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   Dec 14

Body Confidence

Going forward asymptotic approximation of the body to a state of sustained and plastic harmony. So by having access to the DSP-terminal in the current challenging operating life of the individual becomes invincible! Clearly, it heals and heals the man is not computing device, and the wisdom of the body. Still, the DSP-complex turns out to be an amazing musical instrument with which each an opportunity if they wish to restore the confidence their own health and increase the potential of their capacity and security. From course to course grading increasing order and harmony integrated regulatory capacity of the body, equivalent to the so-called stock health. Living in a recovery mode, the regular organization of the body and psyche, a man gradually gets used to be giperadaptivnym, accumulating the highest potential of mental and emotional energy-immunity. Such regulatory immunity make people practically unsinkable perturbations in everyday life, enabling them to successfully counter the negative effects of change and change. Therefore, without exaggeration can be called today the spread of the DSP technology the de facto invitation to the world of happiness, health and joy.

Only experienced tsvetokorrektsionny effect of DSP technology, each in his own experience convinced that he always wanted to acquire the fullness of health that way. At all times, healers insisted on proper nutrition of the body as the most effective way to treat any ailments. In our time, this instruction has degenerated into a primitive dietetics. However, in addition to the dense-liquid food, and air rights over the whole organism feeds on forming energetic exchange of experiences, especially sensory-sensory (visual, sound, smell, etc.).

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