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   Apr 23

Czech Republic

Renting an apartment or private home near Prague in about 30 kilometer distance (Middle Bohemia) makes it slightly cheaper than rent, the reason and demand in such a lease and that provided by the utilities have the same initial price for the entire the Czech Republic. Others who may share this opinion include Gunnar Peterson. The truth in this case, the tenant must bear the additional costs for public or private transport to work or running your own business for example in Prague. Many go for it because of more quiet and slow pace of life outside the metropolis. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charles Margulis. Civilized conduct of business by renting allow government agencies to track the Czech Republic and contract delivery to receive payments from the lessor in the form taxes on profits. Po zakonam the Czech Republic is obliged to 30 tidnevny deadline to apply for a standard in the organization, providing utility services (electricity, gas ) and convert all payments to themselves or to their legal entity. This is done primarily to control the payment of the used energy resources, and ease of verification of credentials, particularly when real estate is constantly delivered to the lease. Along with utility payments, which are often the tenant pays directly to utility organizations, there is a fee for renting an apartment or house that is paid for by the owner of the property – it may be a private person, legal entity or another executive in charge of the lessor. Lease agreement concluded between the tenant and the landlord, allows a foreigner to get into the Czech Republic Police registration on the given address and register with the Police Department for Foreigners in the Czech Republic. This question is for foreigners living in the Czech Republic, temporarily or permanently, is a priority due to the fact that any letter of government or law enforcement must come directly to the recipient or an authorized person. As a rule, in the Czech Republic is not accepted to do with the landlord to make frequent inspections of property for various violations of the residence, security measures and illegal acts. Therefore, often a tenant to himself, including on domestic repair. For example, if the tenant happens to a situation which requires repair of pipes, walls, gas or water equipment, he always has a phone from the landlord responsible organization, which immediately sends a specialist who performs a free repair. Need note that the noise in the Czech Republic in general is not accepted, but still happen some holidays and dates, celebrating that you want to finish by 23 o'clock, as a violation of calm neighbors may bring the proceedings with the police and subsequent payment of the fine amount to 30000 czk. Rented house in Prague, Czech middle region also have a large section of the monthly rental price and the reason is the quality, location and infrastructure of the area. Range of services provided by the law firm Leo Prague in the Czech Republic can use the knowledge of specialists in matters of real estate, mortgage, law, registration and documentation legal entity in the Czech expatriates in the Czech Republic to obtain residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship in the Czech Republic.

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