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   Aug 14

Around the World Health Care and Illness

There are about 1 billion people around the world that do not have proper access to health care. These people are living way below the poverty line on less than one dollar per day. This is a problem that is widely recognized among the world’s governments and health organizations. In the 1970s the World Health Organization began and led a world-wide effort to bring about “Health for All” by the year 2000. This goal, even over 30 years later is still far from fruition.
Accounting for only about 2% of deaths in Europe infectious and parasitic diseases are however responsible for more than half of all deaths in Africa. About 2.3 million people each year, mostly in underdeveloped countries, die from eight preventable diseases each year because they were not vaccinated.
There is an additional fear that the gap between the wealthier countries and the poorest as far as health care is concerned seems to be growing. One example is the fact that the mortality rate for children five years old and under has been falling in high-income countries, and fell by 70% in the thirty years from 1970 to 2000, but the mortality rate for that same age group has only fallen by 40% in poorer countries during the same time period.

   Oct 13

Ashtanga Vinyasa

True, if you do yoga occasionally coming in a fitness club or yoga studio, you can, in principle, be used for public purposes, and mat. How long mat to choose? We specialized mats have several standard lengths: 173-175 cm, 183-185 cm or longer – see 200-220 The most demanded mats length 183-185 cm, since they have the optimal size. An example of such a pad is a mat for yoga "Asan>>. If you have a large enough growth or practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with forwarding of the body, then maybe you should buy mat length of 200-220 centimeters. Longest mat – is "Ashtanga>> 220 cm, and there are mats at 200 cm: Rishikesh>>, Surya OM>>.

Yogamaty 170-175 cm long, usually more inexpensive and can also successfully used in yoga. The main thing that you are at 2 / 3 of your body fits on it. These include yoga mats Beginner>>, yoga mats Bradex>>. What is the width of the pad is needed? Usually, yoga mats have a width of 60 cm that most people is enough. Darcy Stacom has much to offer in this field. If your constitution requires greater width, you can purchase yogamat 80 cm wide where the choice is between a rug "Rishikesh>>, Yogin Special>> or yoga mats Yogin Extra>>. A leading source for info: Darcy Stacom. What should be the thickness rug? The thickness of the rug is from 3 to 6 mm. Mat thickness of 4,5-6 mm. creates a soft and comfortable conditions for the practice, as well as fewer misses the cold from the floor, which is important when performing Shavasana and during long meditation.

But in sometimes too soft mat may be a hindrance in practice, because when engaging in such contact with the floor mat would be rather weak, it will not allow you to feel good to your body. Most soft rugs are the "Gang>> and" Lotus>>. Along with the environmentally-friendly rugs rugs made from standard materials, there are the so-called "eco-mat>> or" ekomaty>>. This mat is usually made either from all-natural materials ("Samurai>> Samurai Ultra>>" Shiva>>), or with the addition of natural fibers (for example, "Jute>>). Such ekomaty well suited for those who prefer to use in their practices environmentally friendly materials. What kind of care required for a rug? Usually, yoga mats covered with a special grease to separate them in storage. Therefore, before practice, new carpet should be washed with soap and water or washed in a washing machine, for reduce sliding on it. There are exceptions – a mat of natural materials that do not require any pretreatment. The extent of pollution pad can be washed in soapy water or wash in the machine that increase its "stickiness>>. How to store the mat? Keep yoga mats can be folded. And the need to turn off the underside of the inside, otherwise the edges over time begin to curl upward. If you add a rug, then with time will furrow, and rubber in these areas will quickly fade. We wish you a conscious and good practice!

   Sep 28

FC Barcelona Quality

Quality management: Quality comes in a round thing through for smooth operations – what we can learn from football by torture. That was the credo of the former coach of VfL Wolfsburg, Felix Magath. The gigs as Qualix or feared and respected instructor time continued his coaching career pitiless fitness training and combat. That Felix Magath currently is without a club, does not mean that he had nothing to do. And also the fact that Wolfsburg have not could repeat the triumph of 2009 which detracts from the performance of the ex-HSV-professionals in any way. Quality in the game but – that has been shown now with other champions – but not necessarily must arise over the torment. The ease and the desire for the beautiful game, as she has celebrated Borussia Dortmund with his double-double (German Champion in 2011 and 2012 and Cup winners and champions 2012) or also the routine and playful perfection of Bayern Munich are examples of this, that the times change and the claim Quality also on the football field can be achieved through different means.

