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   Feb 16

The Placebo

Only dull today have not heard about the stories where it was mixed very interesting word "placebo". The patient was given a pacifier, which is presented as incredibly effective drug. The patient ate a pacifier and really started to get better. For some strange reason, these stories forced to think "Wow, cool! I think about this could not "go to the familiar life with the usual beliefs. But the point is that actually we do not burn coal, and our belief that the coal is hot. Treats not a pill, but our belief in its miraculous powers. The world around us is energy.

Slowly and surely the science with his nuclear and quantum physics come to the fact that thousands of years ago, was interpreted in ancient teachings. True popularity of these ideas will get only if it is convenient to the System. It turns out that this is quite seem to be a material thing such as coal, endowed Science scalding certain properties, is neither hot nor cold. Coal is the way we perceive it. Jesus walked on water because he knew: water not liquid, water is not solid. Water for him will be what he decides. The surrounding material world rests on our belief in him on those ideas that these things are invested. In the obstruction of walls, the liquid water.

Although a stranger, 100% knowing that soon the lake – the perfect place for walking, it's the lake comes along and across. Right on the water. The material world is flexible and bends under any of our attitudes and beliefs. Levitate, walk on water, turning water into wine, self-healing, to wander through the walls – it is perfectly normal for a man who knows that it is "perfectly normal". How to come to this? Complex question that I can give a theoretical response. I know for a fact, our internal world – an image, and the outside world – a reflection of that image. If you wear the image of the master, able at any moment to create any wonder, then after a certain amount of time the Universe will certainly give you the answer to a clear understanding of the image. PS rummaged in multiple sources of information, you can find many interesting and authentic stories about miracles. Can you believe in them. Can they deny, call fake. Anything can be. Another question. During that like to believe you? 🙂 PS Friends, I will be very pleased if full or partial copy, you will not forget to specify the authorship and a link to the source. Lecko Svetoslav

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