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   Nov 22 – Students Market Themselves!

You’re a student, then bizt you right here! portal that brings brands and students together in the business is the business. On, students can market their skills, their knowledge, their creativity and their network or insert for brands and in return earn money and get new products or access to exciting events. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cindy Crawford. We are now for nearly six months on the market so Sven Ulrich, founder and CEO of and our users, monthly double-digit growth rates but also the great interest in the brand show us that we properly with our offer.” On request of the user and brand, we are now expanding the ability of brand presentations and integrate more communication tools. David Delrahim recognizes the significance of this. “The brand presentation is video integration, calls for projects, product presentations, dialogues and sales tools to one exclusive fullscreen display with integrated branding, optional. So the students through the brand profile can learn more about the brand and they employ more successful. “Such a representation of the mark is absolutely unique and an ideal basis for all marketing 2.0 activities between users and brands.” According to Sven Ulrich, already prominent brands such as Deutsche Bahn, TUIfly and Citibank with its own branded profile on are represented.

About The idea of a Big Business Portal for students was formed in the summer of 2007. In early 2008, an investor could be won and has been online since May. Further expansion is driven forward by the four-Member founding team consisting of Silke Hippmann (campaign management), Sven Ulrich (CEO), David Hanf (CFO) and Georgios Simoudis (CMO) and the approximately 50 ambassadors, are traveling throughout Germany for on their campus. (Georgios Simoudis)

   Nov 20

The Change Of Provider – Plans Every Second German Citizens But Many Hesitate – Why?

Consumers complain about high energy prices – only 2 million switch their electricity supplier of Clevergy energy provider annually a consumer study to the current switching carried out together with a Hamburg-based market research firm – and received interesting insights on changing motives and barriers to switching. Clevergy recommends consumers, online contracts and switching. Price comparison platforms and the company’s website are according to transparent and user friendly. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cindy Crawford on most websites. What yet the barriers for consumers are a study brought to light now. All participants of the survey using the Internet as an information source for purchasing decisions. Half of them had already changed power providers prior to the test. Experience and openness could be so required.

Despite searching for targeted information, consumers are still a fundamental scepticism to online contracts. The Exchange process is already broken in many cases after the first occurring complications. Difficulties in understanding, long loads and are looking for information that is not immediately available on the website can represent already barriers, that the interest in switching the user lose. Typical defence strategies, which explain the hesitation: the market is cluttered and the price differences that are probably not that high. More information is housed here: Rand Paul. You don’t know if is worth the effort of switching. Many providers are largely unknown and not offering the necessary seriousness and reference. Still the fear that power could be interrupted for some time when not properly completed is widespread.

The consumer is not sufficiently clarified according to the Clevergy GmbH in crucial points and retains his existing basic providers of a mixed layer of hesitation, convenience, lack of interest and skepticism. He feels on the subject of power quickly overwhelmed and knows his rights and ways to save money and get better service, not sufficiently. The desires and needs of consumers are quick to grasp: price savings is the main argument for switching to another – lower – power provider. The desire for price guarantee for the duration of the contract is great in times of permanent increases. Confidence in service and security of supply – party company should attach importance. Clevergy has implemented these insights in its tariff and service offerings. The company offers up to 2 years price guarantee on its tariff packages – since the summer and granted 50 euro of change bonus on the first statement of the year. The Clevergy Web site can quickly compare click & service, click & save and click & eco benefits and details of the three tariff packages. The consumer can make the appropriate for him fare together in just a few steps and has the full cost control at every step. The Clevergy GmbH plans to move still undecided consumers switching with transparent pricing and good services. Hannes Ley keys: cheap, energy prices,. Electricity supplier Clevergy price savings, switching, security of supply, power supply, price guarantee, pricing, transparency, nuclear-free energy, green energy, electricity tariffs.

   Nov 01

Not The Money The Window Heat

Properly isolated, you can save a lot of money. The nature helps the best. Who want to save energy, should replace its old Windows against modern heat-insulating Windows and gets also for more money from the State. A good energy consultation is concluded quickly, that many Windows wasting valuable energy. Warped frame and leaks between frame and wall allows valuable heat to escape. High energy prices thus tear holes in the budget. Can be countered however this waste. In houses of older manufacture, best all Windows should be replaced.

