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   Aug 14

Around the World Health Care and Illness

There are about 1 billion people around the world that do not have proper access to health care. These people are living way below the poverty line on less than one dollar per day. This is a problem that is widely recognized among the world’s governments and health organizations. In the 1970s the World Health Organization began and led a world-wide effort to bring about “Health for All” by the year 2000. This goal, even over 30 years later is still far from fruition.
Accounting for only about 2% of deaths in Europe infectious and parasitic diseases are however responsible for more than half of all deaths in Africa. About 2.3 million people each year, mostly in underdeveloped countries, die from eight preventable diseases each year because they were not vaccinated.
There is an additional fear that the gap between the wealthier countries and the poorest as far as health care is concerned seems to be growing. One example is the fact that the mortality rate for children five years old and under has been falling in high-income countries, and fell by 70% in the thirty years from 1970 to 2000, but the mortality rate for that same age group has only fallen by 40% in poorer countries during the same time period.

   Nov 20

The Upholstery

Any furniture, sooner or later loses its original appearance, and breaks down, however, its lifetime depends on the quality of the material from which it made. As a rule, all firms manufacturers of upholstered furniture give it a guarantee, warranty periods generally not exceeding ten years. Sofa frame is its main component, namely how it is made depends the life of this piece of furniture, as secondary, but also quite important components are the materials for packing and covering your sofa. The basis of the sofa can be made of various materials, but it is from them and depends how long this piece of furniture will last. The most common option is the foundation of wood with metal fasteners. Made of chipboard material sofa frame, can greatly undermine the health of man sleeping on it, since this material, defines a noxious substance – Formaldehyde, in order to avoid such troubles, it is treated with a special compound which prevents Selections. More information is housed here: Charles Margulis . Should not be unconditionally trusted sellers of furniture, even such goods are often counterfeited, so before you buy anything, it is worth to verify its authenticity. Get more background information with materials from Charles Margulis . Unfortunately, in recent years has become very easy fall into the hands of swindlers issuing furniture that is not appropriate in the circumstances of the firm, this furniture is not only quickly goes down, but can cause substantial harm to the health of your family.

When selecting furniture, should carefully check all the necessary documents, and above all quality certificate. Perhaps as an independent determination of how much good and practical furniture you buy. Need when buying upholstered furniture, be sure to ask that a filler used in its production, more importantly, that it was high quality and has not lost its original shape quickly. Best of all, if the sofa filler natural and has built into its base spring, in this case, upholstered furniture will serve you for years, pleasing their masters excellent appearance. The first sign of poor-quality upholstered furniture is creaking. These sounds arise because the springs are not made of quality metal, but from ordinary wire, which quickly breaks down and you lose your brand new furniture, so not having time to get used to it. It should also draw account when assessing the quality of the sofa in his appearance, how well executed the seams on the upholstery, what thread and on the sheer quality of Tacna. Used for upholstery sofas both artificial and natural materials. Course most valued upholstery leather. Of course, if a sofa upholstered in leather, such padding neatly stitched from pieces of different sizes, but what they are, the higher the cost of the course furniture.

   Nov 20

Mother Nature

The house cleared the air of germs, created a marvelous aroma, improves sleep and mood. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center for Environmental Health on most websites. Wood charges positive, gives energy and heals, makes us kinder and more peaceful. "In the house, and walls help!" – This is a we can say it about wooden srube.Nizhe we list a few compelling advantages, allowing safely described as a wooden house is ideal for life. Strength and durability Rounded log great not only for their aesthetic, but also the physical and technical characteristics, therefore, considered to be the best building material. Continue to learn more with: Zilin Luo. With the use of modern environmentally friendly means of a tree retains its original appearance and provides us with many years of not succumbing to burning and decay, climatic and temperature influence. For more specific information, check out Zilin Luo. The environmental properties of Mother Nature has endowed man is absolutely harmless material for construction. In addition, needles called invisible healer of our physical and mental health.

