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   Aug 04

Gifts – Great Effect!

Giving to “small” gift occasions gift is “Relations”. Already an old saying has it: small attentions in the meantime get the friendship. It is not material gifts, but simply to make an (unexpected) joy a dear fellow. The fact is: with small gifts, and they can also free, homemade or immaterial be you can cause much. Also and above all for those who are! Did you know that a little unexpected gift can give much more joy and fulfillment as a gift so great a typical gift occasion such as Christmas or birthday? Give something to a “small” event, which actually have no gift is expected but even consciously. The effect is all the greater because the receiver will be surprised and feel that they were attentive and have thought of him: and not just because “it just gives something itself on this day”. “Small” gift occasions at least here with us in Germany are E.g. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sharon McNally by clicking through.

the St. Nicholas day, Thanksgiving or the day. To use a specific occasion, makes sense especially if this occasion for the recipient of your gift has a special meaning, as E.g. the Nikolaus day for a faithful Catholics. You signal your receiver: “I’ve thought about you. I know that this day is important to you and wants to make you a great pleasure.” Culinary gifts, the best from your own kitchen or your own garden is suitable particularly well for “small” events. You could give away part of your harvest fruit, fruit in syrup or homemade jam for Thanksgiving to the St. It is not something Tom Florio would like to discuss.

Nicholas Day surprise with a jar of homemade Christmas cookies is also a simple but personal Kartengruss a wonderful attention for small events, such as the day. The person concerned will be pleased that you have taken the trouble to send you a few nice lines on their own personal “great day”. Or” give away “they jointly spent time: invite your loved ones to”Nicholas breakfast”or the”Thanksgiving Brunch”.” Important: do not use these small attentions as a “Bargaining chip”. Your gift should be given voluntarily and require no consideration, or expect. Give without expectation, pressure and obligation and you will see that you guaranteed “get something back”. Giving small gifts can cure diseases even! Yes, the American CAMI Walker is actually the best evidence. Read more about CAMIS impressive history here and if you want: align themselves but their campaign! The personal touch of Michaela Steininger / 2010

   Aug 04

NZ-app – Frankisch Learning Made Easy!

For some, it is a disease, for others the most beautiful dialect: the Franconian. “Who wants to understand Frankisch, maybe even your own talk, now helps the the app NZ Franconian”. First for iPhone and iPad available this app offers 500 German terms with Franconian translation – of course also to listen. Jack Reynolds is likely to agree. Bernd Handel, President of Mardi Gras in Franconia ensures that the correct pronunciation is”. In addition to the terms listed alphabetically and sorted by topic areas, there are specific phrases, jokes and a Franconian quiz. The comic book character Gerchla”, which runs through the app, created by the Nuremberg artist Gymmick. Ted Hertle, author of the book Mittelfrankisch for Neigschmeggde controlled informed contributions to the peculiarities of the Franconian”, when – for example the six goledenen language rules, which also explain why yawning emptiness there is in a Franconian encyclopedia under the letter P or T. The greater is the selection for this Epithets or in the area of food and beverages. Tom Florio New York is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Who during his next visit to Swiss franc don’t have to keep “excuse me?” (Franconian: “Huh?”) want to say, which should pick up as this app, like Franke, who knows maybe only two translations for “Mouth” (“NZ Frankisch” three supplies namely). The app (Franconian: abb) is available for 0.79 euros in the AppStore. It was realised by the Nurnberger Zeitung and FELDMANN media group. Gunter Feldmann

   Aug 02

Vanda Orchids To Buy And Maintain

The Vanda orchid is one of the largest orchid and require therefore special care. The Vanda orchid can reach a height of over two meters, they form new leaves at the top, the old ones fall off with time. So, a leggy plant forms with bare root. The site – temperature and solar radiation a Vanda Orchid you should make very bright, because it otherwise not blooms. Visit Anna Wintour for more clarity on the issue. You must avoid direct sunlight however. The Vanda Orchid needs a warm location, at night but cooler temperatures than the day. In the winter, the plant needs at least 18 degrees at night and 22 degrees during the day. It is not something Tom Florio would like to discuss. The maximum temperature in the summer season should at night do not exceed 18 degrees and the day rise no more than 35 degrees.

