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   Mar 17

Constitutional Reform

The company also has charged social prejudices, and people discriminate us because we continually different religions believe in different ideals, we suffer from health problems, we have different skin color, ethnicity, sex, social status, economic status, culture, among others. With all these social perversions have been losing human values, solidarity, friendship, honesty, respect, coexistence, harmony, love are being replaced by hatred, greed, envy, discord, the individualism, evil … The only way to prevent this is to continue to society through making deconciencia; parents and teachers must inculcate values in children to prevent them from falling into the vices, addictions, discriminate against others or become suspicious and malicious. Instead of continuing to alter the natural order of things, it is our duty to correct the mistakes that still make. In Venezuela we are going through a socio-political process of profound and radical changes he is trying to replace the present capitalist system for a new economic model, political and social called "Socialism of the XXI Century." Venezuelans are divided into two political groups, for or against the current government, we are in the midst of a dispute between two conflicting views, two opposing ideologies, which included economic and power interests.

The media have also taken sides in this confrontation and "interpret" the information that as it suits their political stripe, these media are so biased that practice disinformation, generating speculation and try to confuse by posing a false reality. We can not allow ourselves to be manipulated or use us, let ourselves be led like sheep, we can not make a decision without knowing the material, without analyzing the situation well. In this political struggle has passed since the issuance of insults, physical attacks, even armed clashes that left innocent victims as happened during the events of April 11. Now the controversial topic that is distorted is the Constitutional Reform; we can not continue in this conflict. We must leave behind all the differences that divide us, all prejudices, all the ills of our society and unite to face the serious problems facing our country and the world, and must be solved in a short or medium term as Long term it could be too late. We must act under the banner of solidarity, to join the party of justice, following the currency of equality, under the banner of rescuing nature. We continue to destroy ourselves and carried all before, but we can also open your eyes, shake hands, embrace us as brothers, to avoid all this agony and join in the difficult task of building a homeland where we can live together in harmony, an example the world, show that if we all strive, we deliver, if possible at this time what may seem a utopia, a dream child, a naive illusion..

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