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   Feb 03

International Monetary Fund

The European common currency under the spell of the European debt crisis the week of 10-14 May 2010 has undoubtedly brought a turbulent trading week behind the European common currency. The sentiment veered between sky high rejoicing and to death grieves (where the latter applies to the end of the week). Actually started the new week fairly promising start. The EU had adopted a giant rescue package for heavily indebted countries in the euro zone, to protect the European Monetary Union before expiry. A total of 500 billion euros, a credit line decided on the other hand, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) contributed 250 billion euros to the financial umbrella. In addition, the European Central Bank (ECB) will accompany the measures through the purchase of government bonds and operations on the money market. Venice Biennial often says this.

The decisive action of the EU caused extremely strong reactions in the foreign exchange market. You had to rub their already astonished eyes, if it has been seen with the euphoria was responded to these protections. After the last week even with prices from just over 1.27 dollars was sounded out, price gains were recorded by more than three US cents now. The euro briefly took the brand of 1.31 dollars in the visor. But it came like it had actually come…The euro had already fired his powder. Gradually moved the market participants in the awareness that the EU rescue package provides a degree of certainty though, is the actual root of the problem but does not alter. Still, the question of how the imbalances in the budget of some euro area countries should be eliminated in the long run arises.

Also is to be feared that the debt crisis has a negative impact on the growth prospects in the euro area. But we come back again on the course development of the euro this week… The said soaring towards 1.31 dollars after the euro in the course of the week increasingly much of its value. On Friday (14 May) the selling pressure intensified further, so that the $1.25 mark sustainably below was. 1,2969 to the better uberblick…die ECB reference prices from 10 to 14 May 2010: 1,2698 1,2686 1,2587 1,2492 conclusion: It has shown again this week, that highlights of the common European currency in these days have only a brief holding period. Not much will change in the foreseeable future. Apart from the theme of debt crisis in the euro zone”as a constant load factor, it is important not to forget that still most likely the transition to raising interest rates started is married to the US Federal Reserve (fed) with continued improved economic conditions. A sustainable recovery of the European common currency is currently hard to imagine against this background. Thomas Kruger

   Feb 02

New Publication

A novel about a time phenomenon in the Untersberg near Salzburg on the Untersberg near Salzburg three Germans disappeared on August 15, 1987, which wanted to explore the data time phenomenon. You triggered the largest search operation which has ever seen on the Untersberg. After over 2 months, these people from a cargo ship in the Red Sea reported. The author began to investigate affiliated for years meticulously. What he found there, he could only as a novel and publish a factual more exciting, captivating novel under a pseudonym.

The majority was experienced by the author himself. The book is about a time jump phenomenon which occurs according to tradition, on the Untersberg near Salzburg for centuries. There keep disappearing people, often turn up after days or even weeks, and always claim to have spent only a short time on the mountain. Wolf, a fifty years hobby pilot, who lives at the foot of this mountain, knows about these stories, not seriously but they, until he in his many travels with his Companion, the diminutive teacher Linda in Egypt on similar phenomena happens. In remote areas of the Sahara, they encounter different people, which they always hear stories about strange black, round stones. Everything indicates that these stones at the time phenomena play a role. Wolf decides to go the time difference on the ground and starts to investigate. As he, involving also the Obersalzberg located outside its front door, the former retreat of the NS sizes by accident in his investigation, it is extremely dangerous for him.

He has every reason to believe that the former leaders of the Third Reich, about the time shifts, including the black stones knew. Then rush to the events. Get the time phenomenon up close to feel in their search and get that way in contact with people from the past, show them a gold deposit in the mountains. Contact information is here: Garret Wang. On the basis of the of the information received, they fly with one low small, four-seater Cessna over Africa on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, mysterious lead cylinder from the lava caves, mountains winter at the Villa. To experience adventure, which literally get under the skin, as a result. Upon successful completion of their action is both a turbulent flight in a sandstorm over the Atlantic and a dangerous flight through a narrow curvaceous Alpine Valley, far below the minimum altitude. But also on the Untersberg, actions in progress, which suggests that others also show interest in the phenomena are now. Able people from the past but to preserve her secret.

