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   Nov 18

Superior Being

Dirceu was shipwrecked, but, it did not die. As soon as lanchinha sank Dirceu emerged, and to its side a whale Dirceu with an incredible ability appeared obtained to mount it. The whale seemed that it was ordered by a Superior Being, therefore made the function of a boat, and in way to the weather […]

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   Oct 21


Certain night of the month of May of 1938, after three days of intermittent rains, the road of the Big hole became a true lamaal. The tavern of Felcio Joo served of shelter for four travellers who had been hindered to continue way, due to the bad conditions of the time and the road. Congregated […]

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   Apr 29

The Old One

The old one walked trpego. Head low, eyes pressed for the fustigante Sun. To the front a white building. Frum. In its hand two papers: order of retirement revision; medical finding. Cancer, metstase. Nothing more it mattered. Only plus some steps. In small cubculo reserved the public, it was supported in the frmica group of […]

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   Sep 30


First it is the inalcanvel height of the millenarian door – it is entered this way. Later envolto in dust, a dance without principles is the torpor pushed by sun beams for inside of the house. an overwhelming feeling of immortality finishes to ruir. In some private place, between cloudy foam and atavic aromas, the […]

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