Hygienic properties of wood is unique in its ability to breathe, so it is automatically your home provided by natural circulation of oxygen and good thermal stability. Felling of timber maintains an optimal level of humidity in the house – about 50%. In dry weather, the log walls give the moisture and crude – soak up the excess. Wood contains sap and resinous substances, a positive effect on residents, improving sleep and overall tone of the body. Thermal insulation properties of the brick house is not necessary to constantly heat a little and air, and felling of tree makes it a very natural way, accumulating heat and breathing "oxygen through the walls. It is easy to heat thoroughly for several hours, in contrast to the brick house. Low thermal conductivity of the walls allows them to be quite subtle – 20-25 cm tree is five times better retain heat, rather than brick or concrete. Comfort Scientists have conducted studies to determine the comfort level of the atmosphere in the room.

If the comfort of a wooden house considered the benchmark and identify it as a 1, the atmosphere of the concrete room has a coefficient komfortnsti 0,5, and houses made of ceramic bricks – 0,7. The aesthetic properties of the wooden house – it is a work of art. He beautify any landscape, nestled in your area. Felling of natural wood – it's a secret harmony with oneself and the world.

   Nov 18

The Importance Of Timing

Time conceiving a child will determine its sex and destiny, people believed in ancient times. In our time, when we know the existence of biorhythms – the alternation of favorable and unfavorable moment for all events in the life of the ancient beliefs Related to conceive, do not seem naive. As scientists look at it, tells biorhythmology, PhD, Natalia B. Mirsky. Believe: The best time for conception – spring and summer. Indeed, in the spring and summer sexual activity of people is increasing. The length of daylight increases, activity increases the pituitary gland – the body begins to produce more as sex hormones and hormones of pleasure.

In the twilight and short days, our body produces more melatonin, which causes either depression or aggression, that a successful sex does not help. Male sex hormones are not produced in the required amount for conception – body needs time to accumulate them. It turns out that the best time to conceive – early autumn. Observed that children who were born in a bright and warm, always stronger and healthier. Belief: the colder the street, the higher-quality sperm. In fact, it's not quite reflect the truth.

Temperature effect on spermatogenesis. Too high may prevent the development of the required number of sperm – the summer heat is not conducive to conception. But frost is not very useful for the male reproductive system. The optimum temperature for spermatogenesis is considered in the scrotum around 33 . Maintain it so easily during cold seasons, ie spring or early autumn. Mindful of the that the organism in the spring we have not 'had enough' sun, we are in their calculations again turn to the golden autumn. Believe me: From conception to the warm season a girl, in the cold – is likely to be a boy. Serious scientific research on this topic were not conducted, so we believe this reason to accept no more than that, what good 'harvest' of newborn boys is definitely a war. Believe me: For the health of future child should be taken into account seasonal biorhythms. Yes, the wedding boom has previously had it in the fall, and, accordingly, more children appeared in the summer. But this tradition has dictated rather a way of life. Weddings played after harvest, when people get more free time and have something to feed the guests. Propitious for conception is much more dependent on supply than on the season. Jack Lefkowitz contributes greatly to this topic. Certainly conceived in the post and therefore condemned what meager food parents affects the health of their children.

   Nov 18

Cheap And Expensive Implants. What Is The Difference ?

- Dental implantation is the most desirable way to restore the lost tooth, especially if there are healthy strong teeth that grind the pity. But the benefits of implantation of teeth you can find a doctor If you choose this method. I want to open a question that is rarely voiced by dentists – what's the difference between the implant for 20 thousand and 45 thousand rubles. Let's compare the implantation kits "Astra Tech (Astra Tech – 45 thousand rubles.) And "Aydin (ADIN – 20 thousand rubles).. In What's the difference? The surgeon can not always say with certainty what type of bone tissue in this patient (dense cortical bone or soft foam), it often turns out during an operation to implant teeth. In large set of implantation "Astra Tech" is a set of special tools and instruments for all occasions.

