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   Feb 13

Voluntary Health Insurance

Earn an employee of the ceiling total of three years in succession he can go into private health insurance but still remain as a voluntary member of the public health insurance. Self-employed, however, can immediately switch to private health insurance but remain under certain conditions in the statutory health insurance. Voluntary membership in the statutory health insurance has its advantages, if the wife does not cooperate, and possibly even children are there. Children and the wife will benefit from the free co-insurance in the statutory health insurance. Here the employee can choose between a general and reduced contribution rate. The difference between general and is reduced only at the patient’s daily allowance. In the general contribution is a sickness allowance.

With the reduced contribution of workers to dispense with a sick pay and paid less then review. This is not recommended, however, because there is prolonged illness after six weeks sick pay no more money. Who has voted yet the reduced contribution rate will be surprised from the pension, as of that date is the reduced contribution from the general contribution rate and retirement age anyway even though no sickness allowance is required. The Federal Social Court has been brought by those concerned, the one, is voluntary health insurance was therefore rejected and also confirmed that it does not violate the Constitution. It is about the principle of solidarity, the GKV rests on the solidarity-based financing by contributors to the solidarity between the generations. What to pay pensioners in the health insurance covers the expenses of health insurance a long time and then is also financed in large part by workers. Therefore, the retired pay of general type with some contribution back to the community of solidarity.

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