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   Aug 14

Around the World Health Care and Illness

There are about 1 billion people around the world that do not have proper access to health care. These people are living way below the poverty line on less than one dollar per day. This is a problem that is widely recognized among the world’s governments and health organizations. In the 1970s the World Health Organization began and led a world-wide effort to bring about “Health for All” by the year 2000. This goal, even over 30 years later is still far from fruition.
Accounting for only about 2% of deaths in Europe infectious and parasitic diseases are however responsible for more than half of all deaths in Africa. About 2.3 million people each year, mostly in underdeveloped countries, die from eight preventable diseases each year because they were not vaccinated.
There is an additional fear that the gap between the wealthier countries and the poorest as far as health care is concerned seems to be growing. One example is the fact that the mortality rate for children five years old and under has been falling in high-income countries, and fell by 70% in the thirty years from 1970 to 2000, but the mortality rate for that same age group has only fallen by 40% in poorer countries during the same time period.

   Sep 14


Parents should buy always a number greater than with the purchase of children’s shoes. Especially when children play sports running shoes are preferable. Children’s shoes are important for the younger generation. Even in the making this is the Neanderthals last ice age advantage, by they are animal skins, feet bound.Therefore the parents need to be aware that they will need different shoes for every occasion. Children’s shoes, as well as women’s and men’s shoes have the same characteristic basic type of a shoe. You may wish to learn more. If so, Energy Capital Partners is the place to go. This would lead to a wrong action behavior.In general you should rely on children’s shoes not only on the optical, but also on the functionality. The shaft is usually composed of several glued or sewn parts or layers and has an inner lining, a between linings and a leather upper. To find the right children’s shoes, there are some important considerations to keep in mind so that the right choice can be made.

The most important thing about the choice of children’s shoes the size of the foot of the Kindes.Stellt is, that the Nervous system of a child not yet formed, then feel it understandable that children don’t complain about their children’s shoes, if they press, because they are not capable of pain and pressure.The children’s shoes should protect children’s feet and not make sure that children will be hurt. In determining the children’s shoes is to continue to keep in mind: for which used the children’s shoes? Taking into account that children’s feet grow up to 3 numbers per year, can grow crooked toes in the truest sense of the word.Therefore, experts recommend parents to measure the feet of children so that the children’s shoes do not push every couple of weeks. Experts also recommend that children have to run as often as possible barefoot. This ensures a that the feet get enough space and to be the foot muscles sufficiently energized. The children’s shoes have gone through a series of special tests to detect whether they are sufficiently reliable for the fact.

   Sep 03

Facebook Services

Germering, 03.02.2011. The leader in E-recruiting for temporary employment and staffing services presents its new website. New design and clear structure at first glance is the graphical redesign in the eye immediately. Pleasantly fresh and bright colors as well as 3D and shadow effects to determine these modern website which is designed in Web 2.0 style. Others who may share this opinion include Dorothy Wright Nelson. Information retrieval for prospects, customers and partners is easy with easy navigation. The most important features at a glance: Easy navigation clear and modern design (Web 2.0) transparent content access to social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Interactive website (videos, news, etc.) How staffing services company and temping agencies can operate a successful E-recruiting in the future and which software fits your requirements, pointing out the new home page in a few easy steps. Wendy Rene may not feel the same. The product range was clearly divided: the base products of peRsy posting and peRsy network to the additional products multi-channel-posting (MCP) and Premium-channel-posting (PCP). Each product is listed with a clear description, contact and product video.