   Feb 02

LexisNexis Publishing House

GOING PUBLIC! and LexisNexis have together put together a carefree package for financial services for the consumer credit directive in force since 11 June 2010. Properly implement the practical guide consumer credit directive and advisers get compressed and practice-oriented information to an online training quickly to be able to adapt to the new legal framework conditions. Berlin, 30 June 2010 after the insurance mediation directive and the MiFiD directive on consumer credit in national law is implemented since 11 June 2010. Consultant immediately find the right way for the credit advice, they can now LexisNexis Publishing House and GOING PUBLIC! Quick and goal-oriented inform Academy for Finanzberatung AG. Properly implement the brochure Vebraucherkreditrichtlinie”advisers get a compressed, only 26-seitigen guide in the hand that guides you in the future through everyday advice. Topics are among others the implementation Act and its scope, special forms of contract and the new Information requirements in advertising, consulting, as well as in the loan agreement.

In addition, readers of the brochure will receive an online service with forms and current legislation. Luhan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In a one-hour online training, financial institutions learn tips and hints for the consulting practice. Leading online training is the author of the brochure: Volker Grabis. By linking online presentation and conference call it will be participants, to ask questions during the training directly to the experts. Borrowers should be protected more by implementing the consumer credit directive.

So, consumers can now compare every credit offer by means of a single standard form in all 27 Member States. Advertising and pre-contractual information obligations are subject to European regulations since June 11, 2010. So has advertising as top credit from 3.45% from 129.00 EUR / month”now obsolete. Consultants who will withhold information or give even incorrect information, are perhaps even damages. The current AfW intermediary barometer has revealed that about every third intermediary conveys and consumer credits. In 2008, the stock of consumer credit in Germany comprised 224 billion. This is therefore an important market and a good chance to tie customers well informed financial advisor”, so Wolfgang Kuckertz, Board member of GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The brochure can be ordered directly from the Publisher LexisNexisfur only 10,60 EUR Excl. shipping costs. Registration for the online seminar is possible under. Journalists are like the online seminar by GOING PUBLIC! Academy for financial Consulting AG to take part. Applications indicating the telephone number and eMail address just set an excerpt of booklet on you will find here.

   Feb 02

Sunshine State Florida

In addition to sunshine clear blue water, beautiful beaches and numerous attractions waiting for us who goes through life alone and single, must not abandon that’s why a vacation in Nice company. One way is the single round trip, which now even Florida in the United States can be explored together. A great way to be able to escape the gray winter to get new impressions, Sun and energy in Germany. Long beaches, deep blue waters, and exciting attractions. Florida, key West, Orlando and Ford Myers invite to visit. Explore the area in the group under the leadership of a tour guide. a>. James Alesia helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The hotels were booked in the Middle so that the trip for nearly every budget can be experienced. The Kennedy Space Center is abducted to a journey of the mind into the world of everything, a ride on an airboat in the Fod Myers takes place precisely farm on a crocodile, so excitement and fascination are guaranteed and for connoisseurs, a wine tasting takes place also.

Additional packages are available locally, here everyone can Single round trip decide for example learn to mix a Mojito or want to enjoy the salsa course on-site. All targets are controlled with an air-conditioned coach, so the guests can enjoy the comfort. Every single can decide tour during the single, rather to want to stay or would like to make contacts with other nice people but. The sequence of single tour is designed so that sufficient time remains which can plan every man for himself. So time for swimming and relaxing is so that before all new impressions the rest not too short.

Who found fallen on the sunny Miami tour at the end of the single, you can book several days in the hotel. About the Agency: The Organizer organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as summer trips, city breaks or full year trips and single events. The Special all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.

