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   Oct 17

Physical Symptoms

Translated from Russian by bodily symptom absolutely any, in whatever body he felt neither offers us something to bring to our lives, to change something in it. Moreover, the message body symptoms – always good. It is never a punishment. It is important to ask yourself is not ‘why me’ and ‘why’, then there will be understanding the language of solid symptom. Cindy Crawford may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Procedural approach in psychology and just started with the fact that the founder this trend – Arnold Mindell realized that he said his symptoms.

Because of this he had cured himself of a serious illness. Through the work with physical symptoms and understanding of his message becomes possible to return to present themselves at their own unique way of life. This, in turn, brings healing and resolution of many other problems. Caught in a bear not long ago I had a very interesting work with the client, the which had a perennial disease dermatitis. It is irritating to the skin, which is considered virtually untreatable in full, and many, many years, people living with this very serious condition, softening his only hormonal ointments.

The woman has ever appeared on the arms and cracks at the bend of joints: hands is not possible to soak in the body after bathing, not passing the pain, we always want to comb the wound and need to keep yourself from it so as not to become worse. And with some stress man lived for many years! We started working with bodily symptoms and allowed themselves to do what he offered us: to begin to comb … Of course, not combed her hand.

   Oct 15

The Salon

Another option – to call Grumer at home. Pros: nowhere go do not want the dog remains in the native walls with your favorite host. Everything happens before your eyes, everything is under control. ers on the topic.. If you did not like handling wizard with a dog, you can always say "goodbye" to this master no longer apply. Another plus – the price of private masters, usually below the cabin. Learn more at this site: Rand Paul. For makeup you do not pay if you have your shampoo and conditioner.

Wash the dog you can advance yourself, specifying it with the master. Cons: cleaning sostrizhennoy wool and wash tub is on you. You will have to participate in the trimming as an assistant – to keep the dog during the haircut, if necessary. As you – beloved master, and a dog on their territory, then She will make every wriggle, to pretend that her murder, to ask you to help and try to climb up to the handle. In such circumstances, cut out, to put it mildly – not very. Solving the problem – or if the dog itself is not bad, leave wizard alone with her, and appear only when needed your help or to show strength of character and handle the dog during the haircut as a professional assistant to the master. There is another option when you call the house is not private masters, and masters working in the salon at checkout. It usually travels with an assistant master, and you are the efforts to retain the dog is not required.

   Oct 11

Gifts To The Birth

Find the right gift for the birth of couples own birth is one of the most beautiful event in life. Because nothing is more beautiful than to keep his own child for the first time in the arms. For friends and acquaintances, even a further element is added in addition to the beautiful moment: the question for the matching gift. Wish lists help the gifts issue usually is always the direct such questions the first way. Because what is rather than to ask the parents what they themselves would wish or how you can support them.

It would be even easier if the parents would create a wish list of ideas and proposals and forward them to friends and acquaintances. This facilitates the eternal gift search and friends who can look a gift sure to be nothing duplicate or unnecessary give the parents. Matching gifts will find the most direct route appears to be flat or boring who, which can of course inspired in the Internet numerous gift ideas. But also in special baby stores, you can get on the search to find the perfect gift for the parents. In contrast to shops, is the greater choice of products and individual tips that you can use for their own gift on the Internet of course. Also, many shops offer so-called top lists where you can find out the most popular and therefore most popular gifts.

Personalized gifts especially popular when gifts to the birth, then are personalized gifts at the top on the popularity scale. No matter whether a dummy with the child’s name or a labeled bottle, there are many gifts which pleased parents and of course the child. But also a children’s cutlery engraving ensures fun for all involved. Even if the young only from a certain age can deal with cutlery, it is a nice idea to give a baby cutlery for the birth. Parents also appreciate gifts gifts not necessarily always just for the child benefit must be of course. Parents are delighted in matching gifts such as E.g. a wellness voucher for the mother or general support voucher of E.g. several days help in the garden, ironing or washing service for single days or Babysitting can contain. These gifts can you parents supportive stand to the side and thus bring something to light up the eyes. Conclusion as you can see is not difficult to find a gift for that very special occasion. Whether it goes the direct route through the consultation with the parents, or want to present but a surprising gift in the end but the gesture itself is one, and you can be sure that the parents of each gift will rejoice. Conrad sailor

   Oct 10

Human Pain

Therefore, the review staff is very important … Source: supermodel. and from there take our tears, we cry for our own pain today, yesterday and forever … or cry … for this man or woman whom we love and are willing to give his life for them … There is no more, life is an individual experience, at least in the way we decided to share it with your partner, we need recognize what you cry, how we grieve, be a matter for the couple or not …