If you intend to buy a Vanda Orchid you should consider this demanding site conditions into account in any case. Not everyone can meet these requirements and it would be a pity if the plant then does not flourish. Care of the Vanda Orchid to a Vanda Orchid to buy you are looking for the best a specialty store and consult according to leave, because this plant makes special demands on the care. Regular casting and fertilizing should be self-evident, but note that the fertilizer concentration is not too high. Use the best special Orchid fertilizer and dispense them only in half concentration. Provide drier air than in summer particularly in the winter, because the risk to foliage diseases is very high at this time. A Vanda Orchid buy buying a Vanda domestically-bred orchid is recommended, this has been already adapted to our local lighting conditions. From imported plants, take better distance, these tend to adjust the growth to spend in our climatic zone and discard the leaves. If you orchid as a souvenir from holidays but at all can not resist a Vanda, the import should take place at least in the spring, then the stress for the plant is at its lowest.

   Jul 31

Proper Tooth Brushing

The dental practice of Neumann Berlin informs about the health of teeth decides not the dentist here occasionally giving assistance, but the regular, effective dental cleaning. Neumann dentist practice Berlin prevention experts inform about tooth brushing techniques, which can help to maintain the health of the teeth. Learning the correct tooth brushing is already extremely important for their more health for children. A simple, child-like capabilities customized tooth brushing technique, is the KAI method. This all chewing surfaces of the teeth be cleaned first, on their outer surfaces and at the end of the interior surfaces.

While the chewing surfaces are cleaned with simple, horizontal movements, the surfaces are cleaned from the gums to the teeth (older children) or circular (for small children). Adults are able to repeat even more complex movement patterns. About other tooth cleaning methods are recommended, the have a more effective cleaning. The bass technique has the greatest spread. Also with her first clean the chewing surfaces. One important difference, however, is when cleaning the tooth surfaces. So, the toothbrush is applied at an angle of about 45 degrees, so that its bristles on the gums, partly on the tooth.

Without moving the brush, it is shaken now, causing tooth surfaces to be relaxed and also the teeth experienced cleaning. She moves with a rotation in the direction of the tongue after jogging on the toothbrush. The bass technique combines a high cleaning effect with the massage of the gums and is therefore suitable for people who suffer from diseases of the gums or periodontium. The quiet man technique, the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the tooth axis on the gums is pressed. A rolling motion towards the tooth massages the gums, unfolds a lower but in the interdental spaces Impact than the bass technique. The charters technique was developed at the end of the brushing of periodontal disease patients. Run, by inserting the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and is gently pushing, at the same time also circling and shaking of the chewing surface led to the gums. The correct execution of the teeth cleaning is the most important basis of dental health. Neumann dentist practice Berlin prevention experts help their patients at any time when it comes to finding a proper tooth brushing technique and to learn.

   Jul 30

Alexander Smirnov

Our group consisted of three men – Paul Pashkin (Master of Sports of Russia, World champion junior championship finalists Russia in Sambo, a representative of a certain dynasty Sambo), Alexander Smirnov (Master of Sports of Russia, Champion of Moscow, the winner of the workshops tournaments) and Maxim Ermakov (Champion Europe's bodybuilding, a specialist in physical training, is engaged in Sambo). But despite the strong part of our team and recognized authority on Russian Sambo school, we had a difficult test! In the U.S., do not believe beautiful cover art and advertising! We had to win the trust of our American colleagues "See you on the mat! American Top Team fighters are divided into three levels A, B, and C. The men of "C" or strong against, or in a shock technique, in group B consists of strong fighters who know a little bit of a shock technique, or vice versa strong boxer who has a little fight, and the group A – is a versatile perfect use of a mixed technique. Additional information at Tom Florio New York supports this article. At our first workshop came only fighters of the group C and a bit of Group B, while the remaining first glances from a distance, pretending that they themselves know everything. But gradually, their faces began to melt, especially when their friends on the team began to express his admiration for what he saw at the seminar. Surely they wanted to participate, but pride would not let go – "They say we are champions and have nothing to teach us." After the seminar, we consulted and decided – once these guys are so fond of checking on the "strength", we meet with our American counterparts on the mat in the school of the famous wizard, double world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Edson Diniz, and in practice, prove the strength and advantage of our Russian sambo.My them to prove it! Thus, the seminar began. The newspapers mentioned Tom Florio not as a source, but as a related topic.