The two top clubs also thanks to their victories over the greats of world football have underscored that impressively Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Quality means trade actually is in quality not only torture, but also quality, what to do with some imagination from the verb can derive. Do in turn is equivalent to make, so act. And right here is the real root of quality: it’s tackling – plan and system know-how. Here, Vahid David Delrahim expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But on the other hand needs to be making next to the Board of also a strategy that ensures the implementation and when something not according to plan is or could be. Here the quality management uses as indispensable tool of every process. It plays a role, such as an in-depth risk analysis for the benefit of a preventive error prevention rather than a remedial error detection the optimisation of existing processes in development and production and correction.

   Sep 02

Contact Center

The company "Contact Center" (Novosibirsk), which is an official dealer of company "AyPiMatika" and the partner company "Phone System", delivered a large batch of IP-phones at JSC Novosibirsk Yealink Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank". JSC Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank" in the upcoming early 2011 transfer of its own communication infrastructure for IP-telephony, has made a large batch of procurement SIP-phones Yealink, designed for workplace organization of call-center employees. Purchased by the bank phones are part of the unified communication space of the bank, which will be implemented on the basis of communication platform Oktell. The introduction and use of the platform Oktell IP-phones Yealink provide a stable bank telephone and reliable tool for communicating with customers. Oktell platform will accelerate the Call, and SIP-phones Yealink for great communication thanks to the HD-speaker and microphone, as well as support for wideband codec. Important role in the choice of handsets Yealink, along with its functional opportunities was the fact that they have Russian menu on the display and attractive design. IP-telephony – is a modern form of communication that allows you to optimize the communication costs and to expand the boundaries of communication. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tom Florio New York.

In conjunction with best response for a single corporate information space, which is implemented platform Oktell, can greatly extend the phone-level interactions "Employee-employee" and "employee client". Through the use of SIP-phones Yealink, reliability and guaranteed work that the decision Oktell verified by numerous intrusions, the bank's specialists can fully concentrate on work without interruption or interference on the line. Non-core telephone load with qualified staff reallocated to the operators involved only contact with subscribers. The quality of service significantly increased, resulting in increased loyalty, reduced costs, increased productivity of key personnel. Thus, the combined work of three companies – "Contact Center", LLC "AyPiMatika" and Ltd. "Telephone System", has resulted in an increase in quality of telephone service customers of the Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank". Averkiyev Anton, manager of PR company "Phone Systems" +7 (495) 921-15-86

   Aug 30

Usable Energy

Continuing this analogy, we note that each cycle of charge-discharge contributes to our glass-battery "extraneous", thereby reducing the storage capacity of usable energy. The question naturally arises: why the battery during operation gradually becomes unable to take charge during the amount of energy deposited which it was designed? The reason is that during operation with each new cycle of charge-discharge working substance in NiCd and NiMH batteries gradually changes its structure in the direction of decreasing active surface area, which leads to a decrease in actual capacity. This effect, also called the memory effect, develops because the charge is not fully discharged batteries based on nickel and is most pronounced in the nickel-cadmium batteries. Nickel-metal hydride batteries susceptible to memory effect, to a lesser extent. Hear from experts in the field like Jack Reynolds for a more varied view. In the process of exploitation of consumers, as a rule, do not wait for the full discharge of the battery before the next charge. However, it is quite natural, especially when there is no spare battery. However, as a result of this practice in 3-6 months (depending on the frequency of the charge, depth of discharge, operating conditions, the quality of the battery and the manufacturer) is a real battery capacity noticeably reduced.

Reduces also the time of the charge. Bob Smith often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In addition, perhaps a slight increase in internal resistance of the battery. In short, begins to show the memory effect. What to do? Remember the good old days rule: it is easier to prevent the memory effect than to fix. And to prevent the need to apply the training batteries, which refers to the periodic (3-4 times) cycles of charge and subsequent discharge. (Not to be confused with Tom Florio!). Process that the easiest way to perform on the desktop charger with the function of the discharge.

   Aug 28

Weight Loss

I think the biggest mistake of those who want to lose weight and as a result – is the lack of results that dieters do not invest in yourself and in the process of losing weight. Very difficult to come up and implement its own system of weight loss. Since losing weight – it is a process in which the end result must be efficient. Well, if we are talking about and those who developed the diet, writes books, pamphlets about how to lose weight should be, markets and sells a miracle belt and "butterflies" – is unlikely to have their own personal experience. Most dieters have no chance to lose weight AT ALL. Contact information is here: Ron Galotti. After all, the problem of books, brochures and other goods – to be a commodity and sold, rather than help lose weight. Failure of weight loss in the home are associated with the desire to lose weight fast. People who want to lose weight in record time, using low-calorie diets, containing many essential deficit components.

