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   Nov 13

Industrial Water

As you can see, the water well drilling cost depends on many factors, but the difference is not too large. Separately, it should be noted the issue of the cleaning water from the well. After drilling a well for water, its arrangement, the next important factor in the organization of supply of private homes, villas or cottages is installing water purification systems for cottages, villas and town houses (including installation of water purification filters). On example of the Moscow region, note that water extracted from wells in the suburbs, often has a high concentration of iron in the water. Outwardly, it does not distinguish, but held a special chemical analysis, we can see that iron concentration of water ranges from 1-2 and even 3-5 mg / l, while in SanPiN allowable rate, which has no effect on human health, no more than 0.3 mg / liter. In addition, this concentration of iron in the water affects the water pipes, plumbing. It is obvious that such water must be clean.

All the problems with water from artesian wells successfully resolves properly selected, installed and configured water purification systems for cottages, villas and country houses. Why water treatment systems, is not confined to one filter from the iron? This question is asked a lot of customers ordering water purification systems for houses. The fact that the filters of the iron does not purify water from other impurities, such as high hardness, the admixture of hydrogen sulfide, mercury, lead and other harmful substances. Purification of water in the country, a country house, a cottage is the same in terms of cleaning methods. Purification of water from the well should be carried out by experts in the field and only on the basis of chemical analysis of water from your well just to avoid negative consequences for your health.

Of course on water treatment eg villa can be arranged by setting only one filter on the hardness of iron, or, if you come to the country every few months, and incidentally to capture your own water for drinking and cooking, but what meaning in such a system cleaning? Incorrectly selected from the well water treatment only harm your health and your home. Separately, they should stop for drilling wells industry, as there are some nuances, to be aware when ordering water projects, such as cottage. Unlike drilling these wells from the ordinary artesian, which are designed to house, villa or cottage primarily in high Industrial productivity wells. Also, drilling wells Industrial includes such necessary action, as well design. Before drilling company that will drill a well, must get permission to drill, after obtaining a permit, a draft well, made the calculations, the coordination of services, etc. Thus, the drilling industry well, if it is engaged in a normal company differs only in the processing time of documents. Self drilling, construction of wells for water and subsequent works occupy the same time as the drilling of wells for the home. The company performs the full range of Satur drilling and arrangement for water wells, installing water purification systems for cottages, villas and town houses, organizing and conducting sewer in private houses, engineering survey, design documents …

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