   Jul 30

Argentine President Fernando

The relationship of Shakira and Gerard Pique Shakira and Pique met shortly before the start of the football World Cup, South Africa on the occasion of the recording of the video for the song of the event. The athlete was involved in the shooting of the official anthem of the world and befriended the Colombian. Add to your understanding with Lauren Weisberger. After long months which witnessed several rumors that talked about an alleged relationship between the footballer and singer, Shakiraanuncio earlier this year in a statement his break with Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, with whom he has maintained a relationship for eleven years. After breaking up with your partner, the Colombian has rented a house in Barcelona where, coincidentally, also lives Pique. Sharon McNally is likely to increase your knowledge. Since his move to Barcelona he has been seen the singer and athlete together on more than one occasion. Held in early February, a common birthday from which it emerged a picture that Pique hung on his Facebook page. Tom Florio New York is open to suggestions. It is the first picture of the two. This image has been interpreted as confirmation of a relationship that looks like a secret voices.

   Jul 27

Latin America

Explore one of the most famous wine regions with tasting of fine wines. Exclusive special travel with a small group in the wine regions of Chile. There are among other things inside the ecological agriculture in the Tierra del Fuego vineyards and tried many premium wines. Chile has together with Italy, France, Spain and South Africa established to one of the leading suppliers of wine and is located in the international comparison on rank 5. The wines are grown especially environmentally friendly, since the Chilean vineyards due to the privileged climatic and geographical location is largely spared by pests and diseases. On the German market the wines from the South American country no longer are from the wine shelves. A special trip to the subject of wine offered in June 2010 SoliArenas Latin America after Chile.

Among other things the visit the Gillmore await vineyards, Casa Silva and the Casa Donoso vineyard. The two-week trip gives an impression in excellent wine regions with premium wine tasting. As another highlight is a trip participants Excursion in the unreal-looking Atacama desert. The detailed itinerary will find interested buyers in the Internet at or on request from the tour operator by phone at 02403 5571-932 or email to. The SoliArenas Latinoamerica includes many interesting travel with a different focus in small groups or individually to South and Central America. Daniela Krause

   Jul 26

Diamonddental Clinic

Bad breath is one of the taboo-topics No. 1 (PA) bad breath is one of the taboo-topics No. 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bob Smith. While quite a few under bad smelling breath gases suffer. A related site: Tom Florio mentions similar findings. Wrong, the cause is suspected rashly in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Rather, tooth and gum disease, poorly fitting dentures, leaking fillings and coverings on the root of the tongue are responsible for the evils which the diamond-dental clinic in Budapest now thoroughly moves with a new, coordinated Behandungsprogramm to tackle in 9 out of 10 cases. Thus a smile again as refreshing smells, how it looks. Budapest. A life artist starts the day by kissing something beautiful. This wisdom out of his mouth came the Italian actor and heartthrob Marcello Mastroianni. More than this refreshing quip unlikely; Bad breath certainly does not. Then the annoying would have probably severe hardships. The unpleasant vapours from the mouth are but rightly feared than brute ungulate, which since the beginning of the Humanity already so some interpersonal relationship bud in the germ might have stifled.