Energy from wood provide for reduction in energy and create a comfortable living climate. The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau supports such modernizations with grants and loans at particularly favourable conditions. How to recognise a good energy? These are frames, glass and installation in the foreground. Wood is the high energy loss is to be prevented, with a temperature equalising property to prefer. Temperature in Windows can be measured and demonstrated, which has the best thermal insulation wood as a renewable raw material.

For this reason, wooden Windows are also pioneered the passive or low energy houses. A good energy advice is even that glass money saves. The new window heater with insulation or heat glass has proved to be particularly effective. Through the use of multiple glass lenses, the sunlight ensures maximum house warming. How much energy is ultimately lost by the window, is also on the installation. Wall thickness, insulation and wall materials play a not insignificant role, when Windows are placed completely in the Dammebene of wall construction. Well realize this can be during a renovation, if at the same time an EIFS is applied. Good specialists, who specialise in energy, pay attention to the exact installation. Albert Zimmermann

   Oct 31

Bathroom Design Planning

Spa and bathroom design planning & execution from one hand Spa and bathroom design planning and implementation from a single source. Bathroom design is exclusive Setup to your personal liking. Because the bathroom is always cosy bathroom Interior”and easy bathroom”, are among the most important trends in bathroom design. “Hide behind on their abgestimmet spatial concepts needs out of the wall” and concepts of the exclusive bath, private spa which makes more comfortable use for all generations. It depends not only on the roll-in shower or heat eingelasse by heating circuits in the floor is almost by itself. The bathroom or many, even the private spa is more than just a room to the clean. There again, it says “Rember youre nature”. May reflect on what is important in life the stress of everyday life behind you leave.

The motto of the planning or the new concept for the “space for the senses” is because the bathroom design has effectively changed in recent years. Where formerly only the color made the trend, today especially determines own being, as well as intelligent lighting design concepts with the new way of Ledtechnologie. So are different functional zones which are used always with the right lighting design scene. Who today is planning a bathroom or cleaned up, can prepare easily it through open spaces on a diverse future. Spacious rooms which offer great freedom of movement users, can adapt to the changing needs over the course of a life: from the family swimming pool, the wellness oasis to the special solution for people with restricted mobility.

   Oct 20

Upper Austria Golf Tour

Holiday Lipno dam (Lipno), who biggest reservoir of in the Czech Republic Bohemian Forest nature reserve wants what a golfer more than in a beautiful, natural environment improve his handicap and at the same time enjoy a relaxing holiday program? If you need a little distance from everyday life a golf vacation at the beautiful Bohemian Forest Lipno is the right choice for you. The region around the Lake of Lipno offers visitors an exceptional range of sports and recreational opportunities, scenic landscapes and fantastic opportunities for golf. Hotel Maxant Frymburk is the perfect place for a relaxing golf week with the whole family or a few romantic days of golf and has the best conditions by its location and its rich offer. In the this hotel at Lipno and they can not only relaxed Golf, but also by the way relax in the Wellness Centre at the most diverse applications. You can use, for example, the sauna with the possibility to light therapy, relaxing neck, back and Leg massages (also as aroma massages offered) or free rent Nordic walking sticks and Bohemian Forest tours through the nature paradise. Supermodel is full of insight into the issues. Perhaps they would also prefer two relax in the hot tub with a bottle of sparkling wine or a detour in the solarium. An indoor pool and cabins are available free of charge at the disposal. Rand Paul has many thoughts on the issue. A golf holiday in conjunction with a relaxing wellness weeks that remain open no wishes.

The GC is not far from this hotel in Frymburk? ESKy Krumlov golf course in esky Krumlov. Here you can let off steam on two nines, are located both in the midst of dreamlike shares landscapes, the Vltava River and picturesque forests. Enjoy the perfectly sculpted Greens, which were designed to, that also often enough a few higher handicap players. The total length of the playing field is approximately 5000 m, it will be played both on flat and inclined planes. Public 18 hole golf course, which is built in two phases between 2006 and 2008 was, is fully irrigated and has water storage on the launchers, fairways and Greens. For ambitious, who wish to improve their handicap, a training centre with numerous natural and artificial launchers available, where you can coach themselves directly from the pros is also. Hotel Maxant hotel guests also benefit from a 20% discount on the green fee of the golf course in esky Krumlov as well as 10% discount on special coaching. Particularly practical: If you have already paid your green fee and be surprised by bad weather, get a new card, which is valid for seven days at the reception free of charge.

