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   Jan 30

Cedars Sinai Hospital

Yesterday a total crash and again a day later behind the wheel? One can not imagine that. Please visit Shawn Mendez if you seek more information. Even Britney Spears hasn’t gone so far, although it has been reported. e.. However, can disprove this rumor. You can even safely say that Britney is after its release (!) out of the hospital on their property in Beverly Hills. Yes, you read correctly. Britney Spears was released after yesterday’s collapse from the Cedars Sinai Hospital.

It is located at the time in their mansion in Beverly Hills. Of course she will be guarded around the clock, not only by this photographer agent but also by a lot. Everyone is probably waiting for a next disaster. They are even in front of Kevin Federline, although you will not assume that he will visit his ex-wife at home. They saw only the bodyguard of Kevin on the road today.

Also from the House of her family, they lurk, the perfect pictures. Britney is supplied with a police escort in the hospital it was reports that Britney Spears wants to withdraw some time out of the spotlight. We hope that you succeed in to rearrange their lives. She will recover well now and hope that your life comes back to a normal track, but that she must do a lot. We hope that you succeed.

   Jan 30

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh: There is nothing to do. The Zen teachings of master Linji, edition steinrich 2013 Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen master, author, poet, and leader of a social engaged Buddhism, belongs to the most famous Buddhist figures and teachers of present. He teaches worldwide and is the author of numerous books that have been translated into many languages. Thich Nhat Hanh has can apply concretely and practically the ability to interpret traditional Buddhist texts in a manner, that we today not only understand it, but it on our everyday lives. Here, Raymond L. Acosta expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So he writes in Chapter 2 as preparation for the teachings of master Linji: we have accumulated inside too much knowledge, we can not properly digest it.

Even if we have eaten too much, we can not digest and suffer from constipation. We don’t understand what we have learned, and can we not apply it in our practice in daily life, then the knowledge blocks our bodies and our minds.” And next It says in the text: master Linji wanted to present no profound, wonderful ideas, which we could then study and debate. We can’t get on the search for absolute truths to his teachings, or hoping to discover difficult concepts or mysterious ideas. First and foremost, all teachings are words, mere labels. (…) The purpose of master of Linjis is work, it will help us to give up our search and to return to us in the present moment. There we can find everything what we are looking for, be it Buddha, perfect understanding, peace and liberation.” In this sense the original text by master Linji wants us and point out the comments by Thich Nhat Hanh and lead, that what we are looking for in the outside, to find in ourselves, because there is always available, whether we are aware of us or not. Today? in our busy age? are the teachings as up-to-date as at the time of its formation in the 9th century of our time. Also at that time were the people looking After perfection and truth, and? as today? looked outside after her.

Instead is the perfection in each one finding? We can experience that if we even stop for a moment and awaken to who we really are. Using the practical exercises with us Thich Nhat Hanh in this book is on the way, we can learn to bring the perfection that is always with us, unfold. Someday by the eternal quest we may be on the way, because then we have arrived and have found that we have always wanted. And then there is nothing more to do.

   Jan 30

Fattening Cage

Animal welfare action before the Agriculture Ministry and on the Berlin Alexanderplatz – spontaneous action: animal rights activists block Ilse Aigner exit at a spontaneous action the animal rights activists have prevented several minutes wife Ilse Aigner at the exit from the Ministry. With banners, flyers and photos, the Minister on the fate of the rabbits for fattening was made aware. ‘ We have offered Ms. Aigner to feel like a rabbit and in the cage to squat; It is unfortunately failed to fulfil this request, so we have blocked the exit of the Ministry in a spontaneous action and for several minutes at the exit prevented Mrs Aigner’, so Stefan Klippstein spokesperson for animal welfare Alliance ‘rabbit fattening, no, thank you’. Even the security forces on the ground and the police could not prevent this action. To know more about this subject visit Anders M Tomson. Activists of the animal protection Alliance “rabbit fattening, no thank you” have again caused furore in the political centre of Berlin. At the entrance of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and Consumer protection, demonstrators had built a cage and asked the staff of the authority, as well as politicians, to feel again like a rabbit in the cage mast.

“With this unusual action we want to have those responsible before eyes, like a rabbit in the fattening cage feels”, explained Stefan Klippstein, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance “rabbit fattening, no thank you”. The action was a further protest against a draft of position requirements in rabbits for fattening, which brought the Ministry circulated. Posture requirements presented by the Ministry can come only by people who are not able to understand the suffering of rabbits in the cages, maybe that will change now, so clip stone. A spontaneous action for several minutes the animal rights activists have prevented wife Ilse Aigner at the exit from the Ministry. With banners, flyers and photos, the Minister on the fate of the rabbits for fattening was made aware.

