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   May 05

Private Health Insurance

What variant for you is what you have to bear everything in mind and get there have careful read the Guide, dealing with the criteria questionnaire to the private health insurance (PKV) and now alone the statutory health insurance company decided (GKV) to leave and sick to insure themselves privately. Supermodel understands that this is vital information. But now the big question, how is that actually? What is it and what is required? Decide you need to, together with their advisers, on the way to the contract. A direct application is the 1st, the 2nd is a “detour” and begins with a preliminary inquiry. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out mark burnett. But how exactly is this now? Preparation: 1) carrying all data together that affect your health in the past 10 years. (The terms are different long at the company. Thereby, distinguished between outpatient and inpatient psychotherapeutic treatments and the deadlines are different.) You’ll get information from your doctor.

The doctor refuses to have him on his medical information disclosure in accordance with professional rules out. 2.) you get (if there are chronic diseases, allergies, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, etc) is current values and a current findings. 3.) If you were in the hospital, have visited a rehabilitation or health clinic, so you need an operations, dismissal or cure report in any case. 4.) for pre-existing conditions please also the questionnaires in each case for supplementary information. You can find these, after diseases, also in the download area. Now that you have all this information, we now distinguish between application and preliminary inquiry. Route 1, the application: You look at first the application forms. There, the insurer asking for impairments, examinations, treatments, and much more.

Usually no health inspection, but the answer of just such questions is required for a submission. This should sure to answer all questions correctly and completely.

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