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   Nov 05

Professional Dog

To make your adult dog does not suffer periods of hunger seeks to give food for dogs in two parts one for breakfast and another as a snack. A way to practice feeding my puppy? To feed the puppy first choose a food that this indicated for your age and race because there are now food specific for mini, medium and large breed puppies. Once you’ve chosen the food to give him what you will do is the following programaras 3 hours of food, breakfast, lunch and dinner, in these three meals serve your puppy a very generous amount of dog food on your plate since at this stage of life for your dog the amount of food consumed by the no matter what if check is time. I.e. put your puppy plate with food for dog just for a period of 20 minutes and let it eat what the want, at the end of his period of 20 minutes raises the avocado and Dale eating until the next session, it will be always in only 20 minutes, I recommend you not do their pleas case since it is important that the puppy learn that it must respect the schedules of food and thus concentrate on them, with this addition to avoid that your dog is simpering and dirty with popo all day. Do I need to give my dog food supplements? If you’re giving your dog a good quality dog food (here I mean food approved by international agencies) don’t need to give any kind of dietary supplement, since a good food for dogs, exercise, training and preventive veterinary care is all you need your dog to live healthy. It is important to mention that if your dog is found in special physiological States such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or suffer from illness or this convaleciendo any surgery could be necessary that is le inubashiri some sort of dietary supplement, but it is those cases your doctor veterinarian is authorized Professional to prescribe them. Is that diet best to keep my dog’s teeth clean? Dry dog food-based diets are good to prevent the formation of tartar on the teeth of dogs.

Since chewing food for dogs in the base dry prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth which is the basis for the formation of tartar. If you like slightly moisten the dry food I recommend to keep the proportion of one part water by three dry food. But if you give your only dog food for dogs in damp basement (cans) I recommend that you buy toys to bite type bait or give a bread very hard to help remove plaque. I leave here for the moment this issue and promise to continue it next week, now you can already start to give your dog a better diet and improving the efficiency of food for dog that you have chosen.

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