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   Dec 22

Private Health Insurance

In public opinion, private health insurance is rightly perceived as a better alternative to the statutory health insurance. The private health insurance offers a better range of services by far as statutory health insurance companies are able to finance. This becomes evident when the appointments of the doctor if an insured of car (private health insurance) is preferred. Also provide opportunities, such as single room stay, chief physician treatment etc. USPS dar, can but they are not offered with a statutory health insurance fund. But not all interested parties have the opportunity to take out private insurance.

Generally speaking, that all who are not subject to insurance, may have a car. Include include doctors, lawyers, architects (so-called freelancers: see PKV freelancers), self-employed persons and officials. Employees must complete a car, if they can, have more than 49.950,-euros per year as income before mind you in three consecutive years. What is perceived in the public of less, is the pricing (contribution) in the car. There are now over fifty different providers of car on the German market. This insurance offer rates in turn thousands different PKV. Here not to lose the overview, a PKV online comparison is recommended here, eventually offered a wide variety of contribution levels for similar services. To find the lowest price for the requested service package, compare the individual car provider only makes sense, especially since the way of the car is easy, free and non-binding comparisons.

For this purpose, all variants of the tariff to the conditions provided by the interested parties are reconciled and a recommendation, of course, with the current winner of the PKV. Like a prospective buyer can request comparison on the page this free PKV.

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