   Feb 02


Change processes in companies: together for the future of globalization, real-time communication, global crises – today’s business world and with it the company are subject to far-reaching changes at ever shorter intervals. To survive in turbulent times in the market, it needs transparency, decision security – but above all a strong management team and dedicated employees. Create successful companies together with their teams change processes shape safely and successfully and there are, shows Haufe new change processes. Until the 1970s it moved as a German businessman in relatively calm waters. The economic miracle wind blew strongly in the sailing, necessary changes could easily cope with known strategies.

It takes a look at the current situation, a very different picture emerges. Changes have become global and unpredictable. As a result, Companies in the face of the challenges ahead uncertainty often. The results: Panic place Sustainability, transparency rather than cooperation. By restless seas Haufe new change processes successfully make safe”accompanies and supports companies and their employees in the process of change. The Publisher of Dr.

Dieter hollow has together with a pool of well-known business trainer and consultant of the Q-POOL 100 e.V., official Association of quality international business trainer and consultant, a guide developed as company safely navigate through troubled seas. People as actors at the Center make the staff pick, accompany and give them security only sustainable change processes really succeed, the authors. The posts range from topics such as globalization change about corporate succession to team development, spirituality as a strong backbone for changes or Burnout prevention. The book successfully shaping change processes’ available shop for 48.95 euros as of February in bookstores and at. You are interested in a review copy? Need cover pictures? Or want to do an interview with the Publisher or one of the authors? We are looking forward to your inquiries! Either under or reply fax (089-273383-29).

   Feb 01

Private Pension Plan

No secret is that it goes down with the pensions in Germany. “If you in the age not literally under the bridge would like to live or remains in the Poorhouse, just the possibility to take the prevention into their own hands and to develop a private pension plan”, Richard A. Wandl portrays as the aacaeu Board drastically. The aacaeu AG is one of the pioneers in the financial services industry in Germany. In times where still was led to believe the citizens, the pensions be sure, rima already opened my eyes to many citizens. Gunnar Peterson wanted to know more. It comes us only, to improve the quality of life of our customers and optimize their pension and old age security”, so the aacaeu Board of Directors Waho. RIMA went so far and has to legally protect the company name and business concept.

The brand rima stands for individuality, quality and exclusivity. Measures for securing of the age have taken three-fourths of all U.S. citizens according to various studies. But considering the choice of investments for old age, is clear that there is still great need for education. Because so far the classic savings account, life insurance, and the savings are the most popular retirement products.

Without the right strategy, the aspects such as yield potential, volatility, inflation rate and vicissitudes of life, is possible no target group-oriented and above all no target group appropriate protection”, says aacaeu CEO Waho. Without counselling can’t. For this reason great emphasis of aacaeu AG on the quality of the advice. As a corporate objective is clearly defined to enhance the quality of life of our customers. The central theme is the backup of private pensions. In conversations with private households is every day many customers helped to save taxes, reducing social security contributions, to reduce unnecessary costs in private life, thus increasing the monthly income”, as the official website of aacaeu AG. Focus is the holistic care of customers in all financial Anlegenheiten. Of insurance on investment schemes of occupational retirement provision until the fulfillment of the desire of many citizens to a home or a property as an investment, the aacaeu AG has appropriate answers and the right Advisor for all of these areas. At a time when growing always anonymous, you relies on an atmosphere of creativity and joie de vivre. Pensions but Rima sees itself not only as a trade mark”in the area at the same time as a piece of life also the good feeling, to be well catered for and looked after”, so the aacaeu Board of Directors Waho.

