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   Apr 26

Health PSF Management

THE MANAGEMENT OF THE MODELS OF HEALTH PSF/PACS: FOR THE QUALITY OF THE ASSISTANCE. Emiliana Incio de Farias Luciana Bastos Vanda Balione Rodrigues Da Silva of Jesus Summary This article looks for to demonstrate to some of the actions of the teams of the Program of Health of the Family PSFs and the PACS – in the city of Canarana, pointing the principles that conduct and normatizam the public service in the health and analyzing the results, with sights to extract lies for the perfectioning of the public health in Brazil. Knowing that problematic ones in the PSFs of the city exist some, we look for to verify the causes of this occurrence. Having as objective to reflect on the importance of the PSFs for the health of the population, of the PACS that contributes for the organization of the services of the health, the ACs people of the proper community prepared to also guide the families in the care of its health and of the health of the community and the importance of the public administration for application of knowledge, abilities to the activities in order to take care of to its requirements in efficient and efficient way. For in such a way we will use bibliographical research in order to analyze and to understand the health programs current.

Word-key: PSF. PACS. Health. Canarana. 1 Graduanda in Public Administration – 2 UFMT Graduanda in Public Administration – UFMT 3 Graduanda in Public Administration – UFMT 1. Introduction According to Health department (2011), the Program Health of the Family is: understood as a strategy of reorientation of the assistencial model, operacionalizada by means of the implantation of multiprofessional teams in basic units of health. These teams are responsible for the accompaniment of a definite number of families, located in a delimited geographic area.

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