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   Oct 24

Christian Kosters

Also the most extreme endurance athlete of in Germany at the premiere on July 11 at the start of Joey Kelly leads team the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner and looking for fellow Munich/Stuttgart, June 2013: the premiere of the German company country Championships B2RUN in Stuttgart on July 11 has already some features to offer, among other things, the finish line in the Mercedes-Benz arena, the after run party on the lawn of the VfB or the possibility of qualifying to the final of the B2RUN in Berlin. In Stuttgart the starting field is welcome also a special participant: the most musical extreme endurance athletes in Germany, Joey Kelly. As team captain for the team the KYOCERA permanent racer”, Kelly on the Neckar will be part of a sporting and business events that immediately attracts more than 3,500 participants from at least 150 companies and organizations in the first edition. Get more background information with materials from Melvin T. Brunetti. A good response at the premiere we had hoped of course”, so B2RUN site manager of Christian Kosters. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz. It us understandably great joy and shows that we have made the right decision to offer our series in Stuttgart.” “Team captain Kelly looks more followers for the B2RUN and the charity one of the most famous teams, just that the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner ‘, meanwhile looking for still more starters, who will compete the barrel well six kilometers on July 11th around Bad Cannstatt. KYOCERA is not only a pulse generator for the healthy movement, but will significantly support the charity of B2RUN with as many runners and go for it at the start: for every completed km of KYOCERA each participant, the company donates one euro on the B2RUN Charitypartner “RTL we help children”. Therefore, it makes sense at for the to register B2RUN Stuttgart, especially as any starter in addition to the entry fee, also one of the functional shirts by KYOCERA will receive and safely for the one or the other fun, autographs or photos available will be Kelly several times.

Last minute of logon options up to the day of the event parallel course, the possibility remains, himself, his colleagues, his company or organisation almost last minute “to join the B2RUN to login. At the first edition in the Swabian metropolis, the logon portals will remain open until the 10th of July. And completely spontaneous determined running friends have the chance to be part of an exceptional event and enjoy feeling goose bumps a stadium inlet even on the day of the event from 16:00 again. There is more information, and the ability to sign up for the B2RUN, see or directly at. B2RUN Stuttgart of the B2RUN Stuttgart is a new part of the B2RUN series to the German companies run Championship. A total of ten sites the approximately six kilometres long company runs take place on 2013, is the final in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. Everyone can participate: by the ICH-AG to the Corporation.

Distinctive feature of B2RUN is the finishing line in the large football stadiums of in Germany. The premiere in Stuttgart played accordingly around the and in the Mercedes-Benz arena. The organizers expect more than 3,500 participants in the first year. In the foreground of the B2RUN is the joy of exercise in the circles of colleagues. Contact: Editorial/press contact of the B2RUN GmbH & co.

   Oct 22

Country House Treskersand

After two years of intensive restoration and renovation, the “Villa Treskersand” on Sylt is now open its visitors. Remscheid / Tinnum, August 21, 2012 – the summer season is over, but a holiday on the popular North Sea Island of Sylt is possible at any time of the year which is sure Marion Kausch. As the owner of the picturesque and high-quality furnished country house Treskersand”, she knows what she is talking about. Sylt is not only for an always-successful family holiday, but for relaxation and recreation. “And it is staying at the Landhaus Treskersand” in each case taken care of. Tresker “the Frisian term for a Brach – or pasture land. The country house built in 1760, with original Frisian thatched roof that has during the last two years painstakingly renovated Marion Kausch and lovingly decorated are no pastures, but a 1,200-square-foot estate with green meadows. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz not as a source, but as a related topic.

The primary location in the South of Tinnum, located between Keitum and rantum, emphasises the exclusive atmosphere, the is the visitor of the Friesen House not only from the outside. So, the House was divided into two fully equipped 5-star luxury apartments. The apartment Sun “footprint has 2 rooms with a total of 45 square meters. The holiday apartment wind stretches, however, on a half over two floors. It offers plenty of room with a double and a three-bed rooms of also a larger family. Both apartments have a separate entrance, which is preserved in the privacy that you expect from a relaxing break from the daily routine. Animals are welcome by prior arrangement with us,”says Marion Kausch, which explains the exclusive location of your holiday home: all transactions of daily needs, bakers, and bicycle rental are good walking distance. Tinnum Zoo with its exotic and indigenous inhabitants is a popular destination for families, cyclists are the beautiful bike paths through the Cochin meadows and along the levees to the “Available, and for hikers is a promenade to the Tinnumburg, whose circular ramparts around Nativity was built.” “Marion Kausch is convinced: after a holiday in your country house Treskersand” rest and relaxation remain in place long after the departure. Interested on the website at for more information. Marion Kausch.

