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   May 28

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Thus, the necessity of the control of all the procedures and the requirement of the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the act surgical-anaesthetic, speed up the work rhythm and increase the security of pacientes9. Having a quality of the assistance of nursing given to the patient, as much in the period that precedes the surgery how much during and after the accomplishment of the same one, intervenes with the accomplishment of the procedures realizados10. It can be noticed that many of the norms demanded for the Health department are not fulfilled, what it can intervene directly with the given assistance, displaying the patient the harmful agents its health such as physical and biological agents. When coming back our look toward the CME, observed that 78.3% meet entailed to CC the e, still, it is verified that 52.2% of these units are inadequate, and with its physical structures and its equipment sucateados11. The dressings room, for example, are important physical barriers in the physical structure of a CME, for making the linking between critical and not critical areas.

When a health professional crosses of a semicritical area for another critical it must pass for an antechamber (physical barrier), that she hinders the esterilizados article contamination already, keeping cleanness of the environment, reducing the occupational risk and facilitating the work. But the present time of the institutions is another one, had been evidenced that 91.3% of these dressings room are unprovided of specific antechamber or dressings room, for employees who work in this sector. The Health department established parameters for the approval of physical projects of assistenciais establishments to the health, where it foresees specific areas and dimensions for each stage of processing of articles doctors-hospitalares12. Conclusion This study showed that the CME and majority CC must follow norms established for the ANVISA, but the reality today, sight in the scene of the hospitals is not this.

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