I cry to our self full of wounds and fractures, we believe nothing in life will ever be the same, and is indeed, it will not be the same again, because now we are hurt, angry, sad, angry, feeling of loss … it grieves us our own space, our own loneliness … that wonderful love object, called partner is no longer , gone, gone … And now, where I place my love, where I put my hopes, my dreams, with whom I share my free time, my sexuality, my lawsuits and anger, and with whom I have no fight … I cry the possibility of being loved, loved and appreciated, but also to conflicts and pains … but I wonder if my relationship has been a torment and suffering has made me more than to enjoy, what you cry? Perhaps you missed our lives cry but do not understand the circumstances differently, perhaps we love our partner to grow away from us has gone into the circle of violence, instability, unrest and misfortune. .

   Oct 02

Federal Constitution

Thus, when leading this analysis for the Brazilian reality, if sees a health public of bad quality, that is looked only by the people who do not possess no Plan of Health, although the positive advances that if she got since the Federal Constitution of 1988, detaching the year of 1990, in which if she established the Only System of Sade (SUS), through the Law n 8.080. In this reality, Brazil possesss its principles established in the Organic Law of Health, on the basis of article 198 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, which is the Universality, the Equity, the Completeness, the Regionalizao and the hierarquizao, the Resolubilidade, the Decentralization, the Participation of the advice and the Complementariedade of the private sector, but these item acts of form very below of the quality that would have to be, to compare if them with the ones of Canada, France, England and Cuba and with that firm was considered in the law that the SUS. Jim Hackett may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In these years of SUS, the advances they do not hide the difficulties that threaten the proper maintenance of the conquests. Nobody is unaware of that, in the current conditions, it has important limitations to the efetivao of the principles and the lines of direction of the Only System of Health. Theoretically, the concept of the SUS is excellent, but in the practical one everything is not lived deeply that if says in the Law n 8,080, which makes use on the conditions for the promotion, protection and recovery of the health, the organization and functioning of the corresponding services and the other steps. Very still it needs to be made..

   Sep 30

Ludmila Grebneva

The result is extraordinary. A leading source for info: celebrity trainer. Our sport needs protection of higher powers, but I have great pleasure to work with. The result will be kollosalnym and it does not depend on coaches who are hired. Our coach is not worse. And that's what won the Paralympics, then good luck to them is given with the above and they deserve it! Russia should not be in last place in the sport ! A little about myself.

All the work I do at a distance, thought working with the Higher Powers. Check out Rand Paul for additional information. On any object, the effect of stunning, if this object is very dirty. Especially people who take a while to 'scroll back to life' in the astral world, it refers to damage to persons because of their karmic roots is their sins. Jim Hackett has firm opinions on the matter. Such energy as I have supernatural power and is given by God to man is right and good that can solve problems for others and help them. In short tell what kind of job I can do. Each work begins with the proofreading of information on any object that can potyshit fire, to prevent a fire, accident, accident, flood The virus, any epidemic and the crisis in the country.

With the weather so was the rain, the sun at certain times on how to solve the Higher Power, if there's people need help, they are allowed. It is unfortunate when burning wood, and there animals. Flood removed in the right direction. First clean the whole territory, and then all decided the nature of her need to ask her living, she managed the spirits, they balked, they do not hear people, and people take for granted, but it is not (and waiting by the sea weather, all will say). As for the attacks and terrorism, too, unleashed by nature, are removed with one thought in a short time and then are sent to those who deserve it or those who do, and the innocent have to suffer people. And this is all I can to prevent with the Higher Powers! Ludmila Grebneva. Here are my coordinates: tel.: 8-922-930-60-63. site:

   Sep 23

Humanistic Psychology

In recent years there has been considerable effort to increase awareness of human beings. Within the field of psychology emerged a movement that expands the field of psychological research. It draws from both Western scientific knowledge and the traditional wisdom of the East in an attempt to integrate both sources of knowledge. Abraham Maslow was one of the main precursors of Humanistic Psychology. Maslow said the possibility of reaching a state of being beyond the self. This state is the transcendence of the limits of their own identity and experience, reaching higher levels of consciousness that have very positive effects and that are above the needs and material interests.

The transpersonal approach gives priority to the study of the whole rather than the party. It is a holographic process, where we selected and investigated generalized principles can provide a significant portion of the population. Transpersonal Psychology is born in the 60s. Was established in 1969 U.S. Association of Transpersonal Psychology, which focuses its interest in the following areas: Psychology and Psychotherapy, Personal Growth and Transformation, Research on states of consciousness, Addiction and Rehabilitation, death and near death experiences, studies on processes, values and the transpersonal experiences Summit Being, Transcendence, Theory and practice of meditation, Transpersonal Cooperation. Transpersonal is understood that involves an inquiry into the essential nature of Being. Transpersonal Psychology is not engaged in solving a specific problem, encourages the patient to develop their own internal resources enabling it to solve problems. It is based on the idea of transcendence of the ego or self.