   Oct 20


Internationally successful tradition houses from Germany – Bogner and Wellensteyn – open in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin. On 6th September, the internationally renowned premium brand Bogner opened a Pop-Up store at the designer outlet Berlin. The brand, which was founded in 1932 in Munich, winter sports fashion and the official equipment of the German Olympic team became famous. If you would like to know more about Mayuree Rao, then click here. Bogner combines sport and fashion in perfect harmony. Today, the name particularly for elegant designer fashion and upscale casual clothing stands. On 164 square meters the customers of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet experience a wide range of women’s and men’s collections, including jeans, jackets, dresses, tops and accessories. A week earlier, on 31 August 2013 intruded the German label Wellensteyn with an own-brand store and shows on 148 square meters women’s and men’s collections.

The success story of the company began in the 1940s in Hamburg including work clothing for sailors and shipyard workers. Today is the label with the white, eight pointed cross on a red background represented throughout the world and equally popular with male and female customers. Wellensteyn combines fashion trends and maximum functionality in its products and provides stylish function jackets that meet even the highest demands of the weather. With the opening of the Bogner Pop-Up stores and the brand own Wellensteyn shop expands the range of perfectly matched lifestyle and designer brands in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin. And as in all around 82 stores of the Center all Bogner and Wellensteyn collections are reduced to 30 to 70 percent of the non-binding price recommendation of the manufacturer throughout the year. This will benefit not only the many German guests of the Center, but also the growing number of brand-affine international shopping tourists.

   Oct 08

Internet Dieter Spath

“Running experience & more with sports teammates from more than 50 countries of the marathon in Havana on November 20, 2011 the 25 MARABANA” is an unforgettable experience in this historic city. In previous years, runners from more than 50 countries with high summer temperatures on the 21 km long circular route have gone. “You on the waterfront seawall on the Atlantic goes along, by the modern” Havana, past the Hotel Nacional and over the course of the revolution, and through the historic “neighborhoods with its beautifully renovated colonial buildings. On the eve of this impressive run, can be played as a half-marathon, participants experience the run feast Maracuba”. In Havana and throughout the country over 1 million people take part in this sports festival. And of course the visit of Havana is worth a trip to Cuba. The fun-loving metropolis, which can look back on a history of almost 500, offers visitors architectural jewels, art exhibitions and museums, live music in almost all bars and restaurants, as well as open minded people who enjoy encounters with tourists. Dance and music-loving participants find matching events in all parts of the city for them.

And some extend their stay to Cuba in the following week, then at the international Salsafestival Baila en”to take part. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers 2011 different special travel to Havana for runners and accompanying persons. The experience can be meet Marathon in Havana with a discount of 3% early booking discount for early booking. Tours allow participants to customize the duration of the stay and the travel content. Also participating in a tour through Western and Central Cuba as well as individual tours or booking a stay with the Caribbean beaches in conjunction with Marathon participation accompanied by the Cuba specialists Dieter Spath are possible. The marathon itinerary are opportunity experienced accompanied with sport comrades in Cuba in the days before the Festival of running its friendly people, its exciting history and its fascinating everyday, to explore art and music life. For more information on the Internet Dieter Spath

   Oct 05

Caterpillar Wheel Loader On The Rise:

Whether new or used wheel loader or skid chains 259 B 3, whether new or used wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, compact tracked loaders, Deltlader or skid steer loader of manufacturer Caterpillar has charger for every need in its product range. Contact information is here: Gunnar Peterson. And the machines such as Caterpillar wheel loader or skid chains evolve regularly. Recently, such as the new cat was brought compact tracked loaders 259 B of the series 3 with lift and drive suspension on the market. This loader is an extremely powerful and very manoeuvrable complement of the number of cat skid chains steer loaders. “By combining the slender compact tracked loaders platform with the cat engine C3. 4t DIT, great stripping powers and extraordinary additional hydraulic power is 259 B 3 a machine with high power density”, which also can run hardest working in confined spaces. With premium features fitted 259B 3 with an independent steel drive with suspension, sturdy rubber chains with embedded steel, a high-performance hydraulic system and improved CAB completes the compact tracked loaders program as a durable, versatile machine, productive working also under adverse soil conditions and in harsh environments.

