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   Dec 25

Benefits Massage

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage used in the treatment of failure of immune function, also can be used in the treatment of sports injuries, among others. People who suffer from arthritis, menstrual pains, and some psychological conditions are also treated through lymphatic drainage massages. This type of massage is effective in the treatment of edema, a condition characterized by high levels of fluid retention in the body extremities, such as hands and feet. It has a number of causes, including cardiovascular malfunction, certain disorders of the kidneys or the consumption of large quantities of very salty food. Edema is not only painful, it can lead to serious complications if untreated, lymphatic massage is a healthy complement to retrieve the status of the bodies. People who have flaws in the immune system, can benefit from massage because they help in cleaning bacteria and other toxins which are linked to the development of serious infections. For the very young, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases linked to decreased function of the immune system, it is recommended to receive lymph massage to stimulate the lymph and improve health. The lymphatic massage also helps people who suffer sports injuries, since those who suffer high levels of inflammation can see excellent results through the use of this type of massage, as well as relaxation of the muscles and the feeling of arthritis rest, psychological illnesses, and menstrual pain, are all examples of other conditions that are treated through the lymphatic massage. Although this type of massage is not the solution in itself, it is an excellent complement or alternative to traditional medicine.

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