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   Jan 24

Desired Weight

Wrong diet promotes obesity and complications: Slimcoach helps health, well-being and to ensure efficiency, each man must eat fully. Not for nothing is the German society for nutrition: operates nutrition education, ensures the quality of nutrition education and counselling, promotes a full diet, and thus makes a significant contribution to the health of the population of Germany. The Slimcoach program on the Internet takes into account the latest nutritional standards and thus also helps to achieve nutrition knowledge and well-being: members benefit from daily new recipes for a complete diet and a long satiety by slow CARB: long-chain carbohydrates, which successively in the height raise blood sugar and continuously supply the body with energy. Wrong diet promotes obesity and complications: Slimcoach helps a unhealthy diet is one of the main causes of the formation of gesundheitsschadigendem obesity: take human fats and carbohydrates in excessive amount on her body is not sufficient to remove the fats. You accumulate more and more fat cells. In the wake of increased production of fat cells, insulin receptors are lost.

The cells the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels and thus the feeling of hunger worse perceive. Despite steady food intake grows thus hunger and food intake is uncontrolled. This lack of exercise leads to the accumulation of fat tissue and eventually contributes to the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and lung, tumour – and gastro – intestinal disorders. A full diet prevents the emergence of obesity and life-threatening complications. Slimcoach online weight loss program helps weight loss agree to lose unnecessary and unhealthy weight by promoting a healthy diet. Slimcoach taken into account who correctly eats ten rules of adequate diet, to who feeds on versatile, sufficient grain products, potatoes and abundant fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet also distinguishes itself by consuming milk products daily and weekly meal of fish.

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