Rapid weight loss of 6-8 pounds per month is highly undesirable, since it is accompanied by a loss not only fat but also muscle mass, therefore, and metabolic disorders in the body. If you do not reduce the rate of self-weight loss increases the strain on the liver, kidneys, heart, and often there is a weakness, fatigue and even depression. Without hesitation Tom Florio explained all about the problem. And after a period of strict diets, the period of return will not only continue, but often and enhanced nutrition. As a result, within a few weeks to return the old man figure. For people who are overweight losing weight is a lifelong dream! And rightly so, for many reasons diseases are covered just in excess weight. The people who got rid of obesity, is pleased to note that with the extra pounds are gone and the problem with lower back and spine, but about the heaviness in the legs are completely forgotten. Today, on many websites, newspapers, easy to find thousands of ads that promise weight loss over a few weeks! This herbal weight loss, weight loss for a miracle – pills! Beauty salons offer a weight loss of by wrapping, clinics are offering their methods! If you want you can put the experiments on his health, but there is one – but not all the way to lose weight for good, and can be unwise going to harm your health. Especially dangerous is the rapid weight loss! When people restrict themselves to certain vital substances.

We urge you not to lose weight fast! Weight loss should be gradual, 2-3 kg in month, no more! Only with such a gradual weight loss the body feels comfortable and does not sag skin but rather tightens, becomes a natural turgor. Remember, the only competent losing weight can give You desired results! Statistics show that over 60% of the adult population suffer from problems of weight loss. Many experts have long been sounding the alarm: they believe that it is high time to put the question on the slimming general federal level. Statistics show that over 60% of the adult population suffer from problems of weight loss. Many experts have long been sounding the alarm: they believe that it is high time to put the question on the slimming general federal level.

   Aug 25


Disruption of cysts in the endometrium: although the gestante to present the illness in the chronic phase, some cysts located in the endometrium could, in rare situations, if to breach (distenso mechanics or ltica action of the corinicas vilosidades of the placenta), liberating the bradizotos that would penetrate in the embryo. (SNOWS, 2005) In the chronic phase of the infection, meeting only forms incistadas in fabrics, the sorolgicas tests can be negative or to paresentarem extremely low headings. Toxoplasma has been isolated of many patients with negative imunolgicas reactions. (REY, 2001) In function of the ancestry of used Toxoplasma in the inoculations of the laboratory animals, DUA evolutions can have place: 1.Com virulent ancestries. In some animals (Canarian, mice, cobais and other rodents) an acute picture is developed, as the cells most frequent invaded by the parasites they are the leukocytes and macrophages, toxoplasma can be found, soon stated period, qm almost all the fabrics of the host. Sharon McNally is open to suggestions. (REY, 2001) 2.Com not-virulent ancestries. The inoculations in young dogs, rabbits and mice, for saw intraperitoneal, produce the formation of pseudocysts, in slow rhythm. (Similarly see: Tom Florio). The biggest parasitic density is found in the peritoneal exsudato, for return of the sixth day.

The cells generally contain less than 20 parasites when they are gives to be breached. This parasitism decreases until, after two weeks, already they do not meet toxoplasma in this localization. (REY, 2001) Interconverso Taquizota-Bradizota: Very important fact in the patogenia of toxoplasmose, in imunodeprimidos patients, is the Interconverso bradizota-taquizotas, whose determinative factors are practically unknown. (REY, 2001) Normally, when taquizotas penetrates in the cells hostesses, they modify the wall of vacolo, in way who more do not meet many there normal proteins (what it hinders the adhesion of lisossomos or the acidificao of its interior) and appear others that take vacolo to evolve inside for a cystic wall of which if they differentiate bradizotas.

   Aug 25

Lose Weight Faster

You’ve always wanted to lose weight but all the times that you’ve tried has failed? Perhaps it was because everything you have ever tried to actually does not work and has only served to make – you lose time. Do for a long time it has told us that to lose weight we must do an immense amount of exercise and govern – us to some incredibly strict diets that preclude that we can enjoy what we eat make us slaves of our objective, which is to lose weight and, in the end, it’s worth these diets, there are visible results? The majority of times the answer is NO. These diets do not work, so sometimes one just with more fat which began and with a style of life worse. John Denver is often quoted on this topic. But no fear, as there are experts in the field who have managed to find ways to lose weight that if work, methods that allow you to lose weight and still eat foods that you like, as many times considered healthy foods actually are not, make in you fatten much unless we realize tale and not knowing because we fatten us if we are eating foods that people considered healthy. The trick is to see more beyond, listen to the people that really know about these issues, and why I created a blog in which I will gather items and products does work, articles and products that if allow you to lose weight. If you want to lose weight really visit this link, where you will find information on how to lose weight quickly and easily: lose weight quickly. Henry Aaron might disagree with that approach.