Combinations of various products are illustrated and explained. Welcome to our new homepage, the relaunch brings a modern appearance, extensive information to E-recruiting solutions for staffing and personnel services, direct access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, with a clear structure and a lot more. Click Energy Capital Partners for additional related pages. Take some time and browse through our pages on. Learn interesting details about our extensive range of services. In addition, we offer news on our “section still to know better the possibility of GermanPersonnel each and forward to a dialogue with prospects, customers, partners, and all who are interested in the topic of temporary employment and staffing services.” GermanPersonnel GermanPersonnel is the leading provider of E-recruiting and placement software for the personal services and temporary work. With the product peRsy the special needs of the industry are mapped optimally. There is a successful and efficient recruiting the decisive competitive advantage for staffing services company, temporary employment agencies, recruitment consultant and mediator. HRBrain (, as well as the temporary work ( information portal. belong to the Group of companies of GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH E-Learning Portal Press contact and more information GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH Christian Neudecker Industriestrasse 17 82110 Germering Tel.: 089/322106-23 fax: 089/322106-19 E-Mail: Web:

   Aug 30

Communication At Eye-level

Entrepreneurs as keynote speaker for customer events an event for executives, entrepreneurs, and managers must be well planned. This group of people, which often requires the highest himself and his employees, wants to be convinced sustainably on conferences, seminars and corporate events. The event manager have booked an appropriate location, the programme and set the agenda of the Conference themes, it goes to the often most difficult part of the organization. Looking for a keynote speaker, who convinced the company bar and top performers of a company, tears with and at the same time maintain at a high level. Whether the aim of the event is to lead, whether it is a pure incentive or a kick-off event, the higher the more the management level, changes cause, asked communication on par and lectures with high relevance to practice.

Set impulses and showcase new ways you can best, who know from their own experience what they are talking about. Speakers who are top managers or entrepreneurs, or were, today are among the most in demand speakers for high-profile events,”white Henry Asissh Kamau, owner and Managing Director of the renowned speakers agency 5 star speakers from Dillingen on the Danube. As business executives, as strategic decision-makers and creative designers have personalities such as former head of BMG and music Manager Thomas M. Stein… “, Acquired financial professional and corporate executives Martin Theyer, or leadership strategist of Harald Psaridis, valuable practical knowledge in management issues,” so routine cedar. Every Executive can benefit.” A full-blooded entrepreneur is also Prof. To deepen your understanding Energy Capital Partners is the source.

Dr. Knoblauch. “The Managing Director of several medium-sized companies and winner of many companies, like for example the best factory Award” services /… that is very successful as a keynote speaker. In his lectures he shows from a practice, what constitutes success. Also entrepreneurs such as ThinkTank founder Sven Gabor Janszky or BDTV Speakers include Vice-President Christa Mesnaric, who have set up their own companies and led to the success have established brands and established values, the portfolio of the 5 Star Agency. Due to their experience, they are not only authentic and know what they are talking about, also her charisma and the aura of true leaders make every event with them a special experience. Entrepreneurs speakers speakers/entrepreneurs and corporate leaders no matter from which industry can with their peers best at eye level to communicate, they can convey different perspectives, carried away and inspire. Anyone who could even experience an event with a top manager as a speaker, will remember long term the speaker and his advice.

   Aug 25

VLCC Artemis

Lawyers help fund losses at ship investments “discharge liability model” not without risks economic difficulties under Dr. Energy Capital Partners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Peters of ship Fund of the VLCC glory series throw the situation of vessels and the now forced increase in the capital for the investors of the Fund on many issues. Whether investors should participate in the capital increase, depends in particular the forecast, what actual perspective of continuation of have the shipping funds. But also the existing in the event of the insolvency of the Fund obligation for the repayment of received dividends concerned investors. Reduced Charter rates since 2009 – what happens to the deferred amounts of difference? The Dr. Peters VLCC super tanker funds DS-return on investment fund no. 106 – VLCC titanium glory, DS-yield Fund No. Under most conditions William Lloyd Standish would agree.

109 – VLCC Saturn glory, DS-yield Fund No. 110 – VLCC Neptune glory, DS-yield Fund No. 112 VLCC mercury glory, DS-return on investment-Fonds Nr. 113 VLCC Pluto glory, DS-yield Fund No. 114 – VLCC Artemis glory, DS return no.