   Sep 18

Alcohol Effects

The alcohol causes that it is delayed the processes of fat burning fire in your body. Therefore, you need to take with precaution and adherirte to drinks without format. 2. A training in the morning One of the best advice to lower of weight Who I can darte is in the morning to make a session of exercises to first hours. This is good by a number of reasons: 1. It sets a sight to your metabolism.

2. Celebrity trainer may help you with your research. You will have more energy during the day. 3. You from the beginning begin burning calories. 4. Once the training is carried out, you know that you have done something for your body that day. It does not matter what happens more ahead, this was not a lost day.

You can choose what to do in the morning in your training. Some people love making a session of cardio before the breakfast, Others make something of rise of weights and strechings. Also you must make some exercises of relaxation to begin the day well. 3. To reduce stress Stress is bad for your health and also it can do very difficult to obtain a flat belly. The reason is that stress increases to the production of hormone cortisol. This hormone has a variety of effects in your body. One of these effects is to increase the storage of fat in the abdomen. This, by all means, is exactly the opposite than you need with the purpose of to secure abs more plane. It has a pile of ways to reduce the stress, Such as yoga, exercises of breathing, meditation, and so on. The main thing, nevertheless, is to limit your exhibition estresantes situations and to change the way to see the challenges and reverses of the life. So you are not centered in the possibility of the failure and creates one more a way balanced to think.

   Sep 17

Diet Instructioins

Brings 1,000 calories a day. We recommend doing this diet for 1 week. Make sure that the length of time between meals less than three hours. It is very important to drink water. Diet to Fasting: 1 cup mixture: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut kernels Breakfast: cereal and cup of Fiber 200 ml. skim milk between meals (2 hours after breakfast): 1 pear, apple, mango or banana or 2 medium 4 almond nuts Lunch: 60 gr.

tuna or grilled chicken 2 cups medium avocado and green vegetables or 4 teaspoons olive oil natural water, hibiscus, lemon or black coffee without sugar (sweetener allowed) Snacks: 1 cup mixture: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut almonds Dinner: 2 pieces of toast or toasted bread cup u y cup cottage cheese, cereal fiber with 200 ml. skim milk Before bed: 1 cup mix: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut kernels Fasting a mixing bowl: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut kernels Breakfast: cereal and cup of Fiber 200 ml. skim milk between meals (2 hours after breakfast): 1 pear, apple, mango or banana or 2 medium 4 almond nuts Lunch: 60 gr. tuna or grilled chicken 2 cups medium avocado and green vegetables or 4 teaspoons olive oil natural water, hibiscus, lemon or black coffee without sugar (sweetener allowed) Snacks: 1 cup mixture: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut almonds Dinner: 2 pieces of toast or toasted bread cup u y cup cottage cheese, cereal fiber with 200 ml. of skim milk before bed: 1 cup mix: watermelon, papaya, pineapple, melon, 2 or 1 whole nut kernels PLEASE NOTE a According to the metabolism of the person may take more or less to lose weight.

   Sep 16


If a child is wrong to take the breast, it can cause many problems. Women also want to hear advice on how often to feed their babies and how to give them other kinds of food, the decision of other problems that they may have, such as inflammation and cracked nipples, milk stasis, shortage or surplus milk, etc. Mothers need a knowledgeable person in these matters. Psychological support for successful breastfeeding woman needs to feel confident. This means that it should: – believe that she can breastfeed. She must know that she has as much milk as you want her child and that her breasts, whatever size and whatever form it may be, will produce the perfect milk in sufficient numbers – to know what changes in her body can be expected. In this case, it is clear that the pain she feelings are normal – to understand the child's behavior and know what to do in each case.

In the first weeks after birth a woman more sensitive and emotional than it was before. This helps her to love her child, but at the same time, it is easy to upset. It can easily fall into doubt about their abilities to care for child and listen to other people's advice. A small problem or a question: "Do you really enough milk?" May cause a woman to completely stop breastfeeding. Young mother needs a good, experienced a man who could support her and inspire her confidence.

To address precisely these problems and create community groups to support breastfeeding, such as "BABY MAMA". A good example is the base is still in 1956. the U.S. International Dairy League (MML), which included mothers who successfully nourished their babies and are ready to share their positive experiences with other women. Currently, the organization is widely demand, has offices in 40 countries and cooperates closely with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Unfortunately, in Russia there is no representative mml.