   Jan 30

Investing Rules

As you know, need to start investing as early as possible. Van Vliet can provide more clarity in the matter. Each day of delay is dangerous to your capital. You do not want him to just lay there and slacking without cause, say, under my pillow? But also to begin gamble your hard earned money is not worth. You should begin gradually. Imagine you have just finished the third grade. What do you think, September 1, the lesson of literature forces you to write an essay on the topic: "The image of Eugene Onegin at the background of problems of our time?" I doubt it.

Most likely you will be asked to write about how you spent your summer vacation, where you went and what interesting things learned over the summer. And many can easily cope with this task. We likewise will not plunge into a pool of stock markets with a head right now. Let's imagine that today we will gather ideas for essays: "How I spent this summer". We only write a completely different language.

Proceed and how to choose a bank for investment? Some would be surprised at this question, because we want to get more money in the long run. So why not pick the most profitable bank? But like so immediately do so not worth it. After all, we want to Our money will not only multiply, but they were also in keeping you agree? It is for this reason, we must clearly outline the plan of our first choice partner for investment! And here are 3 main criteria, how to choose the bank: 3 criterion, as select bankNadezhnost; Convenience; Yield. I do not accidentally built these criteria in that order. This is important. Many people make the fatal mistake when they put the criterion of profitability in the first place. Usually, such people to "help" two worst enemy on the road to success – a thirst for money and basic ignorance. But history knows of not a few cases when such zeal ended in failure. Today, we will not go into details of how to choose a bank for investment. This topic requires individual lessons and in the nearest future you will learn how to do it.

   Jan 29

Patagonia Requests

An unexpected protest against the project of the River Cuervo in the fjord dam Aysen performed about 80 people in Zug, Switzerland town where Xstrata (mining owner society which promotes the initiative, energy Austral) has its head office, on 12 October, date marking the beginning of the colonization of America by European Nations. The March formed part of mobilization which materialized in order to visualize problems living diverse communities of territories of the third world (particularly in Colombia and Chile) product of various projects that carry forward Xstrata in that city and his countryman Glencore at the demonstration also participated of the Canton of Zug Berti Zeiter Deputy, who said on the occasion that will affect in a committed manner so that the Group of the Greens in the Parliament in which involved support the demands and requests of people who came to demand their rights in front of both multinational. As reported by Beatriz Morice, Chilean living in Switzerland and that He led the process on behalf of the Civic Coalition lifetime Aysen Reserva de, two Xstrata officials listened to the representatives of Chile and Colombia for half an hour, time in which didn’t reply nor any opportunity to realize commitments against the requests and exposed concerns. What did, explained, was that he is managed the materialization in the future in a meeting with executives of both companies in London. The central objective of this vigorous but peaceful demonstration was openly support requests of 4 indigenous envoys afro descendants, and local communities in South America to establish direct contact with officials from the companies said rather, who raised the need to materialize the return of the rivers to the ayseninos and the immediate arrest of the launching of mega hydroelectric project on the River Raven in relation to threats to Patagonia, at the time that delivered a letter from the regional organizations aimed at executives of the company where asked aborted initiative by high environmental, social and economic impacts that would generate to Patagonia and its people. Morice group of Swiss organizations that have supported the demands of those affected by the implementation of Glencore and Xstrata projects in their territories showed special attention to the follow-up of these cases and particularly to the protection of the South American representatives, who have even come to suffer threats and warnings to stop its complaints process, it reported..

   Jan 29

Director General

By Fermin de Rojas. We recognize the amount of times that we have done things to irritate your partner, friends or co-workers, but it is clear that you think you twice before doing something that annoy your Director General. Especially for not hear their cries and their aporreos on the table to make you feel the lower being who has worked in this company. I know that computer Enric I criticized for writing about things so obvious. Read more from Julio Diaz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But any professional who work in project management have been thinking of giving a punch in the face of those team members who do not want to understand, without exception of Directors and director general, which may be the most stubborn people who exist on Earth.

In my 10 year career as project manager, I have been in situations surreal when it comes to interacting with the upper echelons of the company, so I write in this article the 5 things that irritate more a Director General. 1. Never say, trust in my. Still do not understand the why this phrase angry so many directors, in particular said by Marketing people. (they will have earned it a pulse). 2.

