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   Jul 25


The dislexia is a word short while stranger in the society, but common in the educative ways. Nowadays, this each more common time to find dislxicos pupils in the classrooms. Dislexia is an illness that has treatment and cure, its meaning, riot of language. The attention deficit is the found upheaval more in the classroom. […]

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   Jun 10

Second Consecutive Year

Expocannabis, for second consecutive year in Malaga returns with the second Expocannabis Edition, the fair of cannabis and hemp, to the Palace of fairs and Congress of Malaga. The appointment, during the last weekend of April, from the 29th to May 1. The Organizer expected attendance of visitors from points such as Andorra, France, Germany, […]

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   Jun 08

Aurlio Dictionary

Consideraes on the film ' ' Preciosa' ' the content of disciplines Alfabetizao III the present work has for objective to articulate consideraes on Alfabetizao and the Precious film (original Precious: Basead on the Novel Push by Sapphire, 2009), shown in classroom. We understand that the task is great in view of the gamma of […]

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   Mar 17

Constitutional Reform

The company also has charged social prejudices, and people discriminate us because we continually different religions believe in different ideals, we suffer from health problems, we have different skin color, ethnicity, sex, social status, economic status, culture, among others. With all these social perversions have been losing human values, solidarity, friendship, honesty, respect, coexistence, harmony, […]

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   Jun 01

Latin American University Foundation

The Latin American University Foundation (FUNIBER) is a foundation related to the university world and of the formation. The goal after which is FUNIBER, affirms their members, is the constant search to spread and to share the Spanish knowledge and luso with the Latin American. To train people with an international education without leaving of […]

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   Apr 26

Health PSF Management

THE MANAGEMENT OF THE MODELS OF HEALTH PSF/PACS: FOR THE QUALITY OF THE ASSISTANCE. Emiliana Incio de Farias Luciana Bastos Vanda Balione Rodrigues Da Silva of Jesus Summary This article looks for to demonstrate to some of the actions of the teams of the Program of Health of the Family PSFs and the PACS – […]

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