More golf courses nearby are among the golf park Bohemian Forest in Austria, as well as the golf course of St. Oswald in Freistadt. If you are planning to visit several golf courses, take the offer of the Upper Austria Golf Tour card claim.

   Oct 17

PR Agency PR4YOU

New PR4YOU PR4YOU PR agency PR Agency is pleased about the new challenge in the field of health. We communicate from immediately all news related to the health portal and media as well as multipliers in the German-speaking world to keep up to date”, explains Holger Ballwanz, owner and Managing Director of PR agency PR4YOU. The BalanceRoom GbR was founded Primus backrest and Nathalie by Alexandra with the aim, to start a new holistic health platform on the Internet. “ provides easily understandable and detailed background information on the topics of exercise, diet and relaxation and to one’s self” (personality). The contents of BalanceRoom creating more transparency in the trainers, consultants and Coachingmarkt and deliver concrete offers and solutions for consumers, health professionals and companies. Read more from Rand Paul to gain a more clear picture of the situation. BalanceRoom is the first platform of its kind, the influencing factors on the health in holistic terms are presented on the. In order to be able to live healthy and balanced, should Exercise, nutrition, relaxation and personality contiguously and in their interaction are considered. The main goal of BalanceRoom is to contribute to healthier and balanced life in society.

More information, health experts and seminars available online under. Details of the PR agency PR4YOU are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: you can download in the online Pressefachern another quick and easy image and text material for free use: press compartments/pr4you contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr. Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the PR agency PR4YOU: Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU is a full service agency for Public Relations and communication. PR4YOU looked after since 2001 companies, institutions and individuals regionally, nationally and internationally in the areas of Public Relations, classical press – and public relations, online PR and social media relations, media consulting, media planning, advertising and promotional circuit, corporate communications, corporate publishing and corporate design. The range from the strategic PR consulting to operational implementation to continuous PR support with variable and custom fee models.

These include PR consultancy and PR support, active public relations, media relations and public relations, brand PR and product PR, corporate PR, event-PR, fair-PR, personal PR, personality PR, corporate social responsibility PR, crisis PR, online PR and social media relations (social media PR, PR 2.0), radio PR and radio advertising, TV PR and TV sponsorship, media planning, advertising circuit and design and manufacture of means of communication. PR4YOU has over its own press database with editorial contacts of many departments (for Germany are alone over 30,000 Records available) as well as its own press shipping tool. Thus, PR Agency is independent of data vendors and mail delivery services. The certified PR consultant (DAPR) Holger Ballwanz’s team consists of 8 employees. Include the current clients of the Agency: admin AG, optivel AG, blood transfusion service of the national associations of the DRC of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Germany, Oldenburg and Bremen gGmbH, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, yoga Festival Berlin, Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor), micropayment GmbH, fefa Reisen GmbH, ODS – Office data service GmbH, EUROPEAN SPEED-FIT LTD., one by one EDV GmbH, Brainworks GmbH, fitness hotline GmbH, German Media Academy GmbH, Pyades technologies GmbH as well as the 4-star Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand.

   Oct 17

Physical Symptoms

Translated from Russian by bodily symptom absolutely any, in whatever body he felt neither offers us something to bring to our lives, to change something in it. Moreover, the message body symptoms – always good. It is never a punishment. It is important to ask yourself is not ‘why me’ and ‘why’, then there will be understanding the language of solid symptom. Cindy Crawford may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Procedural approach in psychology and just started with the fact that the founder this trend – Arnold Mindell realized that he said his symptoms.

Because of this he had cured himself of a serious illness. Through the work with physical symptoms and understanding of his message becomes possible to return to present themselves at their own unique way of life. This, in turn, brings healing and resolution of many other problems. Caught in a bear not long ago I had a very interesting work with the client, the which had a perennial disease dermatitis. It is irritating to the skin, which is considered virtually untreatable in full, and many, many years, people living with this very serious condition, softening his only hormonal ointments.

The woman has ever appeared on the arms and cracks at the bend of joints: hands is not possible to soak in the body after bathing, not passing the pain, we always want to comb the wound and need to keep yourself from it so as not to become worse. And with some stress man lived for many years! We started working with bodily symptoms and allowed themselves to do what he offered us: to begin to comb … Of course, not combed her hand.