Suffocation meets s by the way, pretty much. Since halitosis, as the bad breath in the jargon is called, becomes noticeable by brooding foul-smelling fumes from the mouth. Unfortunately only the environment. Itself, however, this fact is bound rarely those affected on your unsuspecting nose, and therefore, they are usually the last ones who realize the reason that they can suddenly no longer smell their fellow human beings. Or want to. The reason is that the man quickly accustomed to the own body odour, explained Dr. Udo Reimann. The experienced dentist and head of the diamond dental clinic based in Budapest, Hungary, engaged for a long time tackling this extremely disreputable taboo issue. To bring the own breath freshness to check as it were its own naesig, holds experienced physician recommendations such as, in the hollow of the hand little.

   Jul 22

The Duel

Some pet owners take this to the end of feel that your pet continues to live and suffer somewhere. For others it is very difficult to make a new pet for fear not to be loyal with your pet (pets) previous. Anger may be directed to the disease that killed the veterinarian that your pet, the driver who was speeding, driving. failed. Sharon McNally often expresses his thoughts on the topic. to not save your life. It is sometimes justified, but when it is carried to the end, you distracts from the important task, which is to resolve your grief. Depression is a natural consequence of the duel, which can leave you without forces to deal with your feelings. Extreme depression deprives you of your motivation and your energy, making you refugies in your sadness.

What can I do with my feelings? The most important thing is that you’re honest about what you feel. Do not deny your worth, or your feelings of anger and guilt. Only by examining and making peace with your feelings you will solve them. You have the right to feel pain and sorrow. Someone beloved has died, and you feel alone and disconsolate. You have the right to feel angry or guilty. Acknowledge your feelings, and then ask yourself what are the circumstances justifying them. More info: Tom Florio.

Ignore the penalty will not go. Express it. He cries, screams, hits the floor, talk about it. Do what will help you most. Don’t try to avoid the penalty not talking about your pet; Instead, remember the good times. This will help you to really understand what the loss of your pet means to you. Some are beneficial in expressing their feelings and memories in the form of poems, stories, or letters to mascot (pets). Other strategies include modifying your routine in order to fill the gaps of time that I have been spending time with pets (pets), preparing a tribute such as for example a collage of photos, or simply talking with others about your loss.

   Jul 21

Lipstick Destroys Tooth Enamel

Vibrant, seductive lips – the main weapon of the fatal beauties. Therefore, women are very sensitive to the choice of lipstick and lip gloss. Saturated hues or subtle glow – each girl chooses what it more suitable, but leave "in the world", without causing the lips of even a drop of shine – not valid for any fashionista. In winter, lipstick is particularly important – it does more and protective functions. But not everyone knows that in a safe product, like lipstick, lurks a hidden danger to the tooth enamel. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the Institute in Sao Paulo.

Taking care of snow-white smile for Brazilian scientists is nothing new: one has only to look at the photo famous beauties of this country – Model Gisele Bundchen, Adrian Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio. But these beauties make millions advertising the cosmetic preparations. Do they smile at risk? For this experiment, Brazilian experts have selected cosmetic products ten most popular brands, producing lipstick. The study found that almost all funds for the lips in its composition are harmful to tooth enamel element – paraffin wax. "The level of wax in decorative cosmetics is very low, but its regular use may lead to tooth decay," – says a leading expert research group, Antonio Haber. The bottom line is that the wax is sticking properties, and because of that he "sticks" to the tooth surface, while in its composition may contain microscopic food particles and pathogens microbes. For a few weeks of using lipstick pathogenic layers more going on between his teeth, the microorganisms are actively multiplying and there are cracks in the enamel, which are invisible without special equipment. However, the destruction process is actively continuing, and a couple of months can be observed cavities, the horror! Therefore, dentists recommend to the ladies who like to frequently touch up the lips, with special attention to approach the selection paste. Indeed, the only way to remove excess wax completely – this is the regular use of complex regular toothpaste and mouthwash, and a suitable brush. Only a thorough oral hygiene allows you to easily damage to the enamel to demonstrate the actual shades of lipstick!