The rated payload of 259 B 3 is 937 kg (2065 lb) at 35 percent and 1338 kg (2950 lb) at 50 percent tipping load. If equipped with the optional counterweight, it rises even on 1360 kg (3000 lb). With the vertical loading rods the new compact tracked loaders achieves a lifting height of 3046 mm (120 “), to an excellent range, making possible the loading trucks easier and accurate placement of material. The loader is the engine of C3. 4t DIT with a net capacity of 53 kW (71 HP) which will meet the emissions regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency, according to tier-4 interim and the EU in accordance with stage 3A. In its size class, the 259 B 3 is the only machine that has a drive with free suspension as standard.

   Oct 01

Fog Systems

The quality of water is critical to a well-functioning fog system and determines its durability and maintenance. These include also health aspects, because the presence of micro-organisms in the water spray can lead to illnesses. A fog nozzle under high pressure (60-120 bar) water sprays, has a hole diameter of approx. on. 120 microns depending on the model. This is so small that it is only under the microscope. With a consumption of 7 litres of water per hour and a pressure of 60 bar, the flow velocity at the exit site is about 600 kilometers per hour. Julio Diazs opinions are not widely known.

This is the velocity of high friction forces acting on the nozzle. The harder the water, the more is the nozzle use off. The nozzle hole widens increasingly, which eventually leads to a higher consumption of water and degrades the quality of the fog. A high lime content is detrimental to not only the jets, but also the entire pipeline system. Lime, bacteria can accumulate. That’s why I recommend the water off medium hardness with an ion exchanger, or even better with a reverse osmosis to treat. The other parameters that are relevant for mist systems include total salinity, conductivity, pH, presence of certain substances such as iron, suspended solids, which affect the turbidity and microorganisms. The pH affects the failures of certain substances such as z.

E.g. lime. This is particularly the case with pH values of more than 7, so in the alkaline range. This leads to a premature erosion of the nozzle hole. In mountainous or hilly regions tap water has very often a higher degree of hardness, which is located at pH values of approximately 8 to 9. Therefore, optimum conditions can be achieved only with an additional pH correction.This is not entirely unproblematic, because the pH correction only materials suitable for, that safe are health, such as citric acid.

   Sep 29

Innovative Dice Box

New Tin cube-shaped cans worlds Brunswick unveiled, 21.01.2011, cans worlds Brunswick expanded its product offering the elegantly shaped cubes can Dosencube to the cube can”. The functional small tin box in the format of 93x93x93m is the innovation 2011 at doses worlds. The concept allows many ideas for various promotional purposes to implement the advertisers. The cube-shaped Dosencube”focuses on lasting values and ensures a high attention at the point of sale or as advertising material. The metal packaging can be printed by worlds of cans in a small Edition and tinplate packaging therefore particularly suitable as a Kullidose or a Notizblockes.Die placement of cans worlds Brunswick presented there in the square format 93x93x93mm (lxwxh in mm) and includes ca. 650 ml volume and respectively for the coffee connoisseurs approx.

230 g of whole coffee beans. The innovative sheet metal packing Dosencube”is an offer to all who would permanently present your brand to the customer in direct marketing. Of course not only notepads as content must be presented, even cookies or other goodies are desirable. The specialist for post-processing of tin cans and metal packagings made of tinplate has now integrated into his cans SHOP a larger range of formats and services a new website at. As individual offer, the company knows the 3 prevailing techniques of processing of tinplate cans and tin cans such as printing, laser engraving, and embossing.

   Sep 14


Parents should buy always a number greater than with the purchase of children’s shoes. Especially when children play sports running shoes are preferable. Children’s shoes are important for the younger generation. Even in the making this is the Neanderthals last ice age advantage, by they are animal skins, feet bound.Therefore the parents need to be aware that they will need different shoes for every occasion. Children’s shoes, as well as women’s and men’s shoes have the same characteristic basic type of a shoe. This would lead to a wrong action behavior.In general you should rely on children’s shoes not only on the optical, but also on the functionality. The shaft is usually composed of several glued or sewn parts or layers and has an inner lining, a between linings and a leather upper. To find the right children’s shoes, there are some important considerations to keep in mind so that the right choice can be made.

