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   Dec 16

Legal Private Health Insurance PKV

Valuable tips for easy changing the benefits of Privatversicherten in contrast to patients are obvious. In addition to the increase in insurance benefits insured may expect private also less time in the waiting room of the doctor’s Office to spend faster to get an appointment or to get more new and thus more effective medicines. More and more people play with the idea to change as the portal private reports by the statutory health insurance to a private. When changing, there is however to pay much attention. So, the two-month notice period from the previous insurance company must be respected first of all. Who Announces October 31, can then without any risk of a private alternative learn – because: If the search is unsuccessful, the old health insurance has to step in again at the end of the year as a contractual partner. Cancel can however only the one who was a member of the previous health insurance for at least 18 months. A closed choice fare applies even a three-year Binding obligation.

To the effective separation of the statutory health insurance, the acceptance of new insurance must be presented no later than at the end of the year. Conditions for admission to a private health insurance as of January 1, 2010 is a certain minimum income over the last three years. This must be 47.700 euro in 2007, 48.150 euros in 2008 and 48.600 euro in 2009. In addition interested information about should get up, which rate is right. Help powerful comparison calculators that figure out the optimal insurance with only a few entries. More information:…/ countdown to by law insured..

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