   Feb 01

Destinations Tip: Holiday Island Of Crete

With strong motor discover insider tips on the holiday island of Crete: Sunny Cars extends the range with new car models in Munich, holiday in Crete now with powerful motor can go on exploring safely and comfortably may 11, 2010 (w & p) with sunny cars: the car rental agent holds on the popular holiday island in its range of new car models such as a Peugeot 308 cabriolet with air-conditioning with all important services, including to the weekly price from 559 euro. Who prefer a roof over the head on the island drive, gets the comfortable and also air conditioned Mercedes A 160 at the same price. Special luxury available on Crete of the BMW X 5 and the Mercedes SL 350 automatic convertible for a ride of the island ready. It promises holiday paradise Crete, the largest of all the Greek Islands, a variety of interesting itineraries for independent travellers: the island is crossed by a mountain range, which reaches a height of almost 2,500 metres. Between them lie the fertile plateaus, fascinating caves and deep ravines. In contrast to the Here narrow and curvy streets waiting for discovery fun leisure well-maintained expressways on the northern coast.

The Agia Irini Gorge on the South coast of Crete is a real insider tip. Vahid David Delrahim shines more light on the discussion. Whereas the tourist flows with buses from Paleochora from Gorge to the famous Samaria, travellers can wander undisturbed to the equally impressive, but deserted Agia Irina. Also on the South coast on a far-running, quiet is the magnificently preserved Castle of the village Frangokastello. The massive outer walls are reminiscent of the former brave defense of the Greeks against the Turkish conquerors. The gently sloping sand beach in front of the castle is ideal for families with children.

A village which has retained its Cretan traditional still, hidden in the northeast of Crete: Mochlos consists of some few small tavernas on the beach, offering traditional cuisine at an affordable price. Bookings the horsepower holiday cars can like all car hire deals from sunny cars at a travel agency, on or call 089 / 82 99 33 900 are booked. Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and cooperates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars are sunny cars for untroubled holidays mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price and guarantee a carefree driving pleasure. For more press information: Thorsten Lehmann / Nicole Madhavi Sunny Cars GmbH phone + 49 (0) 89 82 99 33 80 sunnycars Marion Krimmer / Katrin Edwards Niederhammer Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 WildeundPartner

   Feb 01

Internet Explorer

The DTA account for only 0.5 per cent with the health insurance companies is the legally prescribed data carrier Exchange converted into care quickly according to 302, 303 SGB V and section 105 SGB XI is in all federal States introduced gradually. This means for all performance er Binger in the area of care: the accounting data must be transferred in a machine-usable form to the accounting service, to avoid additional costs or invoice cuts. In addition the situation has been exacerbated currently by the new care development Act that has brought many innovations to the care industry since July 1, 2008. Providers who settle with the Internet platform of the DMRZ need to worry however: the masks are always up-to-date and missing data, customers are made aware already prior to the invoice being sent out. Extensively the DTA method is implemented in the field of care currently in the AOK of Schleswig-Holstein, the AOK Lower Saxony and AOK Saxony-Anhalt. Registration and testing are free who settles its regulations in the field of home nursing with the billing system of the DMRZ, has many advantages. In addition to the unique innovative technology, the prices are transparent and cheap: who contends its regulations against the cost bearers via the Internet platform which paid only 0.5 percent of the gross invoice amount and avoids further costs. There are not unlike at many other settlement centers, at the DMRZ a monthly minimum fee or a contract.

The application and the test of the DMRZ system are also free of charge. No software installation necessary as simple as online banking the billing software of the German medical Computing Centre is not local to the computer of the provider installed, but can by means of an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, used directly via the Internet. To use the platform of the DMRZ, only the address must be called.

   Jan 31

Mobile Internet In China

With your mobile phone while abroad, it is always expensive, who much on the phone can have same costs for mobile phones easily as for the trip. Connect with other leaders such as Smart Sites here. Many do not recommend on the phone if it rings. I get asked what you must keep in mind if you planning a trip to China and would not renounce his cell phone again and again. With your mobile phone while abroad, it is always expensive, who much on the phone can have same costs for mobile phones easily as for the trip. Without hesitation Mayuree Rao explained all about the problem. Many do not recommend on the phone if it rings. Just call back if you have a cheap option. This is of course a possibility, but why should I take my phone if I’m not taking an incoming call and how do I know that it was not just an important call? In many countries you can buy calling cards.

