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   May 12

Burger Maukenreuth

“But the tool time” is how Christian Burger says: no woman-free zone. ” On the contrary, increasingly access also mother and daughter to the tool. Tom Florio understands that this is vital information. Particularly pleased how much fun to have everyone on our actions. If dad praising his son Pat on the shoulder and no longer receives his proud rays out of your face, then I think we properly did everything,”says the hotel chef, never missing at the construction sites. Also the post office, which regularly reaches the burgers proves that the country house with its concept has literally hit the nail on the head. Holiday kids send self-painted images on which they perpetuate proposals for other buildings.

Of course with dad. Flat-rate family ski days: 5 nights for 2 adults. and one child under seven years of age, half board for adults, AI for children 5 days ski bus transfer (also only to sledding) 5 day ski course for the child including Lift card 3-day ski pass for the parents a sleigh ride free use of indoor pool, sauna landscape, Kinderwellnessbereich daily child care total price for all persons: 925 euro flat-rate family ski week: 7 nights for 2 adults. and 1 child under seven years half board for adults, AI for children of 7 days free ski shuttle to the family ski area Langfurth arranging ski lessons, ski rentals and lift tickets (agai. Fee) a Guided snowshoe walk (weather permitting) free use of indoor pool, sauna landscape, Kinderwellnessbereich daily child care (except Sunday) total price for all persons:. 966 euro more info and booking: FamilotelLandhaus to the Ohe family Burger Maukenreuth 1 94513 Schonberg Tel: 08554/96070

   May 12

Ongnamo Shipping

The healing power of acupressure-quality Pranamatten the traditional Indian nail mat is firmly rooted since more than 5000 years ago in the Vedic tradition.As an integral part of the teaching of the balance between body and mind now also in Europe an integral part of the teaching of yoga. The original Indian nail mat was now further developed and improved. Now the concept has been improved significantly, the Pranamat eco relies on the principle of the nail mat, was even further developed and improved. The development of Indian nail mat is occupied with 5500 tiny Lotus flower spikes. These tiny little Lotus Flower tips stimulate the meridians of the body.

The Pranamat eco can restore the balance between body, soul and mind with regular use. Application of Pranamat eco: the application of Pranamat eco the mat is placed on a surface, it can be either the bed or but a different surface. Then, the user places comfortably on the Pranamat eco. Connect with other leaders such as iHerb here. The position can be selected here individually. To the supine position has proven itself a neck pillow. In the prone position, many users feel the arms under his head as very pleasant. At the beginning, beginners create is also a lightweight cloth under the body, the Pranamat eco applied long time, you do without even the cloth.

At first application enough 10-20 minutes, the time can then be increased discretion. New in the product range and now with great demand, Ongnamo shipping offers the high-quality Pranamat eco in two colors. The Pranamat eco is made of purely natural materials. The cover is made of linen and cotton, the filling out of coconut fiber. The lotus flowers are high-impact polystyrene – a high impact polystyrene modified by rubber, which is anti-allergic of 1005. Each mat has a decorative motif of lotus flowers on the back. The dimensions of the mat is 74 cm x 45 cm x 2 cm, weight: 1.4 kg. Ongnamo shipping supplies the Pranamat eco in Ecru cover with Lotus flowers in Orange or purple. Each Pranamat eco is delivered in a practical box. The Pranamat eco was This year awarded product of the year 2010 at the Harmony World fair. Find out now about the Pranamat eco under: wellness/shaktimatte/akupressurmatte-pranamat-eco-orange.html contact: Thomas Albrecht wide main street 7 64404 Bickenbach Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6257 969 40 88 fax: + 49 (0) 6257 969 40 89 email: mail (at) ongnamo-versand.

   May 11

Timmendorfer Strand

It occupies the first World booking analysis by Expedia. Travemunde or Timmendorfer Strand, bio sauna, steam bath or body treatments, spa services, the filter function on the ground”can get facilities assemble on their wellness according to their taste. Sex and the city: short trips in the capitals of Europe in Paris, the city of love, or in Istanbul, the scene of metropolis on the Bosporus: “sightseeing tours suitable especially for somewhat restrained singles, to get harmlessly into the conversation. Goal-oriented is to discover commonalities and to create a feeling”as flirt coach Hollinger. Under the heading events & tickets”romance lovers can book at real flirt crackers: an evening boat ride into the sunset on the Bosphorus offers palate – and sensual delights. Anyone looking for a bar to the deepening of the knowledge then with his flirt near the hotel, can this be “Expedia Hotel view function to find out. customers have not only access to hotel photos and 360 degree views, but also on the current exterior of the hotel and its surroundings. Sparkling hot: Adventure trip through the desert who 1001 nights in search of his Prince and his princess from Dubai is right.