Never criticize your boss in front of others. In particular, our culture is my given to criticize everything, and care, because even small criticisms are converted by others into something that you’ve not insinuated or said. Bothered all criticisms counted by third parties. 3. Don’t you feel threatened. I mean neither in private or in public, don’t do phrases as if you do not you do this, then I’m going to… 4 Ask what you want to say. When a Director-General begins to lose patience and composure, the only thing that concerns you is that they understand as quickly as possible. Very often, this situation it uncomfortable, many managers and heads of departments are trying to change the subject or close the meeting as soon as possible, when actually they should reach that really want through questions. 5. No surprises unforeseen at Council meetings. All General Manager wants to be in control of the situation and they are informed of all points that are going to see in any meeting, it is he and only he who knows more on the company. I’ve seen many good head of projects which fall into the complete stupidity of remove the rabbit from the hat at these meetings and it was not nice to see the results after the meeting. In the event that you have to communicate these issues, do it in private.

   Jan 29

Senate Administration

The districts of Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf and Pankow want to promote the facilities of school roofs with photovoltaic panels for private investors is a crisis-proof and high-return investment here. Berlin, 22 June 2009 festivals and guaranteed feed-in tariffs, low interest rates and lower prices for solar modules are investments in solar photovoltaic systems currently attractive as never before. The districts of Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf and Pankow therefore have the Berlin company for alternative energy, ever energy group and Cleanenergies GmbH in June, tasked to provide roof with photovoltaic panels on school buildings. Solar panels will be installed on approximately 40,000 square meters roof surfaces on 29 school buildings which corresponds to an area of about six football fields. The approximately 7,700 photovoltaic solar modules with a total capacity of 1,390 kWp are together an annual amount of 1.25 million kilowatt hours of electricity produce and about 139,000 metric tons of CO2 Save. More than 300 households with an average power consumption of 4,000 kilowatt hours per year can be powered as environmentally friendly. Since 2004, roofs of public buildings of the Federal State of Berlin are awarded to private investors for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

The “solar roof Exchange” is the common roof of the Senate Administration and district offices. The districts improve with this measure not only provide their carbon footprint the Berlin State budget additional revenue for the school roofs in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf and Pankow are approximately 15,000 euros a year. These numbers make clear, great economic and ecological potential in unused roof space”, says Steve Neumann, Managing Director of Cleanenergies GmbH, which will be responsible for the installation of solar modules. The money for the photovoltaic panels on school roofs in the mentioned districts will come from private investors. You get in return Revenues from the electricity. Alone by the guaranteed feed-in tariff to the renewable energy sources Act (EEG), still 0.43 per kilowatt hour is this year, investors with this investment can generate a return of more than 9 per cent”, promises Matthias Streibel, Managing Director of the ever energy group, which has taken over the marketing of the roof space. Add interesting tax advantages are that photovoltaic panels may be written again decreasing since January 2009. Details can be found by clicking Luna Goodwin or emailing the administrator.

This means that investors can deduct 25% of the net value of their asset tax every year”, so Santiago. And as a result that we cover the calculated minimum yield of investment insurance, their return is even sure investors when it rains so much, like in June this year.

   Jan 29


What should be considered when running in the winter and snow motivate to go jogging at this time of year running snow and white winter landscapes. To fully exploit the jogging in the winter, you should take the following necessary preparations. Walking in the winter is because of the cold, the slippery and the poor visibility to a hard test. Before you should consider a suitable route, which as far as possible without ice and well lit, and also a time set so that it is still as bright. It is recommended to go accompanied with a running partner jogging, that not only motivated, but can also help in emergency. Beginners should choose a running short for the first runs, which is as close as possible to the home and can be extended if necessary.

You should make sure as not below + 5 C to go, because this is a high risk of cold and too much burdened the immune system. Be a beginner, a something be posted or have had health problems in the past, should discuss this with your doctor before you go go. Before and after departure: before you should warm up 10 minutes to protect your muscles and after running you should as a result of the uberdehnungs – or risk injury on stretching exercises outdoors renounce and perform better in the warm. The right running clothes for jogging in the winter: In the wardrobe for winter runs you should completely rely on functional clothing. Due to the worsening visibility you should ensure in addition with integrated reflectors to be visible at all times for motorists. Shoes: Water-repellent or waterproof running shoes with non-slip profile with a tread of a rubber compound are an absolute must for those who don’t want to miss out on jogging in winter.