Using the "Astra" in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, even a beginner dental surgeon will be able to successfully implant the teeth and form a bone bed for the implant so that the primary stability at the very vkruchennogo "screw" is a 5 + (regardless of type of bone tissue). Implantation set ADIN much easier. Implantation of the teeth by using a given set of demands from dental surgeon much greater experience and knowledge. However, in fairness, we note that if the implantation of a tooth had a good knowledgeable doctor, the patient does not feel quite the difference between expensive and cheap implant. The clinic 'Lavater' implantation holds Doctor of Medical Sciences Renat Rashitovich Akhmerov, Ph.D. Add to your understanding with Jack Lefkowitz. Medical Sciences, implantology Roman Feliksovich Zaruddya and Surgeon – Dentist Irina Rychkov. The first consultation – it's free! Questions you can ask a letter written by Dr. Write, send pictures! Also, you can read additional material on the tooth implantation are here:

   Nov 17

Prolonged Caffeine

Anything that changes the pH of the vagina, can damage sperm. This applies to various douches, lubricants and jellies. If you would like to know more then you should visit Charles Margulis . 'I do not recommend that women wishing to conceive, douche, – says Dr. Milkman. – If you leave the vagina alone, it itself will do everything necessary to clear '.

Less caffeine. If you drink more than one cup of coffee a day, can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Recently Jack Lefkowitz sought to clarify these questions. The same thing happens when you absorb an equivalent amount of caffeine and chocolate, or other non-alcoholic beverages containing caffeine. In a study 104 women, who were trying to conceive, researchers from the National Institute for the Study of environmental influences on health found that those who one day gets more caffeine than is contained in one cup of coffee, the probability of conception half less than in those who consume less caffeine. JUST FOR MEN Give your sperm time to recover. "Any viral infection accompanied by fever, may suppress sperm production for nearly 3 months – says Dr. Neil Baum, director of male infertility clinic in New Orleans.

- Severe cold can have the same effect. " Why is the disease for so long? According to Dr. Baum, the normal cycle of sperm produced in 78 days. Required another 12 days to mature sperm. Discard the steroid hormones. "Anabolic steroids can work off the pituitary gland and alter the natural balance of hormones in the body, – said Dr. Baum. – For athletes, the problem of infertility is not uncommon – he adds. – Prolonged use of steroids can cause irreparable damage to the ovaries. " Be careful with Drug and alcohol abuse. Various medications, prescription and free, can significantly reduce sperm count. If you are unsure of drugs that are using, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Various studies show that chronic use of alcohol and marijuana can also cause infertility. Keep your testicles cool. Nature has chosen a way to maintain the temperature of your testicles on 0,5 C lower than body temperature by placing them outside the body. But if your internal temperature rises too high, or heat the testes themselves, then this may affect the formation of sperm. Dr. Baum advises to beware excessive physical exertion, fever, hot baths and tight underwear, if you want to father a child.

   Nov 17

Piazza Navona

One of them seems to calm and submissive, while the second looks impatient and capricious. Together they represent the variability of the sea. Neptune is located on the left of the statue, representing abundance, and the right – the statue embodies good health. Above these sculptures are bas-reliefs. One of them shows Agrippa – a girl, after which the fountain was named.

Bernini was unable to complete Trevi Fountain, but another famous Roman fountain – a fountain of Triton – entirely his creation. It is a masterpiece of the Baroque style was opened in 1642 on the Piazza Barberini. The fountain is an unusual figure – half-human, half-fish – which is bent on a giant shell, supported by dolphins. Here is quite noisy and very busy traffic, but the spectacle is very impressive. Piazza de Spagna (the Spanish Steps) is another fountain of Benin – his first child.

