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   Nov 19


The mercury in the human beings present in is determined acceptable degree for the organism, as well as in the plants and the animals in general, but when the concentrations of this product exceed the values normally gifts the nature, it in such a way has the risk of contamination of the environment how much logically animal them, including the human beings. The majority of the stacks zinc-carbon possesss mercury in its composition, proceeding from the manganese ore, despite to some they deny it manufacturers. However, some manufacturers have found solutions to prevent the use of this metal, but the ones are few that if worry. All well-taken care of it is little in view of that the mercury is also used in the caustic soda water production, in dental amalgams, gas chlorine and thermometers. it can easily be absorbed by the respiratory ways, when in vapor form or form of dust, as well as also can be absorbed by the skin. – It is the only liquid metal to the ambient temperature, where its point of fusing is -40C and of boiling 357C. The inhalation of mercury under the warm vapor form is highly dangerous and its exposition can occur to if breathing contaminated air as well as ingestion of the proper water and foods with this composition in inadequate doses to consumption.

To the being ingested 0ccasionally in its liquid form in small amount, not cause great upheaval. The inadvertent use of mercury will have harmful effect in the functioning of the brain, can cause some neuropsiquitricos riots, affect the development of embryos, the nervous system and the liver. Great part of used chemistry in the manufacture of batteries is potentially dangerous and can affect the health. As already commented, them they can provoke neurological illnesses, as the cadmium when scientifically human being was proven to affect the motor condition, as well as mercury, – and the lead can provoke neurological illnesses. Analyzing the aspect of the water supply for the domestic consumption, whose reservoir is the main acolhedor container of waters of the rivers, we can evaluate the pile of stacks deposited there taken by torrents. There these highly harmful metals are spilled millions of toxic lixos including all our health and that the Government cannot give skill not to be launching tons of chemistries in the cauldron and educating of intensive and ostensive form the population, at least leaving its batteries and stacks in house for a happy end. In the cauldron of millions of all type of bacteria, fungos, viruses of the most varied species, everything this arriving at our taps in the form of a crystalline water, only form to receive the daily pay-treated water that many and the majority ingests it inside of its stews foods well. Beyond the guided collection and destination of the batteries and stacks also not to roll for the rivers until the stations of water treatment of the Government, has of if divulging more and the use of efficient processors the base of Pressed Coal, Carbomax 127, and the efficient Thermoplastic Resin, in order preventing in them against this against-ecological madness, drinking, eating and dying prematurely.

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