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   Aug 13

Causing Foreign Body Feelings

More and more women want to be to remove their implants – interview with Fr. Dr. Berger to the removal of the implant Mrs Dr. Berger, after breast augmentation with silicone implant has experienced a real hype in recent years, a backlash seems now to take place. More and more women want to leave to remove their implants. Fake this impression? What experiences do you do in your practice? Mrs Dr. Berger: Very different.

A silicone implants remain a very good choice for women with little fat, to satisfy the desire for larger breasts. So, I have patients, who daily face the mirror even weeks after the surgery and congratulate themselves on their decision. Gain insight and clarity with supermodel. On the other hand I will think asked, which in fact increasingly by desperate women for advice on a removal of the implant. And guess what these women? Mrs Dr. Berger: That’s always on the individual case. Some women have wished the good too much and now wonder about that Obviously unnatural result. Since the switch to a more natural shaped implant may be already the solution. Then there are women in turn, got a visually successful breast augmentation and are still totally unhappy.

Is that what causes? Mrs Dr. Berger: The phenomenon behind it means foreign body sensation. Silicone and there you should not fool itself is just not a natural material. It creates a foreign body sensation, that they get rid of neither by cajoling nor by longer waiting in some women. This effect can predict with any patient. Some have no problem with it, other torture so. If they in bed on her silicone breasts, go for a swim or enjoy other sports all the time her thoughts revolve around the implants. Since their removal only helps basically. We are currently involved in a study to learn more about this phenomenon. Which is why might a removal of the implant still get?

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