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   Jul 17

Accounting Can Be Dangerous For The Rating

The leadership of the business checking account gets a strategic importance in the rating! The rating systems of credit institutions are evolving. “A current trend: only the account management decides on the normal current rating note” loans up to magnitude of 250 tonnes. This must have consequences for behavior management. Contact information is here: Senator From Kentucky. This thesis represents the group financing rating”of the Association of the SME advisers Association free consultant e.V.”. ” Essence of the trade group: conducting the business checking account gets a strategic priority by these tendencies in the rating! Be avoided not only overdrafts and debit returns must, which so far has been as a so-called warning”led to credit rating downgrades.

“” Carl-Dietrich Sander, head of the trade group brings it to the point: medium-sized companies need their accounts so dispose, that she have a movable borrowing “show if possible with varying balances” so sometimes Credit report. Easier said than done in many medium-sized companies currently. Credit utilizations are what is always detrimental in these modified rating systems, constantly on the agreed credit lines. The SME advisers are calling for the establishment of so-called internal warning lines”in accounting so Saldenhohen, immediately unchecked if exceeded, to send unnecessary negative rating signals. Such account rating systems increasingly with all credit institutions shall apply, always, if there are no new credit requests and the risk situation appears as a constant. The upper limit for the application is often credit lines by T 250.

Particularly problematic: Tend to the notes of this account ratings be often worse than those of the standard ratings with the analysis of the annual financial statements and of the so-called qualitative questionnaire answer. Conclusion from the perspective of the SME consultants: speak in any case with the banks about the rating results and their bases. In addition, Sander highlighted: the predictive design of own financing situation and the ‘banking industry’ is a strategic task of the Chief. Who is still on the leg of a Bank, should rethink thoroughly its situation.” More information: group financial rating in the SME consultants Association Carl-Dietrich Sander Tel: 02131-60413 E-mail: cord Tepelmann

   Jul 11

United Arab Emirates

" Was or was not, as in former times've set good people find themselves in an oasis of luxury, beauty and grandeur " – probably, if I wrote a story about the uae, I started that way. In fact, I would like once notify all of your fears: uae – not a fairy tale, but a real country and get to it, positioning capabilities, everyone can. uae – is the rest of the first class. If you've thought that all the countries of the Islamic world are experiencing decline and crisis, then, having been in the uae, you will understand how we were wrong. Oasis city like a living embodiment of fabulous oriental motifs. Imagine a modern city with a large number of business centers, modern houses, straight roads imagine? Now add the flavor of Arabic architecture, numerous green areas and fountains.

You like it? Then go ahead in the uae, to see with my own eyes all this beauty and the gifts, souvenirs of which need to be concerned, being in the uae, I'll tell you. Strolling through the streets of the uae, you will notice an abundance of coffee houses, stretching along the streets. Everyone knows that Arabs are very fond of coffee. If you like this noble drink, do not Remember to bring it to taste and their families. If not, then the perfect gift can be an Arab coffee utensils. Get a Turk " or fancy coffee pot with a spout" dalpu. With a choice of place of purchase should be cautious because the risk to buy a fake very high.

   Jul 10

Mixed Saliva

Microflora of the mouth – the most informative indicator of the state as an organism as a whole, and oral cavity. In the mouth a person contains the largest number of species of bacteria compared with other cavities. According to different authors, the number of bacterial species varies from 100 to 300. This is explained by the presence in the oral cavity as a "transient" microorganisms, and a constant bacterial flora. So-called "transit" microorganisms fall into the mouth with air, water, food and their stay is limited. Continuous oral microflora forms a complex and stable ecological system. Under normal circumstances, when a person does not use antiseptics, antibiotics and other drugs, changes in the existing ecosystem occurs only in a qualitative representation of one or more species.

Species of microorganisms remains at a particular individual is almost constant throughout life. The state of the microflora of the mouth affects the morphology of the oral cavity, the composition of saliva and the rate of its formation, the nature of food availability bad habits, heredity, and the decisive factor is the saliva. Besides saliva, micro-organisms found in dental plaque, sulcus and on the back of the tongue (especially in the posterior third). According to different authors, number of bacteria in saliva is an average of 750 million in 1 ml. The concentration of bacteria in dental plaque and gingival groove is almost 100 times higher, about 200 billion cells in 1 g sample. Check with supermodel to learn more. Half of the Permanent Representatives of the microflora mouth are optional and obligate anaerobic streptococci, which include in its membership Str.mitis, Str.mutans, Str.sanguis, as well as peptostreptokokkami.