He called (old boat) and is built directly from the Spanish Steps. He looks quite modest – no powerful jets of water, only a slow murmur. To broaden your perception, visit Charles Margulis . Fountain appeared in 1629 and considered one of the first examples of the Baroque style. Another famous area with no less famous fountains – the Piazza Navona. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Celebrity trainer and gain more knowledge.. It was erected Fountain of Four Rivers. His architect – also by Bernini. In its regular fountain it depicted the four greatest (according to him) rivers – the Ganges, Danube, Rio da la Plata and the Nile. But not only the Four Rivers fountain in Piazza Navona, is rich. Here you can see another example of the fountain of art (of course, by Bernini) – Fontana del Moro (Fountain of the Moor). It is very similar to the Trevi Fountain and also depicts the marine scene with Neptune. Here, he stands among the sea creatures and surrounded by four tritons. Another area, a couple of fountains – Piazza Venezia and the fountains Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas. They symbolize the new Italy – united and free. When you tire of fountains contemplation (and it can happen and such), the most pleasant thing to go back to your hotel and prepare for the next day in the Eternal City. " Hotels in Rome. offer a wide choice of accommodation – from the hostel on the outskirts and with shared facilities to luxurious palaces in the heart of the city. In short, everyone can find here accommodation to your taste and budget.

   Nov 16

Mars Horoscope

She was able to dissolve in the roles to such an extent that the audience did not recognize her person. She could be different and unpredictable. When you look at her horoscope, you realize that this is the reincarnation of another man gave her easy. She was a man of integrity, and she disliked the play and pretense in my life. Her horoscope full of aspects, all the planets are connected with each other and enter into some kind of relationship – those who struggle, who Agreement. In real life must have been a lot of struggle and confrontation. Click Gunnar Peterson to learn more.

And it was true – she struggled with the influence of his mother, who paid little attention to children and at the same time trying to put pressure on them. Natasha whole life proves that she is worthy daughter of her great mother and as an actress is no worse and maybe even somewhat better than Vanessa. Relationship with his mother was a tragedy in her life. If you would like to know more about Zilin Luo, then click here. And here is an indication of a possible accident – the most evil planets in astrology, Mars and Saturn collided in taukvadrate to its sun. Direct indication danger of a catastrophe that happened to her, an eerie shadow of death, which was just waiting for the hour to show up and ruin her life. Mars in the horoscope is always associated with the head. Sun – health and ultimately his life. Saturn, which stands on the border of the fifth house, adds to the horror of this configuration, referring to mortal danger.

   Nov 15

Wellness Ambassador

“six favourites for six wellness holidays are fixed mission Mauritius: in the wellness dream vacation” this motto 442 women and men followed and applied for the this year’s action wellness Ambassador 2010 of the organizer for wellness beauty24. On the website were pre-selected by a panel of judges 30 applicants and candidates a public voting. The six official wellness ambassadors now finalised in 2010. Berlin, September 08, 2010. With more than 8,000 voting were chosen on the website the six lucky candidates 2010 for the dream job as wellness Ambassador: Anna Cisek (32), fitness and personal trainer from Baden-Wurtemberg, feels as wellness Ambassador, because she are also professionally familiar with wellness. Further details can be found at Charles Margulis , an internet resource. “Also does Yoga for years: wellness for body, mind and soul I new power for everyday draw.” For Stephanie Hamidi (37), an independent online journalist and mother two children from Hesse, wellness is more than baths, wraps and massages.

Wellness is for me life-affirming and optimistic so I fill the needs of my body and soul. Additional information is available at celebrity trainer. I want to give love to the as wellness Ambassador.” Karin Sabina Scherer (48), Naturopath from Bavaria, know that body, mind and soul influence each other and support”. She has applied as wellness Ambassador, because she can feel wellness from all levels out and judge.” Janine Schwab (33), diploma in business administration from Saxony, wellness means for the symbiosis of perfect illusions that trigger the feeling of total relaxation.” As wellness Ambassador, she would like to describe the moments of rest and relaxation, play experienced, and motivate others to do the same. Sabina Anna Stern (24), optician from Hamburg, feels appropriate, as wellness Ambassador because she always unbiased approaches things. Include a good spa treatment for you In addition to a fitness program as well as sauna and massages Spa.” Milena Stoller (26), study administrator from Baden-Wurttemberg, is pleased about the election to the wellness Ambassador, because she has a passion for wellness, the dangerous contagious”is.