   Oct 15

The Salon

Another option – to call Grumer at home. Pros: nowhere go do not want the dog remains in the native walls with your favorite host. Everything happens before your eyes, everything is under control. ers on the topic.. If you did not like handling wizard with a dog, you can always say "goodbye" to this master no longer apply. Another plus – the price of private masters, usually below the cabin. Learn more at this site: Rand Paul. For makeup you do not pay if you have your shampoo and conditioner.

Wash the dog you can advance yourself, specifying it with the master. Cons: cleaning sostrizhennoy wool and wash tub is on you. You will have to participate in the trimming as an assistant – to keep the dog during the haircut, if necessary. As you – beloved master, and a dog on their territory, then She will make every wriggle, to pretend that her murder, to ask you to help and try to climb up to the handle. In such circumstances, cut out, to put it mildly – not very. Solving the problem – or if the dog itself is not bad, leave wizard alone with her, and appear only when needed your help or to show strength of character and handle the dog during the haircut as a professional assistant to the master. There is another option when you call the house is not private masters, and masters working in the salon at checkout. It usually travels with an assistant master, and you are the efforts to retain the dog is not required.

   Oct 11

Gifts To The Birth

Find the right gift for the birth of couples own birth is one of the most beautiful event in life. Because nothing is more beautiful than to keep his own child for the first time in the arms. For friends and acquaintances, even a further element is added in addition to the beautiful moment: the question for the matching gift. Wish lists help the gifts issue usually is always the direct such questions the first way. Because what is rather than to ask the parents what they themselves would wish or how you can support them.

It would be even easier if the parents would create a wish list of ideas and proposals and forward them to friends and acquaintances. This facilitates the eternal gift search and friends who can look a gift sure to be nothing duplicate or unnecessary give the parents. Matching gifts will find the most direct route appears to be flat or boring who, which can of course inspired in the Internet numerous gift ideas. But also in special baby stores, you can get on the search to find the perfect gift for the parents. In contrast to shops, is the greater choice of products and individual tips that you can use for their own gift on the Internet of course. Also, many shops offer so-called top lists where you can find out the most popular and therefore most popular gifts.

Personalized gifts especially popular when gifts to the birth, then are personalized gifts at the top on the popularity scale. No matter whether a dummy with the child’s name or a labeled bottle, there are many gifts which pleased parents and of course the child. But also a children’s cutlery engraving ensures fun for all involved. Even if the young only from a certain age can deal with cutlery, it is a nice idea to give a baby cutlery for the birth. Parents also appreciate gifts gifts not necessarily always just for the child benefit must be of course. Parents are delighted in matching gifts such as E.g. a wellness voucher for the mother or general support voucher of E.g. several days help in the garden, ironing or washing service for single days or Babysitting can contain. These gifts can you parents supportive stand to the side and thus bring something to light up the eyes. Conclusion as you can see is not difficult to find a gift for that very special occasion. Whether it goes the direct route through the consultation with the parents, or want to present but a surprising gift in the end but the gesture itself is one, and you can be sure that the parents of each gift will rejoice. Conrad sailor

   Oct 10

Human Pain

Therefore, the review staff is very important … Source: supermodel. and from there take our tears, we cry for our own pain today, yesterday and forever … or cry … for this man or woman whom we love and are willing to give his life for them … There is no more, life is an individual experience, at least in the way we decided to share it with your partner, we need recognize what you cry, how we grieve, be a matter for the couple or not …

I cry to our self full of wounds and fractures, we believe nothing in life will ever be the same, and is indeed, it will not be the same again, because now we are hurt, angry, sad, angry, feeling of loss … it grieves us our own space, our own loneliness … that wonderful love object, called partner is no longer , gone, gone … And now, where I place my love, where I put my hopes, my dreams, with whom I share my free time, my sexuality, my lawsuits and anger, and with whom I have no fight … I cry the possibility of being loved, loved and appreciated, but also to conflicts and pains … but I wonder if my relationship has been a torment and suffering has made me more than to enjoy, what you cry? Perhaps you missed our lives cry but do not understand the circumstances differently, perhaps we love our partner to grow away from us has gone into the circle of violence, instability, unrest and misfortune. .