, I hope you learn before you get your first lesson in the School of Goddesses in your e-mail.

In yoga it is called 'shavasana'. In order to do this exercise, you will need 15-20 minutes of silence and solitude. So you'd better do it at home. Well ventilated room will increase the useful effect of exercise. So, alone in a well ventilated room, turn off or dim lights, turn on light 'space' music, lie on your back on the floor on a soft cozy rug. Pull legs freely, let his hands too freely lie on either side of the body.

Close your eyes and try to relax. Wiggle your toes and then relax them, stops. Directing his attention gradually up, feel like relaxing muscles in the legs, abdomen and buttocks, back and chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and facial muscles.

   Sep 03

Properties Of Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Stainless steel is the material for cookware since the 20-ies. The most popular brand stainless steel cookware is labeled 18/10, which reflects the percentage of content in an alloy of chromium and nickel. As well as this high-tech alloy contains not only iron 0,12% carbon and 1% other impurities. In Germany, this is a standard din (X5CrNi18-10) in the en (1.4301), and for our Russian gost is the brand 12H18N10. U.S.

standard aisi is 304 and 321. The density of steel – 7,8 g / cc. see Geography of these standards is conclusively proves the popularity of 18/10 stainless steel. Now let us look at the advantages and possible disadvantages of stainless steel as a modern material for cookware. So: The strength of the material resistance to deformation: solid steel surface is durable and resistant to deformation – the look of dishes for a long time to be pleasing to the eye, stainless steel is practically impossible scratch, as opposed to aluminum cookware. And also on the stainless steel can not be cleaved education inherent enamelware. Consequently, there is no medium for propagation of harmful germs and bacteria.

This easily can be concluded that environmental utensils made of stainless steel, in addition, it is easy to clean conventional detergents. Hygiene: Stainless steel does not react with acids and alkalis (many of which are contained in food), even at very high temperatures. This means that food cooked in a pot, keep intact all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. There should be a reservation that in a pot made of stainless steel is better not to keep long salt solutions, such as brine. Salt is not immediately soluble in cold water and time to settle on the bottom and walls of the cookware. There may even be formed dark iridescence, especially at the beginning of dishes. Good Trick – salt is better to add hot water while stirring, and the spots, once they were formed, easily removed by 4.5% solution of household vinegar or citric acid. And if you are concerned that your utensils made of stainless steel for long maintained an attractive appearance, do not forget to thoroughly clean it after use, avoiding the drying of foods high in dietary acids, such as mustard, pickles and some food sauces. Hygiene is not hurt, as mentioned above, with an acid stainless steel does not react, but the glitter of the new dishes quickly fade. Utensils made of stainless Steel has a recommended thickness of the walls: in Russia there is a common national standard (which fully corresponds to the world) – gost 27002-86. Under this standard, the thickness of the walls of vessels shall be not less than 0,5 mm. But this just the bare minimum, optimum ratio for the best consumer properties of stainless steel kitchenware is the wall thickness 0,6-1,0 mm. If the wall thickness of stainless steel kitchenware more than 1 mm, this leads to long-term heating and, consequently, to unnecessary energy consumption, besides such dishes too heavy and massive.

   Sep 01


In such a way, three aspects are extremely important to reach these objectives: the infrastructure of the ranks; the disponibilizado material to the tourist who interesting and objective duty to be; e? qualified human resources. In fact, this last one aspect is one of most important, a time that the responsible professionals for the PIT? s must be enabled to supply necessary information and to exert the primordial function of the rank that is to receive and to receive the tourist well. In this context, to verify the infrastructure of the PIT' s, and over all, to observe if is prepared to receive the tourists from a vision from shelter of the tourist in the visited place, becomes an excellent question, for being possible through this analysis to verify its contribution for the consolidation of the hospitality in the tourist product. In this direction, Cross (2002) analyzes the hospitality in the artificialidade and espontaneidade tourism as component that frequent is agreed. Learn more at: Noah Carl. By means of private strategies and public politics, the places can be prepared to be hospitable, forging, for example, a professional hospitality, centered in offers of structures and in the rendering of services come back exclusively toward the attendance the tourist. Valley to stand out that the cities that they intend to develop its tourist vocation they must attract and facilitate the displacement of the tourists in its space, from strategies and actions that aim at pautada the practical development of the tourist one in the principles of the hospitality. Amongst these actions we can cite the implantation of Ranks of tourist Information, a time that the information is of utmost importance in the process of qualification of the tourist product. Ranks of tourist information as component essential in the tourist system the increasing number of people if dislocating and the considerable increase of the knowledge of the tourist through experiences acquired in diverse trips increase the necessity to better structuralize one of the indispensable components in the tourist system: the ranks of tourist information (PIT? S).