   Nov 13

Baltic Sea

Cheap spa holidays on the Polish Baltic Sea to relax and to support the natural beauty of Berlin, November 2010 – in Dziwnowek, just three hours by car from Berlin removed can you indulge in five or seven days for the relaxation and beauty. Dziwnowek (german forest Bay) is a small and quiet seaside resort on the Polish Baltic Sea coast, near Wolin Island. The place is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the Zalew Kamienski (german lying Bodden). The Polish seaside resort is still very natural and has a nice, clean, wide beach. Thanks to the existing pine forests the seaside was given the status of a spa town.

Through his quiet, unspoilt nature, iodine sea air and greenery, the resort offers all the prerequisites for a relaxing spa vacation. The rehabilitation and recovery centre Jantar offers the affordable Wellness vacation with beauty programme. In addition to the accommodation and full Board, also several spa treatments, as well as the free use of the spa and wellness area are included in the price. Allow five days to relax, unwind and pamper yourself in the Spa – this is possible already from 235 euro per person. And seven days wellness holiday with the hot stone massage and moisturizing treatment is hydro-oxy line from 355 euros per person bookable. Jantar SPA hotel is about 150 metres from the beach and 100 meters from the Centre of the village and is located on a secluded and own 3,000-m m plot, which is very family friendly and the kids plenty of room to the play offers. A volleyball court, children’s playground and bicycle rental are located on the property. The hotel is very comfortable and provides a first class service, a German-speaking staff and highly qualified physiotherapists. Swarmed by offers, Jack Lefkowitz is currently assessing future choices. The House has its own rehabilitation center with modern and well equipped treatment rooms and a spa centre. There’s more information available online at.

   Nov 13

Reasonable Prices Wellness

Book a wellness holiday with all inclusive, which bring vitality back into swing and pamper the stressed-out body. Berlin, October, 2010 – if you’re planning a spa vacation, a look at the offers in Poland. Because in this country, you can spend a lovely and affordable holiday to feel good. The online Wellness vacation Agency Poland offers a variety Spa – and wellness services on the independent travel portal in Poland interesting in selected hotels in whole Poland. In September 2010, the Wellness vacation Agency has recorded the affordable three-star wellness hotel Alma in the offer.

The hotel ALMA is located in the small village of Barlinek in West Pomeranian and is picturesquely located in the closer Lake Barlineckie (german Nipperwitzsee) is in a beautiful setting. Gunnar Peterson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A sports and recreation centre with a tennis court is located in the immediate vicinity. Reaching the small Marina, the town beach and the city centre in 5 minutes on foot. The House has a small but good Spa – and Wellness Centre, where guests can enjoy a variety of treatments for body and face in claims. Steven P Rosenthal is open to suggestions. The hotel offers wellness guests a great value all inclusive spa or medical Spa, which can make a valuable contribution to the well-being.

Each guest to enjoy of many free services comes within the framework of the “all inclusive”package. And the list of included services in the Hotel Alma is very long. In the package are overnight stays, all-inclusive Bed & Breakfast with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, two spa treatments of your choice, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, a short Nordic walking basic technique training and unlimited use of the Wellness Centre included. The small town of Barlinek is approximately 14,000 inhabitants on the northern shore of Lake of Barlineckie (Nipperwitzsee) in the Valley of the river Plonia (Ponia) in a hilly and Lake landscape in the South of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is 165 km from Berlin to Barlinek. Barlinek is the European Called capital”of Nordic walking. Here are 70 well-signposted Nordic walking trails/routes. Corporate information / short profile: the online Wellness vacation Agency Poland is a mediator for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness, wellness programs and matching wellness and preventive and rehabilitative treatments in Poland. Thanks to insider knowledge, good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland is available via the independent travel portal.

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