The desert city on the Persian Gulf attracts adventurous singles with Wanderlust. Joint sporting activities are ideal, to playfully flirt and to establish first, incidental body contact.” “When the adrenaline rises, the inhibitions fall: for example, when a jeep tour or a camel ride through the desert can be booked under the heading events & tickets” on with the click & mix offers customers can put together your individual desert tales combine hotel accommodation, flight, rental car and activities and save up to 20%. * Source: In April 2010 there were over 8,000 people in Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain and the United States asked for vacation entitlements and their holiday habits. The polls in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan were conducted by Harris Interactive, real research and macro mill.

   May 11


The patented winding system to remove Dusseldorf 21.04.2012 – power-wrap is a patented winding system on the basis of nano parts, specifically bringing excess pounds melt thereby significantly tightens the skin and deacidified the body detoxifies. The now-purifying effect of power-wrap leads to a cosmetic skin tightening regardless of the skin image problem. Fitness addresses the importance of the matter here. Who so of cellulite or flabby skin also wants to say the fight, exactly wrong with this form of the time-saving lymph drainage. The vital body concept GmbH of exclusive Dusseldorf Suppliersof de-PowerWrap in conjunction with power plate explained the four different effect systems of power wrap. At first glance reminiscent of the good old winding power wrap: moisture wipes, either cold or warm, soaked in healing herbal extracts, prove also today still their healing power, be it against sore throat or liver wrap for detoxification. And almost every one of us knows the simple yet proven application of calf wrap against fever. The power wrap is seen Development of body wrap in the direction of wellness and beauty, because with this compression wrap can be targeted to fight problem areas in a very natural way. The power wrap system distinguishes four systems depending on the scope of application: the fat-breaker system includes hay-flower, Mallow, horse chestnut and balm as active ingredients and is used for people with significantly increased fat.

This, the patented power wrap is applied directly to problem areas such as abdomen, upper arms, or thighs. This increases the basal metabolic rate, so the calorie consumption of the body within 24 hours. Muscles are built up, fat, however, brought to melt. The deacidification system: A special blend of natural plants such as Aloe Vera, birch, yarrow and horsetail deacidified and detoxifies the body and brings the acid base balance in the balance. This visibly improves the texture of the skin, connective tissue is purified.

   May 11

Elektroplus Best is triple winner: best prices, best Web site, best online shop / save for the correct provider over 100 euro Hamburg, on average spend the Germans 19 August 2013 almost half an hour daily in the bath: men need for their personal hygiene 24.6 minutes, women with 28.1 minutes longer (source: Shavers, hair dryers and electric toothbrushes can be found in most households. While 80% of all razors of men be purchased according to analysis. Also electrical toothbrushes men about to access more often 25% than women. These are for the purchase of hair dryers front: women buy almost twice as many hair dryers as men.

Away from this analysis, has tested 13 shopping for beauty products. Sobering results of the study: the providers in this category waive additional functions such as product videos, cyber Advisor or tips for the use of the article for the most part and make it difficult to their customer’s purchase decision. Best prices and best site for test winner In the test convinced above all with a large range, detailed product details, a structured site and the lowest prices. Thus the online giant achieved the grade of 2.02 (well”) and occupies (2.22 good”) and (2.40 good”) ranked first. Also with uberdeutlichem distance awarded as a prize winner”: with the part touch 1.81 (well”) the electronics retailer sets it apart clearly from the competition. (2.24 good”) lands in second place in the price disease, closely followed by (2.29 good”). For his successful online presence with numerous filtering and sorting options and a helpful comparison function Gets the very good”part touch 1.30 and refers to and to the rear seats. Highest price savings returns even if in the cut offers the lowest prices the highest price savings is the consumer with more than 100 euro at

The shop placed according to the overall result in the midfield offers selected wet dry Shaver far cheaper than the competition. A total of has tested 13 online shops for beauty and wellness in the areas of product & price, service & telephone, website, ordering & shipping and safety. Basis for the test are the currently most popular products in the categories of electric toothbrushes, hairdryers and electric shavers as well as the ten best sellers of the respective shops. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Fitness has to say. More information and results see: testsieger-studien/beautyartikel-shops-2013/ergebnis.html about the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product is its own from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer reviews Calculated overall score: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With Testsieger.