120 – VLCC Leo glory and DS yield funds no. 127 – VLCC Younara glory there are reports the information service fund telegram to sequence since 2009 Charter residues. Despite longtime fixed Charter agreements and a Charter guarantee in each fund prospectuses, fund companies have agreed to in 2010 of a reduction of the Charter rates. Instead of the agreed fixed Charter, currently only the so-called spot rates that lag significantly behind the agreed and forecast revenue flow. The respective Charter company has undertaken no later than end of 2014 to compensate for the difference in running amounts. But, because the charterers to companies equipped only with minimal capital, the question arises, such an “obligation” is how recoverable. The assumption seems to us not unrealistic that the eight charter companies the deferred lagging Charter rates of the then 10-20 million estimated $ may be the ship do not pay back.

   Jul 17

WELTEC BIOPOWER To Build Plant In France

WELTEC BIOPOWER’s early 2012 with the construction of a 526-kilowatts biogas plant in French Saint Nicolas Tertre, in the Brittany region 100 kilometres northwest of Nantes started. The fermentation tanks are fed with pig manure, waste from the food industry, renewable raw materials and intermediate crops for energy use. Provides the location for the plant, the farmer and operator delivers the agricultural substrates. The waste heat produced by the bio-gas plant will be used the fermentation rest drying on the one hand and on the other hand used for supplying heat in his 60 metres from Piggeries. Heat usage by 70 percent (without boarding fermenter, heat), the CHP bonus is four cents per kilowatt hour in France, so is the feed-in tariff for a 500-kilowatt system on a total of 17 cents.

In France, the single power law guarantees that the State 15 years decreases electricity from biogas plants at a guaranteed price. In the power range from 150 to 250 and 600 kilowatts to 1 megawatt are in France currently several biogas plants involving WELTEC BIOPOWER in the construction and planning. By privileged construction law, the Declaration”, many plants are constructed in the country, consume less than 30 tonnes of agricultural substrates per day. So a permit of the biogas plant achieved in four to six months. Obtaining the approval of systems according to the German immission protection procedure (authorisation”) may take up to 18 months. Considering the available resources to reason, France during the construction of biogas plants is restrained. The European bio-gas Association EBA has summarized the expansion targets of some EU countries for the biogas production of electricity by 2020: Italy wants to 1,200 megawatts of electrical power from biogas have installed, Britain 1,100 and Poland 980. The Netherlands aim 639, France at 625, and the Czech Republic 417 megawatts. Unchallenged, Germany (3,796 megawatts) is located at the top of this scenario. Measured at the organic level potential for power generation in the Country are available, use the Netherlands only about 5 percent 68 percent, Germany 25, Poland 19 and France energetically.

   Jul 15

An Unbeatable Team – FM 180B Bartels

The current heavy duty under the stroke scooters Horst, July 2013 with the heavy-lifting roller FM 180 B Karl H. Bartels GmbH has the optimal solution for particularly bulky and heavy cargo in the program. The control over the handles of the hydraulic freight and furniture transporter ensures maximum safety during transport due to its exceptionally sturdy construction. Two transport units are shipped with the FM180B and matching, firmly mounted with a length of 50 meters straps included. The scoop of the heavy duty hub scooter FM 180B is hydraulic on different lift heights up to 250 mm adjustable and, as well as the bracket, non-slip padded. So the couple is well equipped to meet all requirements in the operation and even bulky loads can be moved easily. The hub scooter take the transport material in the Middle, be lashed together and already the absorption and transport of heavy safes, cabinets or machines becomes child’s play. The product has also a particularly favorable price/performance ratio.

Its space-saving dimensions despite the considerable load of up to 1800 kg are another feature of the trucks. With a width of 68cm, depth 42 cm and just over one meter height, the FM is a small muscle man 180 B. Low-wear, track-free polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 150mm to get him rolling. The scooters are painted with RAL 2004 orange and then yellow were powder-coated. About Karl H. Bartels GmbH by the truck up to the cantilever shelf: 70 years by Karl H.

