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   Jun 01

Latin American University Foundation

The Latin American University Foundation (FUNIBER) is a foundation related to the university world and of the formation. The goal after which is FUNIBER, affirms their members, is the constant search to spread and to share the Spanish knowledge and luso with the Latin American. To train people with an international education without leaving of side which each country contributes in its comparative individuality, singularity and advantages. Programs FUNIBER affirm to project their lines of action being based in which the knowledge must be put within reach of all, not only of whom have finished a university race. Under the premise of which different groups from adressees of the knowledge (according to the degree of education previously reached) and different levels from deepening in each exist, Funiber affirms that everyone must be able to choose the way that more satisfies in the materialization with its personal process with learning and cultural and intellectual formation him. At the moment, Funiber offers 100 academic programs of masters and specializations in different areas from formation. All the programs are directed by Spanish and Latin American Universities.

Also, also they offer program of doctorate in the same modality altogether with the University of Leon (Spain), to the Technological University of Panama and the Catholic University (Nicaragua). Areas of formation Environment Health and Nutrition Deporte Technologies Audio-visual TIC/NBIC Formation of Teaching staff Tourism Projects, Prevention, Quality, Engineering Architecture, Design and Urbanism Company, Directive Development, RR.HH. Antecedents From their foundation in 1997 in Barcelona, FUNIBER has grown nowadays getting to be an academic network with presence in 25 countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Rep., Uruguay, Venezuela, The United States, Angola, Green Cabo, Mozambique). This network is in favor compound at the moment of more than 45 European and Latin American universities and many international companies and organisms. FUNIBER affirms to guide by the present conclusions in the world-wide declaration on the education superior in the 21st century: vision and action (UNESCO, Paris, 1998), in which the necessity of a multicultural formation based on the quality, relevance and the shared in common international cooperation through networks of universities is proclaimed. In this declaration it exists rules main by which FUNIBER affirms to be in force: " Permanent education during all the vida". This one includes that all individual can be educated in the place where lives and works, is this one what is. The modern systems of communication that, among other things, make possible the remote Education, allow the universities to complete their supply putting within reach of the students, by means of a university, all the areas of knowledge that the institution wishes, doing it with a level academic. The way to save these limits happens through the construction of networks of universities. Program of Scholarships the Foundation created an economic bottom with two variants: Program of Scholarships, created with the intention to guarantee an access to the education of democratic way for a greater number of people; and, Program of Prizes to the Excellence granted to institutions or organizations who by its impact in the economic growth and cultural development and social of the countries wishes to harness their human capital giving their member possibilities of study that help to improve the work that realises.

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