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   May 31

Coast Cruises

Cruise Coast Concord Excellent COAST CRUISES mixture of good taste, style and design, accompany to the cruise Coast Concord, one of most magnificent in their species, and without a doubt an unforgettable election at the time of projecting that one dreamed trip This beautiful boat that outside inaugurated in 2006, has a capacity to make happy up to 4010 passengers, that they will never be able to forget the experiences in some the five restaurants, and its halls exquisite architecture, besides the thirteen I sweep taken care of by best the barman, Between the cruises boats, perhaps one of the best ones is doubtless the Coast Concord, owns in its interior with the Samsara Spa, one of most complete centers of aesthetic health and, in short, this boat is the center of greater attendance and services of its class in the sea with more than 1,900 meters square. In addition in this Spa it includes an inner swimming pool in which the guests can enjoy talasoterapia sessions, access to the thermal zone: old steam baths, rites and treatments of the Eastern tradition to redescubrir to please of the psicofsico balance. With a Speed of 20 knots, the Coast Concord causes that the fleeting one only enjoys good moment, receiving it when arriving with a cocktail of welcome and an incomparable entertainment with any other, a true dinner in full dress, with a menu around the circumstances During the Cruise in this exceptional boat, the travelers will be able to relax within the framework of almost two thousand meters square distributed in two bridges destined exclusively to the sport and the well-being, the chosen one at the time of training long walks and races, besides four superb swimming pools, two of which they have are put a roof on with movable crystal to also enjoy the sun and its waters at winter times. As if all this activity was little the boat counts on sunny and extensive staterooms with balcony, to show themselves to the blue one of the Mediterranean and to live intensely each dawn Source: Note of Press sent by infored..

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