   Jul 08

Prepaid Prepaid Health Clinic

So if you have a very inexpensive insurance policy you should ask what is the deductible with respect to the hospital for example. The other options presented are not Medical Benefits, however I know because I started working on one, they have achieved over time make the difference in the health of people and that many find it almost impossible to pay an HMO, a PPO Health Insurance or other and there were these alternatives: It can happen that the Plan you are offering has no hospital or medical emergencies. They usually can be the called Prepaid Prepaid Health Clinic or clinics (for its initials in English PHC) means that only covers routine visits, tests in part or not, dental and vision plan, and pharmacies or prescriptions. In this case an unexpected situation to occur in hospital expenses paid by your account only the above benefits is what covers you. Policies that do not have hospitalization and emergencies are much cheaper than those with a comprehensive benefits plan. The important thing is that you have mastered, meaning that you are aware of, what if you expose a given situation. You can buy it because it is sometimes better at least have some coverage than none.

But it is by no means the most complete alternative. Another case that you may have is telling you something that is offered health insurance and is not really .. What does that mean? .. We offer health insurance for a Medical Discount Plans (for its acronym in English DMPO) such plans as indicated by its license set contracts or agreements with certain doctors and providers, to achieve some discounts on consultations and procedures.

   Jul 04

Refined Body

How long will will stand for a 'home', and whether or not built? The main principles here are employed by us food must be ingested in the correct form and percentage of protein (15%), fat (20%), carbohydrates (65%). Protein animal origin can be replaced by dietary – an extremely valuable vegetable protein contained in beans – soy beans, lentils. This is especially recommended for those who are watching their weight! Animal fats should possible to replace the plant. Eat a 'complex' carbohydrates from foods high in fiber (whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables). Rand Paul takes a slightly different approach. Unsubscribe from refined sugar and a huge 'army' desserts. A need for You can satisfy a sweet honey and dried fruits. Eating well, you'll never be hungry, lose weight and improve significantly the intestinal microflora, their immunity will be doing what great service! IMPORTANT: The refined carbohydrates, in addition to their well-known harmful effects on health and beauty are constantly consuming their rights, yet contribute to the formation of excess mucus in the internal environment of an organism. A mucus – the best environment for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

The implications are clear! 2. Start taking a multivitamin because the stock of natural vitamins, food products coming from – the body is formed. Though we have received vitamins in the summer – in winter, their 'no delay'! Multivitamins will be a necessary addition to your balanced diet. 3. Strengthen the immune system, which will not be afraid of any winter will help tempering procedures. Take air-baths, walk barefoot, doused with water – gradually lowering its temperature.

Starting in the summer of temper, and continuing in the autumn, to winter, you are probably are planning to take part in the Epiphany bathing! 4. Move! Walk, run, dance, ride a bike, swim – you choose any suitable type of physical activity. In the winter it's great to help resist viral attacks. 5. Set a goal – to throw smoking (if you smoke) before winter. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and pushes the body into oxygen 'hunger'. In winter it is especially dangerous. If you're not going to delay the changes for the better and it will take an already, very soon – in addition to improve health, will feel the joy of life and will get a 'chronic' good mood – the best remedy for winter blues!

   Jun 16


It is a balanced breakfast, without which effective weight loss and weight control is further comfort is possible. How not to start the day What did you eat for breakfast? Quite the expected response – either coffee or tea with sugar and a sandwich, egg, or flakes, again with sugar + milk. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. Consider, as an 'behaves' like breakfast in any of its variants. 1. The fact that these have become traditional, breakfast, containing large quantities of simple carbohydrates, which, falling into the stomach, almost instantly transformed into glucose. But she quickly soaked in blood, provokes a sharp and 'scale' insulin spike, which is also fast 'takes' her from the blood to its destination. After that, the blood glucose level drops again. How do these transformations affect the human condition breakfast like this? After a night's sleep the blood sugar level is very low.

Ate – sugar instantly jumped up, became a wonderful feeling, the energy flowed, cheerfully went to work. Arrived at the scene and, as just started working for important matters, began to feel decreased concentration, irritability and desire to eat something. Roll over or bite to eat cookies, drink coffee with sugar. Again and again was well long. Circle. 2. In addition, if the simple carbs – sugar, buns, bread, cereal – add butter, whole milk, egg or sausage (which is almost always a few exceptions), it is the following: Insulin, which threw the pancreas into the blood to neutralize the incoming in her blood sugar (glucose) from food, makes fat (contained in these products), which is eaten together with sugar, properly split and assimilate.

   Jun 13

Little Helpers

Dogs and cats can help cure enamel Hutter village. For years, it is known that our pets can be less healers. They notice immediately if it goes bad master or women with their loyalty and their instinct and they try to comfort. No matter what animals are simply with their unconditional love. This infinite love, dogs, cats or birds, \”mediate\” is has a healing effect.

Animals don’t ask how the person looks or what mood he is just her love is unconditional. Just sick or old people appreciate this. There are some studies that show that people with pets live longer and are less sick. It is also proven that people who have a dog, much less get a heart attack. Because dealing with animals in fact has a harmonizing and balancing effect. Who often suffers from stress, notes that this is suddenly as blown away in being together with the animals.

