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   Mar 02

Hira Ratan Manek

What I did not know is that some people worshiped the Sun and that there were human beings who had more than 12 years without eating solids, as in the case of Hira Ratan Manek, a man from India who says feed on sunlight, water, coffee, tea and some juices that receives only by courtesy. I have always felt curiosity for the pre-Hispanic cultures of the Americas and by the Yogis and Buddhists in india. This man referred to the Mayan culture as a culture that worshipped the Sun as well is that I decided to experiment and after two months I started to experience what scientists call as eating disorders, i.e. I started to skip meals and eat less or to spend a week or two only with small amounts of rice and lentilsthen I ventured to let solids and got it for 17 days, period during which I reached physical and mental well-being and energy levels never before achieved in my life, sleeping less, felt less fatigue and muscle injuries healed very easily, only that I had to go back to eating all kinds of food due to family pressure, because at times you desembriagas Colombian families are integrated around the food, got off some weight, no more than 3 kilos, my facial muscles was reduced a little, what alarmed my loved ones although I still kept with a muscle mass index optimally for my age and height according to the standards on which the World Health Organization is governed. After this experience I have had periods of up to 2 days in which I have not ingested nor water nor I have consumed solid one and I felt perfectly, my pulse drops below 60 beats per minute in these periods contrary to the effects of dehydration that make the pulse to be altered when there is hunger or dehydration.

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