Bartels GmbH storage facilities and transport solutions produced in particular for medium-sized companies. Special shelves for long goods up to 70 m, drawer racks for plates and other board material or forklift attachments for special needs special versions are no exception and that at the Horster family business and specialist in special construction for three generations. Further information: Karl H. Bartels GmbH Stephan Varnhorn team management sales/marketing Max-Planck-Strasse 6 D-25358 Horst Tel.: + 49-(0) 4126 3968-250 fax: + 49-(0) 4126 3968-269 E-Mail: supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.

   Jul 14

Presentation Of The Book: Psychology Short And Almost Packed

180 Pages give a short insight into the inner life of Bremen – today’s society is a performance-oriented society, it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with the daily tasks. Everyday life is often marked by stress, pressure and permanent entitlement. No wonder that many people yearn for peace and quiet and the feeling, even to set the pace. But how do we learn to bring us back into balance? Short and just packed in the psychology book”, contactor and Bajwa authors give an insight into the life of the soul, lead the reader into the vast Empire of feelings, and offer psychological problems solutions. A look at the table of contents shows which topics appeal to the authors and the world of psychology is as diverse.

007 Insights into a colorful life or the philosophy of life of 009 first aid, rather than past 010 psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist? 013 What is our soul? 015 Positive thinking 018 meditation the rest for our soul 021 024 insomnia bullying 028 Burnout 030 Esoteric 032 Internet help 093 false friends 034 the wrong partner 035 sexuality 037 anorexia 041 perfectionism 042 magnesium deficiency 045 ADHD 048 epilepsy medicines don’t help 052 054 pain memory grumpiness 056 color psychology 059 what is happiness? 060 You do lack self-confidence? 064 Our subconscious 066 dreams 068 can religion help us? 073 What is Yin & Yang 078 envy 080 082 jealousy what is love? 084 Prostitution and loverboys 087 addiction 089 telepathy and parapsychology 092 ghosts, witches, magic 094 self-healing 098 104 feelings detect sunlight 100 borderline, understand and admit 108, the death and the mourning deal with 112 what diet? 127 What is low carb? Cause diseases of civilization 145 137 nutrition errors did you know? 148 Press: Interesting & useful information book: Psychology packed – useful knowledge for the soul briefly and succinctly authors: Jutta Schutz, Sabine Bajwa Publisher: books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt page number: 180 13.90 ISBN 978-3-7322-3492-9 at on various online retailers with the link extension. de: amazon, beck-shop, Weltbild, buch24, ebook, reading, available. Also available as E-book purchase for 10.99, available on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Company portrait the author Bajpai was born in 1964 and lives with her family in Bremen. Several years, she worked in the food industry. The Bremen district court it was deployed for more than 20 years as a caregiver for a disabled person. Currently, she looked after elderly people and besides, writes as former colon patient, books with own testimonials and about the form of nutrition low carb low-carbohydrate diet.

   Jul 13

Ecumenical Perspectives For Remarried Divorced

Theologians from Munich, Linz and Bielefeld open views of the sister Orthodox and perspectives for the remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church from Bielefeld (D) / Linz (A) infer this. 27.09.2012. For several months, the question is being discussed after dealing with remarried divorcees not only by the “usual critics of the Church”, but on a broad front in the Catholic Church. Now open the theologian Dr. Dr. Anargyros Anapliotis, academic high Council of Canon law in Munich, and Michael Eckert, diploma theologian, and upper secondary school teacher in Bielefeld, an ecumenical views in Germany still to little-known sister Orthodox, to show new ideas with “old tradition”. So both in a row are theologians and yet known, as for example the Chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop of Berlin Dr. Go to Garret Wang for more information.