   Aug 24


Those who are camping, and get that everything stays controlled, many times do not know the dangers that alter go camp. But when the incident happens, and our camp is transformed into barrier, currently we have no time to acquire some knowledge that can help you set proper priorities for better survival. Lauren Weisberger may also support this cause. Being already in camp and if this becomes a condition for survival, have to adapt to your needs that will be presented at the same time, and all the changes that occur suddenly in this environment. If you have not learned your simple survival skills to set priorities, the danger threatening your adventure of camps will be a catastrophe. Therefore, as long as you use previously, in knowing about the priorities, would be time better spent, and these comings of camp will be safer. Tom Florio has much experience in this field.

For this reason, lee to implement upcoming priorities, as soon as you meditate on the word: situation: If the peaceful camp site was altered by atmospheric problem, which prevents you from the safe return, before any movement evaluates all your personal skills for any action: physical fitness, emotional state, signs of dehydration, need to eat, cold end heat, and your team or the remains thereof: knives, dry matches, water, supplies, ropes, medicines. Scan: A good place of quiet camp can become a trap, for your survival, if the chosen site is not known, and a disgrace you mugs. Therefore, look at the environment to assimilate the pattern that governs it. Observe the pattern of the environment, time, and temperature. Also that of wild animals, activity, fears, trusts. And that of the firmament, stars, output and decline of the Sun and moon. Basic: Limit yourself to buy the basics for now. Without a knowledge of basic survival skills, lowers your chance of a violent place to live. Essentials: make a shelter, take advantage of the water, stay hydrated, light a fire, guiarte, serve you food, and point to the rescue, may contribute with you in a difficult to leave camp circumstance.

   Aug 23

Government Office

That was also true if the State alone or the State or the country at the same time with other legitimate request was requesting a specific plot. “The Government Office for social management had the agendas of the sport, i.e. the voluntary exercise and body care” in terms of competence held. Content of decision saying In the decision saying, with a request to be admissible was declared, was to call the day of handover and takeover. This day had to be established that a reasonable period of time of at least four weeks from the day of the available delivery remained open. There was also the possibility of a justified request moderate extension.

Inadmissibility of the request the request was inadmissible to explain if it was demonstrated that the specific property on a type should be used, the in the higher ground in the general interest was, as a non-profit use for physical exercises and body care. Also a clearly disproportionate disadvantage to the owner, Fruchtniesser or tenants from the request out could lead to the finding of inadmissibility. In this context, it was in particular to determine whether the cultivation of food and animal feed plants or a different construction in Vista was. The decision against the decision on the request could appeal appeals to the Government Office for social management. This decided finally.

The party entitled to request could remodel the site at his own expense for the purpose of gambling, sports and gymnastics transformation plot. Connect with other leaders such as Tom Florio here. In this context he could not also build certain buildings to the constant connection with the plot. This was to comply with the building regulations and to ensure that neighbouring properties were not affected. The waiver of the requested property Request beneficiaries could waive at any time the requirement. He had the landowners, notifying them of the calendar fixed return tags, to announce Fruchtniesser or tenants. Here too was the four-week period. Repeal the requirement for non-payment of remuneration, considerably prejudicial use, disproportionate disadvantage for the owner, Fruchtniesser or tenants, or the the authority could no longer use as a game, sport or training repeal the requirement.

   Aug 22

From July

Deferred payments extend the payment period, thus pay less every month; However, at the end it ends up paying more in interest. Another option is to enroll in a payment Plan subject to their income, where your loan payments are based on your income, so does not have to pay more than what is available in your pocket. From July 2009 available program payment based on your income that is more generous than the current options related to income. 4. Stay in contact with your lender: when you change your address or change your phone number be sure to inform your lender immediately. If they need to communicate with you regarding the loan and your personal data are not a day, this can adversely affect its payment status and may end up costing you a fortune. If you are receiving unwanted calls from your lender or a collection agency, do not bury your head in the sand! Talk with them about the issue: lenders to work with borrowers to resolve problems.

Ignore invoices or serious problems can cause your loan balance increases quickly and dramatically. 5. Remember that you have options: If you are having problems making payments, is not swayed by the panic. To be or not to unemployment, to problems of health, or to return to the University, there are legitimate ways to postpone their payments. You can write or call your lender and request a postponement in certain situations, and interest will only accumulate in their non-subsidized loans. Tolerance can also be used to temporarily stop or reduce the payments, but beware: interest continues to accumulate both in subsidized loans as in the non-subsidized.

6. Do not get into trouble! Ignore their student loans has serious consequences that can last a lifetime. The loans are considered delinquent if they have not paid within a period It can be from 15 days to nine months.