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   May 24

How Well Do Short-term Diet ?

Too many people, after loosing weight, regain the weight and even more weight over a period of one to five years. Bonnie Leibman, director of the American Center ‘Science in the Public Interest‘, says: – This is a remarkable diets replace each other as rapidly as fashion trends in clothing, hairstyles, or the love stories of famous people. The following words are complementary to this statement: – These diets cause a short-term boom in the market. Professionals in the field of health condemn them, either because they are dangerous for the body or health, or because there is no evidence to support the action of these diets. Here comes another one, and people think: this diet is certainly work. When informed about the next diet fad, it is possible to imagine a candle on a festive cake. It still burns, but it should blow out. We treat our diets as a special madness. Perhaps it is true that no one in the the world has tried so many idiotic nutritional programs, many have tried tolsteyuschie Americans. To broaden your perception, visit celebrity trainer. And no state has never been so thick, what is now America. This leads to some thoughts about how well most of these diets. While fancy diet programs have existed for at least a thousand years. They say that in 1087 William the Conqueror was so thick that I could not sit on a horse. It seems that the list of his victories did not appear on the victory over appetite. That’s why he got the first one, evidenced in writing a liquid diet in history: he lay in bed and instead of eating sipping drinks, thinking that such as losing weight (or maybe he just wanted to justify their lazy drinking party). Since the days of William the Conqueror people are chasing thousands of different diets, although until recently no one knew how interconnected the food and fat. You could just say that not eating for a while, you will lose weight. But nobody knew that certain foods are required for survival, while others – no. The food was just food, you ate whatever they could get that could afford allow you liked or what could grow, breed or catch. And if you were not wealthy, all the time, ate about the same thing. Thus, when you learn about a new diet that promises you quick and painless weight loss, think well. Maybe this diet not only helps you lose weight, but also can adversely affect your health.

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