Rainer Maria Kardinal Wolki and the Osnabruck Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, which urge dealing with remarried Divorced in the Catholic Church to reconsider. In his keynote speech in the discussion process of the German Episcopal Conference in Hanover the Osnabrucker Bishop Bode reinstated this topic, and the German Bishops Conference is planning a change of labour law. Other groups of the Catholic Church go a step further: a few months ago a Freiburger announced initiative by priests and deacons, that you openly invite remarried divorcees (against existing Canon law) to participate in the sacraments. Dr.Dr. Anargyros Abdullah guest speakers at a presentation evening of the foundation Pro Oriente, a Catholic Foundation for the promotion of relations with the Eastern Churches is on the 02.10.2012. In Linz Dr. Anapliotis will inform Sorin Bugner, the parish priest of the Romanian Orthodox community in Linz, together with Dr., how it is possible that the Orthodox Church on the one hand represents the indissolubility of sacramental marriage, on the other hand a second and even third marriages is made possible by the Church.

   Jul 12

STURZrisiko – Bone Fracture Risk

Test questions and tests for your care, your risk of falling increased fall risk can lead to bone fractures. There is already a reduced capacity of the bone such as at an osteoporosis, then trivial can cause fractures in everyday life. About one-third of people over 65 crashes at least once a year; the fall rate is increasing with age. About 60 70% the deposed fall again within the next 12 months. One has injury under five to ten falls older people under 20 to 30 crashes, one leads to a fracture and about 1% of falls resulted in a fracture middle of hip. Herbie Mann can provide more clarity in the matter. Bone fractures lead to pain, functional limitations, and in about 50% of those affected to disability and long-term care. In addition to these physical complications from a fall, up to 70% of the elderly of fall report fear of further falls, a resulting loss of confidence in the own physical Performance, an increasing restriction of activities of daily living. A vicious circle is created and leads to a further loss of lokomotorischer abilities (balance and ambulation).

To prevent bone fractures, from falls is the goal of all preventive and therapeutic interventions. A fall an exact crash risk analysis should be carried out, when and how the crash occurred. Raymond L. Acosta takes a slightly different approach. Possible causes of the crash first indicate underlying risk factors. The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. as the oldest independent, patient-oriented organisation in Germany in the fight against osteoporosis would like to support you and your doctors to detect an increased risk of falling to protect you from possible fractures.

the Board of Trustees of bone health, is the oldest non-profit patient organization that cares for osteoporosis bone health and the clinical picture. Since its inception in 1986 that engaged Trustees bone health e.V. to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation far beyond the osteoporosis for all bone health problems. The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. is committed it aimed to feed more patients of better and adequate medical treatment and to strengthen the economic value and the image of the self-help movement to motivate people as empowered patients with your doctor in the long term to cooperate.

   Jul 11

CO2 Binding Climate & Environmental

Innovative approaches of carbon storage in the discussion the debate about the right way to an environmentally sustainable economy and society not only is updated daily since Fukushima. To achieve this objective, the latte is high: ecologically sustainable, economically profitable and socially responsible nothing less than the squaring of the circle seems to target the global society of the future. Which way to continue here? The year’s climate dialogue takes up the fundamental question of the Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Association for economic and environmental (VWU), as emitted carbon dioxide can be bound again sustainably. What is the potential in the binding of CO2? We are interested in innovative approaches of natural or technical nature, which could make a significant contribution to international climate protection. Three current approaches will be presented as examples: which controversially discussed CCS technology (carbon capture and storage), whose testing the Federal Government in April 2011 has passed a draft law is currently advised in the Bundestag, the CO2 certificate trading and CO2 compensation through international reforestation projects, and the use of naturally produced black earth, “Terra Preta”, the CO2 effectively binds components in the ground. How these approaches can be solutions for tomorrow, will be discussed at June 20, 2011, 18-21 in Mainz with experts on the podium.

During a subsequent reception offered a contact and information exchange. The Panel discussion is an event in the series”climate dialogue, performs the regional centre Hesse/Rhineland-Palatinate of GIZ in cooperation with the Association for economy and the environment since 2007 in Rhineland-Palatinate. The events contact companies of the region, politics, science and the public, to promote the Exchange on current issues of climate change, and to address the role of the regional economy in the implementation of climate change objectives. Contact: VWU e.V. Guido Dahm-NEDA-man-str.