Pants: Quilted or padded running pants are going, because they help to keep the muscles warm and therefore represent a lower risk of injury. Tops: When the correct selection of tops, it is important to put on the system. The best choose a tight-fitting baselayer with wicking as a shirt. It is conceivable a fleece jacket or warm sports sweater. To you against wind, to protect rain and snow, there are various functional running jackets in the assortment, which are also breathable and have various missions of ventilation to prevent heat build-up. Running has many beneficial aspects and therefore can run carefree this sports in the winter. There’s hardly something nicer to be able to enjoy the nature and at the same time do something good for the body. Sonja – XTC sports

   Jan 28

Christy Turlington

In a tour through various interviews, we collected the best data of the top models and professional models international beauty. Keep these tips in mind. 1 Heidi Klum: after each birth, the German model ensures that only the exercises helped her regain her figure. Three hours a day of a strict workout with a personal trainer, more a diet low in carbohydrates like bread and rice and rich in vegetables and protein, helped it to see incredible in the last parade of Victoria s Secret. 2 Liz Hurley: for this actress and British model most importantly to see linda is always keep your skin moisturized. Click David Dudley Dowd Jr. for additional related pages. She says the trick is to find the best moisturizer for every type of skin and always drink lots of water. 3 Cindy Crawford: according to this icon of the modeling of the 90s, the most important thing to see linda has nothing to do with beauty products, but with a positive attitude, where the negative does not change or worry, it had very in cunta when the casting of models. Believes, however, that if there is some aspect of the body which we do not like and one that Yes, should enhance the good news so that all the attention is there.

4 Gisele Bundchen: the statuesque Brazilian model thinks very similar to Cindy Crawford. Ensures when one is happy is noticeable in the face. Its beauty is to smile and enjoy life. 5 Christy Turlington: to this elegant model and new face of Prada, be at peace with itself help to look good. Points out that the relaxing yoga and help to forget the small things that concern her. 6 Lorena Valenzuela: for this experienced spectacular Chilean model the best homemade recipe is to be happy, hence one looks better, more gleaming and renewed, the foregoing is reflected in the photos of models in magazines and ads says Lorena.

Also gives tips to make the rouge last hours, the best thing is to paint the lips and then dry them with a paper towel to make them shine. Then should put a little powder compact in the mouth and repainted. 7 Carolina de Moras: A good skin cleaning, water of PINKS and creams that have lots of vitamin C, are routines that are not missing from the life of Carolina, but when It has the tired body gives tub bath with sea salt and rose essences. This complements it with a scrub of verbenas of L L’Occitane, which is ideal for de-stressing skin. 8 Erika Niklitschek: recipe for homemade beauty when dawns with puffy eyes is five-minute soak a teabag into water boiling. When the water is warm, soak two petals of cotton and apply. Once they cool, the procedure is repeated three times. After a while your eyes are rested, this thing he learned at the school of models there in his native Chile. 9 Renata Ruiz: the winner of the Elite Model Look contest, calve it is not stress!. According to her, the stress kills your skin and makes you eat more. When anxious, leave the House and used if anxiety as positive; for example, doing exercise.

   Jan 28

The Yen – Technical Investing News

The yen has recently seen remarkable days! It rose against the dollar rose to 96.15 and it looks like that’s the upcoming trend. On the other hand, Japan’s surplus fell for the second straight month during March, as exports continue to fall. The demand for electronic products and automobiles worldwide is not the best, and exports to the U.S. and China, the two main States that import Japanese goods, orders fell in March. On the other hand reported that the IMF estimates that the recession will continue to deepen, and that recovery global economy will be slower than estimated, given that the market will take time to stabilize. It will be interesting to see the local data and its correlation with the stock market, and thus assess the trend of the yen. Oil – Oil on the rise Yesterday the oil reached $ 60 a barrel, the highest level in the last six months, above all, by the optimism of some analysts where it is estimated that the global economic recovery will happen sooner than estimated, and Consequently the demand for this commodity rebound. Crude rose as a result of the progress of certain stock exchanges.

Besides the dollar’s decline ended benefiting the oil, because when the dollar falls, usually tends to appreciate that commodity. During this month, OPEC will meet again in Vienna, but is estimated to announce further cuts. It is estimated that oil will remain below $ 75 a barrel, as you wish Saudi Arabia, one of the most influential members within OPEC. Technical News EUR / USD Following the upward trend observed in recent days, there is a clear significant resistance level of 1.3740 area. The daily chart shows the RSI now reaching level 70, so that a downward correction would take place.

If the pair fell below 1.3600 might begin to see the downtrend. GBP / USD There is a bullish channel on the daily chart. But Bollinger bands suggest a technical correction. Going short would be a wise decision for today. USD / JPY After reaching the 96.00 area, the daily chart shows that the pair has completed training in an “M”. In the 4 hour chart, there is an uptrend and may reach 97.50 per pair. USD / CHF In recent weeks this pair has developed a downward trend and fell about 600 pips towards the 1.1000 area. However, in figure 4 hour Slow Stochastic suggests a bullish reversal. Can go long be the right decision the day. The letter of the day Gold Gold continues its upward rage and is currently trading at $ 925 an ounce. In the 4 hour chart, all indicators show a rise. If gold effective in breaking the resistance level at $ 930 may reach $ 940. This will be a very good opportunity for investors to enter the trend.