For example, a dog provides a regulated daily routine and for sufficient Activity in the fresh air, because he needs its spout. Many people can bring themselves to long walks, which are good for the heart and circulatory system and significantly increase the general condition. More and more retirement homes let allow the keeping of domestic animals, because just an elderly person who does not have more, is dependent on the society of an animal not to feel alone. And just for old people, animals are so incredibly important, because they have such a meaningful task and know that they are needed by their animal. Just old people often fall into depression and have to fight because they feel useless with their self-esteem. There, it can work miracles if they can care for an animal. Not only for healthy people, animals can be even an important help in everyday life by bring E.g. Learn more about this topic with the insights from supermodel. the newspaper or guard House and garden but just sick or disabled people can properly master only their everyday life with the help of a dog.

   Jun 10

Angela Feuerstein

A donation of 1,000 euros on Monday, August 13th, 2012, took Claudia Tekampe, Director of the children’s & youth hospice service of Maltese Dortmund by the local IT companies SMF KG in reception. At the official inauguration ceremony of the new office building at PHOENIX West in early July asked the company in its invitation to give up gifts and instead to set up a donation to the Maltese? and pleasing many of the guests came to this request. The cheque handed over Angela Feuerstein, Member of the Executive Board as well as Nora Burchardt, spokeswoman of the SMF KG. We are very pleased that our guests with their generous donations can help many children and young people and their families, if they are located in a very painful situation, because they themselves or close relatives are dying. We know that thanks to the Maltese assistance right there, where it is needed: in the families in our city. So they can be involved and at the same time sensitive supports”, Angela Feuerstein explained the social commitment of the company. The cheque handed over Angela Feuerstein, Member of the Executive Board as well as Nora Burchardt, spokeswoman of the SMF KG. We are very pleased that our guests with their generous donations can help many children and young people and their families, if they are located in a very painful situation, because they themselves or close relatives are dying. We know that thanks to the Maltese assistance right there, where it is needed: in the families in our city. So they can be involved and at the same time sensitive supports”, Angela Feuerstein said the company’s social commitment.

   Jun 09

Promote Health With Systemic Detoxification

Daily exposure to a variety of toxins can seriously affect your pet. A highly processed diet, chemical-enriched full of dyes and preservatives, chlorinated water, commercial anti-flea collars, secondhand smoke cigarette, insecticides and pollution is all the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toxins that affect our pets. Exposure to toxins can weaken your pet’s immune system and damages the natural ability to fight disease. In our pets we provide the food, and that’s not always adapted to their bodies. In addition, often exposed to a lifestyle that contributes to a sluggish metabolism and thyroid and liver less active, they can not remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies.

The first step in helping your pet to eliminate toxins from the body is to examine factors in lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Raw food contains many essential nutrients and minerals that can be destroyed by cooking and processing. The food produced in the trade typically contains many chemicals that not only have little nutritional benefit, but may seriously affect the health of your pet – especially in the long term. Toxins can accumulate in the tissues, and it is thought that this cumulative effect can lead to all sorts of health problems and behavior. How can natural remedies help? The can be very effective in helping to support our pets the natural process of elimination and purification, thereby providing a healthy solution to the removal of waste and toxins and promoting general body functioning optimally.

   May 24

Home Cooking and Oil

When cooking at home, during roasting products, housewives enjoy such traditional products as sunflower oil, butter and ghee are much less likely. However, the use of each of the these products bears at least some negative aspects: Use of unrefined liquid oils (sunflower, corn) leads to the fact that the oil in a frying pan forms a rich foam, sizzling, extremely strong fumes in the event of overheating oil leads to its degradation, toxic and carcinogenic substances; use in frying oils, refined products spared from almost all the above listed drawbacks, however, as in the case of unrefined oil, heating the formation of trans isomers of polyunsaturated fatty acids comprising the oils, which are attributed to the carcinogenic effect. At still more highly overheated oil is its expansion with the formation of toxic substances to the body acrolein. Any use when frying food butter is also associated with a number of difficulties in its use. At melting is the formation of foam, spray a large number of (dirt surface of the plate, working surfaces). During direct cooking is often scorching the product. Due to the characteristics fatty-acid composition of butter during the cooking, there is a noticeable decrease in its amount, the oil evaporates.

Together with fried foods in the human body falls and oil which took place cooking, and therefore cholesterol, the harmful properties of which are widely known (leads to cardiovascular disease). Ghee is excellent for cooking, for its roasting, but also not without blemish. The main disadvantages of this product is definitely worth the cost to carry it. As is known, is derived from ghee butter peretaplivaniem through its multi-stage remelting, and the separation of the various components of it. In the end, after all these stages, the output of melted butter from cream is 70-80% of the initial mass of oil, the result of the high cost of the product. Can not think about another major drawback of all these oils high in calories. For people who care about their weight is an important indicator. For roasting and stewing foods is better to use professional Frying and melted butter, free of these drawbacks.