The most important thing about the choice of children’s shoes the size of the foot of the Kindes.Stellt is, that the Nervous system of a child not yet formed, then feel it understandable that children don’t complain about their children’s shoes, if they press, because they are not capable of pain and pressure.The children’s shoes should protect children’s feet and not make sure that children will be hurt. In determining the children’s shoes is to continue to keep in mind: for which used the children’s shoes? Taking into account that children’s feet grow up to 3 numbers per year, can grow crooked toes in the truest sense of the word.Therefore, experts recommend parents to measure the feet of children so that the children’s shoes do not push every couple of weeks. Experts also recommend that children have to run as often as possible barefoot. This ensures a that the feet get enough space and to be the foot muscles sufficiently energized. The children’s shoes have gone through a series of special tests to detect whether they are sufficiently reliable for the fact.

   Sep 03

Facebook Services

Germering, 03.02.2011. The leader in E-recruiting for temporary employment and staffing services presents its new website. New design and clear structure at first glance is the graphical redesign in the eye immediately. Pleasantly fresh and bright colors as well as 3D and shadow effects to determine these modern website which is designed in Web 2.0 style. Others who may share this opinion include Dorothy Wright Nelson. Information retrieval for prospects, customers and partners is easy with easy navigation. The most important features at a glance: Easy navigation clear and modern design (Web 2.0) transparent content access to social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Interactive website (videos, news, etc.) How staffing services company and temping agencies can operate a successful E-recruiting in the future and which software fits your requirements, pointing out the new home page in a few easy steps. Wendy Rene may not feel the same. The product range was clearly divided: the base products of peRsy posting and peRsy network to the additional products multi-channel-posting (MCP) and Premium-channel-posting (PCP). Each product is listed with a clear description, contact and product video.

Combinations of various products are illustrated and explained. Welcome to our new homepage, the relaunch brings a modern appearance, extensive information to E-recruiting solutions for staffing and personnel services, direct access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, with a clear structure and a lot more. Take some time and browse through our pages on. Learn interesting details about our extensive range of services. In addition, we offer news on our “section still to know better the possibility of GermanPersonnel each and forward to a dialogue with prospects, customers, partners, and all who are interested in the topic of temporary employment and staffing services.” GermanPersonnel GermanPersonnel is the leading provider of E-recruiting and placement software for the personal services and temporary work. With the product peRsy the special needs of the industry are mapped optimally. There is a successful and efficient recruiting the decisive competitive advantage for staffing services company, temporary employment agencies, recruitment consultant and mediator. HRBrain (, as well as the temporary work ( information portal. belong to the Group of companies of GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH E-Learning Portal Press contact and more information GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH Christian Neudecker Industriestrasse 17 82110 Germering Tel.: 089/322106-23 fax: 089/322106-19 E-Mail: Web:

   Aug 30

Communication At Eye-level

Entrepreneurs as keynote speaker for customer events an event for executives, entrepreneurs, and managers must be well planned. This group of people, which often requires the highest himself and his employees, wants to be convinced sustainably on conferences, seminars and corporate events. The event manager have booked an appropriate location, the programme and set the agenda of the Conference themes, it goes to the often most difficult part of the organization. Looking for a keynote speaker, who convinced the company bar and top performers of a company, tears with and at the same time maintain at a high level. Whether the aim of the event is to lead, whether it is a pure incentive or a kick-off event, the higher the more the management level, changes cause, asked communication on par and lectures with high relevance to practice.

Set impulses and showcase new ways you can best, who know from their own experience what they are talking about. Speakers who are top managers or entrepreneurs, or were, today are among the most in demand speakers for high-profile events,”white Henry Asissh Kamau, owner and Managing Director of the renowned speakers agency 5 star speakers from Dillingen on the Danube. As business executives, as strategic decision-makers and creative designers have personalities such as former head of BMG and music Manager Thomas M. Stein… “, Acquired financial professional and corporate executives Martin Theyer, or leadership strategist of Harald Psaridis, valuable practical knowledge in management issues,” so routine cedar. Every Executive can benefit.” A full-blooded entrepreneur is also Prof.

Dr. Knoblauch. “The Managing Director of several medium-sized companies and winner of many companies, like for example the best factory Award” services /… that is very successful as a keynote speaker. In his lectures he shows from a practice, what constitutes success. Also entrepreneurs such as ThinkTank founder Sven Gabor Janszky or BDTV Speakers include Vice-President Christa Mesnaric, who have set up their own companies and led to the success have established brands and established values, the portfolio of the 5 Star Agency. Due to their experience, they are not only authentic and know what they are talking about, also her charisma and the aura of true leaders make every event with them a special experience. Entrepreneurs speakers speakers/entrepreneurs and corporate leaders no matter from which industry can with their peers best at eye level to communicate, they can convey different perspectives, carried away and inspire. Anyone who could even experience an event with a top manager as a speaker, will remember long term the speaker and his advice.