   May 11

Obesity – Remove

Dessau-Rosslau and region Saxony-Anhalt our Club AdipoHilfe e.V.”has become children to the task, to take care of young people and adults to reduce weight! The aim is to achieve health and fitness. Fight the overweight, the Adipositaserkrankungen, do come to us we will help you! Limitations of physical activity, narrowing the scope, convenience, oversupply of food have increased in recent years and provides negative headlines. The consequences: lifestyle diseases such as obesity and back problems affect more and more people and earlier. With our 1.Projekt feel well!”from 2008, our Association as a self initiative to counteract attempts. Do you want to join? Join us and get over yourself! It is fun and pleasure! Weight loss made easy! All on a voluntary basis! Please carefully discuss dates, are carried out as even further measures such as cooking, nutrition, cycling, swimming, walking.

The Aim of our 1.Projektes the development of self-help groups for Adipositasbetroffene, with the support of the Association’s activities of the Dessau – Rosslau, e.V. of of adipohilfe includes sports and proper diet the problem obesity in time in the handle to get through, to prevent the typical obesity disorders through prevention, helpful to support weight reduction and thus achieving a better quality of life of the members. Contact: AdipoHilfe e.V. Dessau-Rosslau Lars Weber Damaschkestr. 50 06849 – Dessau / Saxony-Anhalt telephone: 0340/8508650 email: Homepage: AdipoHilfe e.V. Dessau-Rosslau, was launched in August 2005 as a pure sports club KSK Dessau e.V.

in life. In October 2007, an amendment to the Constitution with the relocation of the Club focus on continuous training in the force, motion and Fitness Sports was to by moving the members to reduce obesity. To this also everything legally correctly to be able to do, has been on the General Assembly of October 20, 2007 the name change in AdipoHilfe e.V. and adopted the amendment to the Constitution. The change of the content of the Association was requested about the notary in the register of associations at the competent District Court, as well as recognition as a non-profit organization in the competent financial management and confirmed. The registration in the register of associations is done and the recognition of charitable status was granted again. The three new Chief Executives have recorded your activity from October 20, 2007. The Board consists of three Board of directors Chairman: Chairman Mr. Dipl. Eng. vaccined Lars Weber Chairman Mr. Vincenzo Daloiso Chairman Mr. Uwe Weber headquarters of AdipoHilfe e.V. Damaschkestr. 52 06849 Dessau-Rosslau

   May 11

SWR – Is

Is in the SWR television on July 26, 2009 at 20:15 the charming singer of Johannes Kalpers taking on July 26, 2009 at 20:15 in the SWR television a journey through the land of musician Kusel in southwestern Rhineland-Palatinate. The one-hour programme required an effort of the Viewer before the television can hardly imagine. The shooting lasted over 2 weeks. The SWR team editor Heidrun Wieser, Director Andre Schlegel embarked on an intensive Scouting for locations of discussions, presentations, and musical contributions. Offenbach-Hundheim is a place with great art and changeful history. The Abbey Church is one of the most important monuments from the time of the transition from the late Romantic period to the early Gothic style.

There Nicole wanders dreamily about the timber-framed balcony opposite the Abbey Church and the fully occupied beer garden “Old Abbey”, then later it shows the grandiose panorama of Shipley and presents their latest single my number 1 “from the eponymous album. Nicole sings about the great love of the Life that defies the storms and shows resistance in the long term. Her love song to husband Winfried is full of poetry and also entices the listener in a dreamy atmosphere, which also conveys the Abbey Church. Mara Kayser, however, are drawn in the idyllic village of Meisenheim, on the northern edge of the North Palatine uplands. The probably most impressive landmark of Meisenheim is the late-Gothic Palace Church. The uncrowned Queen of ballad presents itself in the beautiful white two-parter.

Their song you say who are”is full of emotions and magical moments. It is remarkable that she quite consciously leaves, who exactly in her self-written text addressing – himself, a God, or maybe a partner? The cover of Mara Kayser and Nicole to the regional country is obvious both are direct neighbours and were thrilled to rotate once on its own doorstep. Under most conditions Jenny Craig would agree. Mara Kayser was in addition to her vocal performance, for example, waiting for a trolley ride with the moderator – the camera was there of course. The Tenors Volker Bengl and Johannes Kalpers friended much have in common. They worship the exceptional tenor Fritz Wunderlich, who died at the age of 36 years by a tragic accident in Kusel. Fritz Wunderlich was considered very homeland-connected. Honor, Volker Bengl and Johannes Kalpers sing him his famous Kusellied. And somewhere, but among other things in the lovingly designed Fritz Wunderlich Museum in Kusel. The musical pearls of the region are still integral to the show. In this form the exceptional pianist Sonia Achkar, the Mandolinenochester Gumbsweiler and the choir of FemmesVocales that the SWR specially produced professional audio recordings for the broadcast. Johannes Kalpers chats also about more interesting topics, such as healthy nutrition and fitness. Turn on so worthwhile in any case. Don’t miss: July 26, 2009 at 20:15 in the SWR Fernsehen. Source: Andre Schlegel Fotocredits: Andre Schlegel / more information see:

