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   May 23

Mental Health

21 1 INTRODUCTION It is understood that the Politics of Attention to the Mental Health passed for important and significant transformations, evolving in definitive of a model centered in the hospital reference for a model of diversified attention, of communitarian territorial base. Such conceptions evidence that the routes of the Politics of Mental Health are unequivocal and point with respect to the continuum expansion and consolidation of this net of extra-hospital attention.

The great questioning is if this change if has shown efficient and satisfactory, over all with respect to improvement of the quality of life of the patients with mental upheavals and its respective families. Objectifying to make the analysis of this process in the scope of the Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) and to conceive a prompter vision with respect to reality of CAPS III in Barbalha (CE), called Dr. Pablo Duarte Sampaio; we instigate ourselves for the challenge to promote the analysis comparative enters the effective politics the national level and the local aspects of the mentioned unit already. In a dynamic and practical projection, one searched to evaluate the specifications techniques of the related center, always attempting against to the professional, structural and logistic parameters, as well as the accord of same with the realities of the users and the attendance of its necessities, having the shelter demand as main question to be considered. The investigatrios attributes they mention a exploratrio study to it, of bibliographical matrix and qualitative nature, based in the methods deductive, historical and comparative. It must be emphasized that the publication of the Health department on the thematic one in question (the politics of mental health in Brazil) is the norteadora compassing of this study and is become into its main reference, to the step that disponibiliza practically all the necessary data and subsidies for its conception..

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