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   Aug 31

Headaches And Migraines

Alternative medical help for headaches and migraine is over 220 different kinds of headaches, although the cause in most cases are from unknown.Known causes are obvious such as for example the drug-induced headache caused by drugs head pain in disorders of the cervical spine etc.,The symptoms range from headaches with different locations and characters of pain with nausea, vomiting, light and Gerauchsempfindlichkeit etc.Chinese medicine classifications were taken in zones of headache which has a respective segmental connection to the trigger body. So there is organ relations that relate to a particular organ system in segmental connection. This one gets a red thread in the opaque transparent area of headache disorders in the hand set.Headaches can be triggered by functional disorders such as kidney, liver, heart, stomach, intestine, spleen and pancreas. Further, these institutions as central organ with other hang Systems closely, E.g. the kidney closely the hormone system is connected with etc.

From a psychosomatic perspective, migraine and headache are patients smarter but also by cerebral nature. This creates a chronic excess activation of the brain. For the diagnosis and the therapy success, it is important to understand the whole relationship of patients to develop a therapeutic concept from this individual. A combination of the following treatments has proven itself: Harbey enzyme therapy, osteopathy, psychotherapy, homeopathy, TCM acupuncture in combination with the Chinese herbal medicine. As a clarification, I would like to for the uninitiated a short diagnostic and treatment example indicators: wife, Anne G., 38 years old, me because chronic headaches that since 7 years are in the past three years have become increasingly sought. Clinical without finding.

From the anamnesis, Iris diagnosis and osteopathic examination one showed functional disorder of the kidneys and a mild dysfunction of the hormone balance. The Meridian circle run was wide of the three erwarmers in the upper third is greatly overemphasized. The spine was a blockage in the neck vertebrae and ISG (sacrum) sector. Therapy concept: By means of osteopathy were the blockades in the HWS us ISG sector included. The Meridian circuit of the triple of Erwarmers was offset on the injection acupuncture. The functional disorder of the kidney and endocrine disruption has been fixed with homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines.After a three-month therapy, the patient was symptom-free approach. Prophylactic treatment the patient is every 3 months 1 x handle. This example should clarify the Naturopathic diagnostic and treatment approach. Naturheilpraxis Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on TCM, osteopathy, homeopathy, Iridology

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