   May 06


Music produced specifically for indoor cycling or just for cycling. Sports and music have a close bond. But above all from the fitness sports the appropriate music to support training is no longer away to think. So many instructors and trainers for their training sessions of compilations put together, that should fit in tempo, mood and rhythm to the training sessions. Here it is often many compromises, because normal pop music is written for the radio, not the fitness sports. Some track is too fast or too short or the structure here not quite suitable. Astros is actively involved in the matter. Also, it means a lot of extra work and effort for the facilitator. CYCLING EXPLOSION VOL.

1 is a new way. This music was composed with the aid of professional advice already with the athlete in mind and played. Within the various tracks, there are meaningful variations that provide different intensities at the same rhythm, for example to support, if you go cycling out of the saddle. Also the temporal Length of the various titles geared to the different sections of a training session. So the CD offers driving a 6:30 minutes with a score of 145 bpm (beats per minute) for example, then a layer of 7 minutes at 130 bpm, followed by a slight Hill with 10 minutes and approx.

125 bpm, as well as a serious mountain of 9 minutes at 105 bpm. etc. The total playing time of CYCLING EXPLOSION VOL. 1 is nearly 69 minutes and can therefore be adapted to different levels of performance. A journeyman travels the full CD, while you can skip the one or the other track for beginners. Surveys under the coaches showed that the desire for a such product is widely used because many simply won’t have the time to search, then individually to get them track for track, and to put together constantly for new music. But not only instructors but also for the many performing athletes CYCLING provides EXPLOSION VOL. 1 a sensible premise that because on the exercise bike at home or in the free site using one of the popular MP3 player this music can have a motivating and supportive effect. More information and also individual tracks of music there are on the new website “.”

   Feb 21

Beauty and Skin

The feelings it reminds gentle stroking of his hand. As a result of this now "dance of water droplets, we obtain a smooth, soft, clean, like a baby skin. According to cosmetologists Academy, the procedure for its pleasantness are very fond of not only women but also men. But such delicate skin peeled open to the whole world and therefore all the negative external factors have on it special effects. So the next step – it moisturize your skin and nourish beneficial substances.

For this purpose, collagen sheets. Protein collagen cosmetic absolutely indispensable thing, because it has property to absorb water is thirty times greater than the weight itself. In addition, the collagen – a building material for connective tissue in the body, so it not only moisturizes the skin from the inside, but also supports and tones. Collagen do lists are very similar to thick blotting paper. These are the sheets and are used by specialists of the Academy of Beauty. Once cleaned the face of pollution and the stratum corneum by ultrasound, collagen sheet put on the skin and activate a special lotion. Collagen begins to absorb water and nutrients from the lotion, and then itself absorbed into the skin, carrying a humidifier. In addition, it helps more a special procedure, called phonophoresis. Official site: Pharmative. Using the same ultrasound machine is now not removed from the skin that it is not necessary, but on the contrary, deliver all the required material directly into the skin. Spatula which made peeling, turn, and now the sound vibrations "stuff" deep into the pores of those substances which are necessary for the skin to again become young and beautiful.

   Feb 21

The Purchased

Hence the difference in the perception of the target audience of these two indicators. It should be in their ads based not on possibilities, namely the benefits and advantages, in particular: "How will earn the buyer of this educational material?", "How many pounds can lose purchasing this tool?", "How quickly and what Quality grow hair when you use the purchased product? ", etc. Any advertising you will agree, must be focused not on a product that it advertises, and the potential client to whom it is addressed. 8. Use as many adjectives and adverbs.

As you can see, for example, direct mail marketing, the offer has nothing to do with the so-called "information pakkazhem." Advertising declaration should not be "detailed description of necessary actions on 62 sheets," or something similar. When writing promotional material, it is necessary to limit such descriptions minimal volume. When you read the draft ad repeatedly, try to further reduce any kind of "instructions". Better describe their products (services) and create in his imagination a picture of the sweet prospect of having them. If you, for example, sell information products for home training business, draw a potential customer a compelling and enticing picture of his tremendous success, retrieval of guaranteed daily income, the availability of free uymy time, without freedom of the authorities and guidance, etc. In general, shopping, people almost never make a purchase, guided by logical arguments. Too many people are deceived by the fact that it is absolutely sure the need to logically convince a potential customer to buy.