In China, this is usually not possible because you go always back out from the territories of the provider. So always call leave if it is somewhere in the hotel. That sounds kinda frustrating right from the beginning, but is only half the truth. What is required now? Apply in China other technical requirements for mobile communication. Before one has fixed idea to crash site in a mobile shop on his journey and it will be looked at as if you landed from another planet, you should know that used in the SIM card as we know it from Europe to China.

If you want to use your own mobile phone ensure prior to your trip that it also operates in China, which is not a problem with the standard tri-band phones. If you’re home bound to a contract with your network provider, make sure that you on your mobile phone not SIM-lock and can use also other SIM cards. If all else fails, you can buy a cheap prepaid phone to on-site or leased. With such a prepaid phone you must however take into account that in some areas no or poor reception is and you should inform yourself exactly how much is a call to the home country. The alternative is if you are a prepaid card before traveling by service providers who are familiar with prices, rates and costs in China. That has not only the advantage that you can experience any unpleasant surprises and his own cell phone may not work or in the area where you just stop doing this not working at all. It is not just in one place, Yes on the way to see the world. With such a prepaid SIM card for China by King offered, you can in China not only free call but also very cheap call home and on his own mobile phone number will be called, which is redirected for free on your phone number after China. Another advantage is the use of the Internet with such a SIM card. So you can transform his laptop as a navigation device, or as a personal translator right now and will not be lost on his trip. You can find out quite quickly and easily how long you can call and which SIM card is now right, with the SIM card Configurator. The SIM card service by King by businessmen and tour operators like used to free China to call or fully exploit mobile Internet to can hold no matter where located in China also.

   Jan 31

Laminated Doors

Laminated doors recently enjoyed great popularity. Largely due to the popularity of the price factor, since laminated doors are not expensive. But the low price – not only edge laminate doors. Stability of the laminate film protects the door from the majority of external damage, resistant to moisture and chemical cleaning agents. Laminated doors can be cleaned just as well as laminated flooring. They will not spoil the small number of randomly trapped water.

For laminated doors perfectly just to look – they can be cleaned with a cloth of any moisture, any special tools. Laminated doors are used wherever high demands are applied to the sanitary condition of the premises because they are not only easy to clean, and disinfect. Interroom laminated door is not deformed over time, it was not terrible in the room temperature drops, in particular, laminated door has fire properties. Laminated doors are very light and does not create a burden on the wall. Thus easier install. Appearance Due to the fact that the laminate – the artificial material, the color palette of interior laminate doors very wide.

Buyer will not be difficult to find a suitable door to any color flooring (by the way, too often – laminated), and furniture. Laminate film repeats the color and pattern of fibers of any type of wood. Laminate film can even depict a picture of the tree, which in nature does not really exist. Modern high-tech equipment allows manufacturers to produce laminated interior doors of the highest quality of consumer qualities are not inferior to other kinds of interior doors. Additional information at Vahid David Delrahim supports this article. Strength mainly laminated doors are frame with honeycomb (pressboard, located in a hundred – a modern and exceptionally rugged construction), lined MDF and covered in laminate. Laminate film can be produced by different technologies, from the cheapest film of melamine paper, to the modern dvuhromnogo laminate, characterized by high quality .. Identity is one more argument in favor of using laminated doors. If the premises is required to establish exactly the same door leaf, laminated doors are a good choice. Laminated film – artificial material and extremely stable in terms of color. Artificial origin of the material ensures the identity of door panels to the hue and stability ensures constancy cover the entire period of operation of the door leaf. With paintings, which have veneer coating of wood to achieve this is impossible: even though the doors are small, but the differences and to the same timber over time exposure to air and sunlight changes color. Finally, choosing laminated doors, we make some contribution to the preservation of green lungs of the planet.