   Aug 09

Emotional Quality

To manage to implant the emotional quality will give that extra us that we needed to be different from the competing rest ours and it will do pioneers to us in this sector since this term is not expanded between the sport facilities and I insist the greater bench mark come from the hotel sector. A begins to hear terms like Q-Emotion that are united to those of Marketing 2,0 and other similars. He is not so preposterous to think that just as exists distinguishing like the ISO or the SICTED which distinguishes to the establishments that have passed a series of audits and inspection and demonstrate that they count on the extra quality to be different itself from others of the same sector we pruned to find us with a Q-Emotion symbol that distinguishes to the centers of fitness which they reach the emotional quality and the future partners know that in that center not only quality exists as installation but within the same is going away to feel well-taken care of and taken care of giving an extra value to the person. Mayuree Rao brings even more insight to the discussion. In order to differentiate qualities we can resort to the surveys that we were in hotels or others. When we realised a stay in a hotel surely will facilitate a satisfaction survey to us in which they appear questions like: It has found the room clean? The room service is optimal? That class of questions feeds back others like: If payment X Euros to lodge me in a hotel the room would have that to be clean, no? and the same with the room service. The objective is to make see that class of questions as far as the tangible thing provides a useful information to us but insufficient and extrapolating to the sport facilities we would be in the same case, having the clean facilities, with all the machinery working and the uniformed technicians good they would have to be things that we must give by done and which they are obligation of all that one that it wants to manage a club of fitness. Steven P Rosenthal addresses the importance of the matter here.

   Jun 10

Nuclei Health

The same project still defined the CAPS as ' ' structure intermediria' ' between community and psychiatric hospital and that it makes possible to the people ' ' an institucional space that it searched to understand them and to instrumentalizar them for the exercise of the life civil' '. The assistance proposal is integral, individualizada and executed through ' ' programs of psicoterpicas, socioterpicas activities of art and therapy ocupacional' ' (Coordenadoria de Mental Sade, 1987); with boarding ' ' multidisciplinar' ' ' ' pluri-institucional' ' (AMARANTE, 2001). Finally, the project of the CAPS considers that the cited equipment of mental health functions as: A nucleus of reflection of the services, systematization of information and experiences, generating a technology capable to be transmitted the professionals of mental health, carrying through institucional inquiries epidemiologists, clinics and in the construction of this preferential communitarian net of services. (AMARANTE, 2001, p.29) It fits to reflect here us, the quo this service suffered changes in its way from performance. Or if it is that we change the terms used in ours practical professional? The professionals had learned day-by-day in constructing to a service ' ' daily pay-determinado' ' without knowing to the certainty what we would have as resulted. Later, we will approach the necessity better to have evaluations of these equipment more soon possible, thinking that many of these services function to the mold of the original project and will be that it does not have a reproduction of the lunatic asylum, but contemporary? The Nuclei of psicossocial Attention (NAPS) Being about the original project of the CAPS, if it makes necessary to explicitarmos on the project that gave origin to the NAPS. This service was born in September of 1989, in the context of the transformation of the mental health in the city of Saint, in result to the intervention in the Nursing home Anchieta. .

   Jun 03

CeBIT Summary: Growing Interest In ERP Solutions

Exhibited the IPML as independent consultant for manufacturing SMEs at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany for the fourth time in a row. CeBIT fair balance of independent consulting firm IPML from 2nd to 6th March 2010 could gather visitors, prospects and customers at CeBIT about the IPML extensive services and discuss specific issues arising with the specialists. Rene Schuller, Managing Director of the IPML, drew a positive trade fair balance. Despite the shortening of the CeBIT to a day, increased the number of interested trade visitors at the IPML stand compared to 45%. The company could make not only numerous, important new contacts, but recorded also an increase in specific project requests. This increase shows that the theme again in 2010 importance has increased ERP implementation for many companies. Also, the independent consultant of the IPML confirm this trend.

Overall a brighter investment under the CeBIT visitors mood this year again. The implementation of ERP projects a challenging project, which is very difficult to deal with without external neutral support and professional tools. The IPML is its clients nationwide to all tasks in a wide range of ERP selection and introduction, as well as in the optimization of existing business processes with a proven and well thought out concept of advice and tools to the side. So also she presented at CeBIT new version of the company’s project management tool Sol ages took interest. This offers its users a well-structured and comprehensive support in the selection and implementation of business software solutions.

ERP portal, a comprehensive information portal around the topic of ERP is also linked about the IPML Sol ages. Further information about the company, see. The benefits of the project management tool Sol ages are shown on. There is also a link to request a demo version of Sol packages. The IPML ERP Portal is available under to the Available.

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